Virgo Sun Virgo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac horoscope. This sign of the zodiac includes people born in the period from August 22 to September 23.

The element of the zodiac sign is the earth, and the symbol is the Virgo. The ruling planet is Mercury. Talisman stones: agate, malachite, rock crystal, lapis lazuli, carnelian, moonstone, jasper, aventurine, jade and amethyst.

This is one of the most forward-looking signs of the zodiac. His main character traits are: endurance, caution, suspiciousness, punctuality, observation, prudence and reliability.

Virgo Sun – Meaning and Info

Virgo is the embodiment of the principle of order, the victory of reason over feelings, and the ability to see the whole in details.

Representatives of this sign more than others strive for excellence in everything – hence the craving for learning throughout life and the desire to teach others.

Such a desire for the best allows Virgos to see the flaws around, which needs to be corrected.

The intelligence of Virgo combines logic and, at the same time, developed intuition. Their attention to detail and scrupulousness in the execution of assigned tasks makes them excellent performers, and critical thinking, practicality and the pursuit of perfection allow them to occupy leadership positions.

Virgos usually do not like publicity and rarely find themselves in the spotlight. They value wealth and comfort.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in their free time, representatives of this sign will prefer not noisy parties, but a company of relatives and close friends.

Men born under this sign are reserved, pedantic and practical. They are characterized by a developed sense of responsibility, sound mind and a desire for stability.

A Virgo man makes an excellent boss and leader. He stands firmly on his feet, does not give in to dreams, knows exactly his goals and stubbornly goes towards them.

Among the positive character traits of Virgo men, it is worth highlighting punctuality, thoroughness, and conscientiousness. They always fulfill their duties, although they do not really like to take them upon themselves.

This is an earthly sign, and therefore it is not a habit to show emotions violently, especially in public.

Virgos try to avoid situations that will lead them out of equanimity. In love, for representatives of this sign, it is not romance that is important, but concrete deeds and actions.

She is quick-witted, witty, has logical thinking. The Virgo woman knows how to maintain a conversation, it is interesting to have a conversation with her. She will always support in difficult times and give really useful advice.

Among the main advantages of Virgo, it is worth highlighting high intelligence and a sharp mind. In addition, she is the personification of responsibility, although she is very modest and would prefer not to be in the spotlight.

Often, representatives of this sign exhaust themselves with perfection and do not forgive the shortcomings of their close environment. They can easily be enraged by such qualities as uncleanliness, foul language, and indecision.

In love, a Virgo woman is looking for an ideal. She dissolves in a partner, giving all of herself. Representatives of this zodiac sign are not jealous, gullible and need protection.

Virgo is a very calm and balanced child. There are no fidgets and bully among them.

The only thing that can alarm parents is that representatives of this sign find fault with everything from childhood.

These kids love cleanliness and comfort. They do not tolerate change and live according to the regime. Virgos begin to read and write early. They are very understanding: one explanation is enough for them to learn a lesson.

Virgos have an excellent memory, which helps them achieve high academic results.

Virgo has the best love compatibility with the signs of the earthly element – Taurus and Capricorn. They are also well compatible with Cancer and Scorpio.

Incompatible signs for Virgo are Gemini and Sagittarius, although connecting with Gemini can be beneficial for a career, and with Sagittarius for emotional support. An alliance with Libra can be financially beneficial.

When it comes to compatibility in marriage, Pisces will be one of the best choices for marriage. Meanwhile, partnership with Leo is fruitful for spiritual development.

Virgo Moon – Meaning and Info

Here the Moon is visiting Mercury and Proserpine, in the sign of the elements of the Earth. Therefore, the Moon in Virgo gives an unconscious disposition to trifles, disgust, craving for asceticism.

Usually you are very good at taking small things and know how to understand their meaning. Often in a situation, you can clearly see all the details at a glance, and therefore you can react quite strongly to any small inconsistencies.

Among people with the Moon in Virgo, there are many excellent detectives, investigators, scientists in those areas where there are a lot of painstaking measurements and a high degree of accuracy is required, they are very good programmers. And with you all this, apparently, usually happens as if unconsciously, by itself.

This position of the moon can also give you the ability in diagnostics and medicine. Your perception is probably, in principle, fragmented, that is, you do not perceive, as a rule, the whole situation as a whole, but you see only separate parts.

In the worst case, you “will not see the forest for the trees”, and in the best case, you just through the details and feel the whole situation as a whole: for Virgos, every detail reflects the whole situation. There is a saying in China: “If you catch the smallest devil by the tail, you will find out where the biggest is.”

In any case, the Moon in Virgo creates for you a certain pickiness, pedantry and an unconsciously sober view of things. Apparently, you unconsciously feel yourself as a small detail in this world, a small wheel in a huge mechanism.

