What Does It Mean When a Bee Lands On You?

One of the most wonderful times in the spring and the summer is when you are in nature, it could be anywhere, even in the local park, or your own backyard, when everything wakes up, it is like the world is speaking to you, in its own way, in its whispers and subtle words.

Everything is alive and vibrant and you are enjoying the time when you are feeling that you are truly connected to the world, on some bigger level.

All of us come from the same Source, and it is completely normal that we are able to communicate with each other.

All creatures are awake, and you feel like the Universe is communicating with you, through various signs, and you are not wrong about it.

It does.

People believe that there are numerous signs that the Universe sends to us, and we believe that that communication could be subtle, like the smell of something that brings you back into some kind of memory, and also as direct as a bee laying on your hand.

It can be the appearance of a butterfly that gently touches your skin, and there is no way you can feel like nothing is going on. Because it does.

It means something, and this belief is old, even in ancient cultures, people consider that we can learn about ourselves and our nature by listening to the language of nature.

We can freely say that butterflies are one of the most favorite symbols of nature, but besides them, one of the most positive and lucky symbols of nature is bees. For so many years they have been considered to be secret insects.

Observing numerous different cultures, and the traces they left behind, we notice that these insects were respected as marks of intelligence and ideology, besides the fact that they were connected to good fortune and material goods, as well as the bearers of good news.

In Christianity, for example, they were continually connected to the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary as well.

In the Bible, it is mentioned that when the body of Jesus Christ vanished from the cave, 3 days before his resurrection, in the cave there were bees all over the place since they were the representation of the Holy Spirit.

It shows itself through these creatures, as a confirmation that It was here.

Also, Bees are symbols of many mystical societies, that use the Bee symbol as their emblem.

Symbolism of Bees

To start, let us speak more of the importance of Bees for the world, the planet Earth and the existence of all living creatures on it.

Bees are exclusively responsible for the upkeep of our planet, providing that everything works properly, and they, for this reason, deserve our biggest respect.

It is a known fact that bees were the first insects that humans domesticated – more than 7 thousand years ago, to be precise, as some studies and research claim.

They were important in ancient Egypt so much, and also in the majority of ancient cultures, for more or less similar reasons, often times they were associated with Gods, in one way or the other.

Today we are aware of their importance and how much they contribute to our world.

Bees are frequently seen as the highest form of insects, and ancient cultures have seen them as smart and even godly creatures.

In ancient times, these small insects were seen as divine couriers, that came into our lives to bring us important messages from God.

When God wanted to make its presence He will send bees, or in times when a certain event was under the Divine impact, then Bees appeared.

They were seen as his little helpers, kind messengers that appear at the right time, to remind us that we are not forgotten by him and that all that we do in life, is under His watchful eye.

One more belief is attached to this one – for this reason, it is believed that you should never kill the bee since it brings bad luck if you kill it. You should simply let it sit on you because it will never sting you if it does not feel it is in danger.

Since old times, Bees have been thought of as couriers of God, in the practices of many cultures, there are diverse superstitions and beliefs about Bees, and the literature shows that not in all countries bees are welcomed.

So, for example, if a Bee flies into your home, then it is very likely that you will encounter surprises and some of them may be bad, or at least unpleasant.

In caves, where the first people once lived, illustrations of bees were encountered in many places around the globe.

And, in Egyptian civilization, it is believed that bees came to our world as they fall from the face of God Ra, as tears.

And truly you can find numerous proofs of their importance for the Egyptian culture; they honored them, and bees were discovered among many relics in pyramids.

In Greek and Roman civilization, Bees were associated with divinities also, and there they were seen as emblems of hard work, commitment, and society.

In some way, the true nature of Bees, their order, and hard work were just like a pattern of how society should look, and work, where every part has its own role to play.

If a bee just flies around your home, then it is believed that it is a bad sign, an incredibly unpleasant sign, and a warning that something bad might happen to you or someone you care for.

If a bee is orbiting over your head, it indicates that that individual (you) will have an elevated status in society in the next period. It shows that you have been chosen for many reasons, and now you will finally take the place that was meant for you.

Also, a Been can be a herald of death and accidents, for example when a Bee abruptly leaves the hive, it signifies death, or in a metaphorical sense, an ending of something that carried major importance for you.

It does not imply that someone will instantly die, but a hard ending of something is prepared and you should be prepared for it.

It is acknowledged that the appearance of a Bee in the home suggests the coming of romance for girls who are not married, and as you will be able to see, a bee can be very much associated with fertility, femininity, and in general, to love.