Perhaps you realize that this “little wheel” must work well for the whole huge mechanism to work well, that each person must be in his place and clearly fulfill his duty. Therefore, at best, you have a sense of duty. And in the worst case, you may just have a tendency to obey.

As a rule, you do not always like to just show your inner world, and in some cases you are shy and constrained.

Medical contraindications. Your small and large intestines and gastrointestinal tract (excluding the rectum) are mainly vulnerable. The most common diseases for you are colitis, enteritis, dysentery, constipation, appendicitis.

Therefore, you need to pay special attention to dietary issues.

With the transit moon in the sign, operations on the abdominal cavity are dangerous. If you do an operation to remove the appendix, then this often gives complications and poor tissue healing. There have been cases of fatalities during abdominal surgeries performed during this transit.

You are advised to fast, but only on the first lunar days. You need to individually choose the day and phase of the moon for fasting.

In general, fasting is recommended once in the lunar phase, that is, approximately once a month.

With the Moon in Virgo, you can perform procedures to cleanse the blood and liver, as well as treat skin diseases. This case is very suitable for cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries.

The moon accentuates the needs and complexes of the sign, and Virgo has many of them. Therefore, the lunar Virgo is very demanding on the forms that come across her on the way, which, when worked out, leads her to perfection, and by itself makes (except for the completely harmonious Moon) her unhappy, due to the severity of tastes and puritanism, and at the same time all the people who are nearby with her.

On the other hand, the Moon somewhat compensates for the purely mental attitude of Virgo to forms, translating her perception of forms into the subconscious, but here, unfortunately, mental programs continue to work, making essential perception difficult.

With a poor study, this (difficult) position of the Moon gives a person a rather difficult feeling that he constantly (and it is not always clear why) does not like everything: the husband does not dress like this, the actors in the theater and cinema play differently, lovers of poor quality come across, etc. … There are characteristic physical projections under the slogan: everyone is to blame except me.

Here the karmic program is subtler than in the case of the solar Virgo, you need to find the origins of your exactingness in yourself and in something in the outside world to reconcile (in terms of its inconsistency with the ideal, which in the case of the lunar Virgo can be very rich and all intended for her personally).

To the Moon Virgo, the awareness of the Virgo’s main task – service – is given to her with great difficulty.

When working on the Moon in Virgo, in addition to great success in the field of fine work with forms, good adaptation in society can also be achieved.

Moon in Virgo: Emotional sobriety, internal dissatisfaction with oneself, grumpiness. Striving to keep your emotional world clean (emotional cleanliness). Reasonableness, good emotional memory, the ability to remember and reproduce any intonation in the behavior of others. Good artistry. Associative perception of the world. Irritability over little things.

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Ability for precise, precise work. They keep order and cleanliness in their personal life, in food. Shy. They like to work “behind the scenes”, paying attention to the smallest details (“gray cardinal”). Don’t ask unnecessary questions. With bad aspects – criticism and grumbling over trifles.

Reasonableness, a tendency to analyze take precedence over the sensory sphere. Shyness, fear of external manifestations of feelings and emotions.

The fear of being in the grip of feelings leads to the fact that a person is content with things more mundane.

Common sense, love of everyday life, poor imagination. Women lack the trust of other people, and they perceive their role as auxiliary, secondary.

Perception is subject to the moment. Love for the safety of the home. For men, the ideal woman is the housewife.

A child with a Virgo Moon really needs to feel useful. One of the best ways to educate him is to give him your time and patience, even when he is very young, to teach him how to help. Teach him how to handle the little daily chores that must be done.

Make it a game, but let him know that he helps you, even when the work he is learning to do will benefit him himself – for example, making his own breakfast, making the bed, etc.

For this child, it will be emotionally distressing to live in an unsettled environment or to be dirty. He will avoid messy or dirty clothing. You don’t have to shower him – he will enthusiastically do it himself.

If possible, give him a separate room where he can keep his things in the order he likes. He needs order and organization.

Even if his order may seem like chaos to someone else, this child knows the place of everything and is very unhappy when this order is violated. He will appreciate if they give him something that can help organize his “collections” – for example, a tool box or any other small box with small compartments.

To develop the skill so essential to your child’s sense of well-being, provide space and materials to tinker with models, crafts, etc. He loves to do things with his own hands and will work very carefully. He is a little shy and shy and strives for excellence in business, so give him the opportunity to work at his own pace, with minimal interference.


Your Virgo will be more health conscious than the average child and can be easily taught about personal hygiene and good eating habits.

But he may have a heightened “feeling of unhappiness” and even worries about it.

Clutter or dirt is reason enough to feel unwell. However, it is much more practical than an emotional child and a sane, realistic approach to problems.

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