In some places, it is a metaphorical notification of the pregnancy of a woman who lives in that home.

In a global sense, the appearance of a bee in the home is a forecast of sinister events, and the loss of resilience, and well-being.

If the bee is buzzing then such an event is associated with the surprise that will come very soon.

But, a bee hovering over a napping kid, then such an event is the symbol of a happy and prosperous life not just for that child but for his entire family.

Nevertheless, a hive of bees passing over the roof is believed to be a bad sign and it is believed that the bee only “attacks” only those who are bad people and also who are very weak.

The hive of Bees may indicate problems for a family that lives in that house, but it could be something like a recognition that it is time to move from that home, for example.

One more thing is worth speaking of when we are discussing the symbolism of bees – their connection to feminine energy, as we have said.

For that purpose, have in mind that all bees are female and that their connection to the woman power is logical.

Therefore they were seen as symbols of maternity and womanhood in the widest sense possible.

Bees are consequently connected to divinities of fertility and femininity, and in many cultures, they have been honored as motherly symbols.

It is said that all those Goddesses frequently accepted the shape of bees, and people acknowledged that they even transmitted news. Bees were heavenly couriers who came to our world to provide essential guidance.

What Does It Mean When a Bee Lands On You?

So, they are biologically important to us, there is no doubt about it, and also there is a firm belief that they are the messengers that come from God directly.

They are the messengers and this is common in the majority of cultures, but it all depends on what kind of news they bring to us.

Therefore if a bee ever lands on your hand, do not kill it, because it is a misfortune and a stroke of bad luck that will follow you.

Also, it is believed that when this insect lands on your hand, you can expect the appearance of finances. Your material status is going to become much much better, and it will be completely unexpected.

In a case, when a bee comes into your home, then such occurrence is the announcement that you will be welcoming some guests.

So, the bee can be a good sign – an announcement of good news for the entire family, the home, but also it is the symbol of income. It can also be a sign of joy, a wonderful and unexpected happy event that awaits that family or group.

It is also important to speak of bees and their connection to love; in some parts of the world, it is firmly believed that when this wonderful creature lands on you, you will find true love very soon.

If perhaps you have a lover, then such an event means that in your life numerous cheerful and serene moments to come.

It is believed that a bee is a great sign and that good fortune awaits you, so you should be happy that the bee has landed on you.

This also implies when a bee lands on you in your dream – then also suggests a serene and blissful time spent with the person you love very much.

The symbolism of bees goes further – they are not just associated to love, and romance, but also with all sorts of cooperation and partnership, so if a bee lands on your hand, then you can expect our loving relations to last and be filled with mutual respect and love.

It is the basis of every healthy and functional relationship of people, we are talking about good love and friendly connections that could last for a lifetime.

Furthermore, a bee that lands on you is associated with marriage- it is the symbol of love and future life in two. At times this even may signify

notification of the nuptials of someone close to you, but in any case, love will be in your life, in one way or the other.


The symbolism of bees falls under the category of very significant symbolism. They have been in our culture, theology, and lives for many centuries.

So, any connection to them was and will be for the times that are coming, not only that they are necessary for the planet Earth for the functioning of everything on our planet, they are important symbols for humans.

They are, as experts say, and many studies show, on the verge of extinction, and we cannot allow it.

Their nice symbolism is also present for ages, and our predecessors comprehended the significance of bees even more than we do right now.

Our ancestors handed them a notable position among all other animals, including insects, and held it for many years. To this day, a similar belief remains – they are truly sacred beings.

We have mentioned that they can be seen as symbols of love, and dedication, but also, maternity, and alliance that are so important these days.

When a bee lands on you, do not aggravate it, and by all means do not chase her away from yourself, it is a stroke of bad luck. Many people thought that a bee landing on you indicated serendipity and money.

Just as a bee coming to your house symbolizes an unexpected outpour of money, a bee that lands on you have the same connotation.

Have in mind that is a known fact that bees never strike first, so you don’t need to be scared of these lovely insects. They will never harm anyone first, and their stinging is always provoked in one way or the other.

They will only tingle if stimulated or attacked, so only let the bee land on you and it will go away in its own way, for sure.

Bees are known to protect themselves with force if such defense is necessary for survival.

There is a valuable lesson to learn – looking at them, at the perfection of their work and life, cooperation and usage, then it is only good to apply some of those habits to our lives, as nature provides us approving models of demeanor through such miniature animals.

Hence, we should appreciate and celebrate bees for the actions they make to preserve Earth.

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