0007 Angel Number – Meaning and Twin Flame

Wherever we are and whatever we do, heavens care about us and, in the times of need, they send us messages of guidance and support.

You have certainly experienced things that are not easy to explain by reason and logic, just like many others.

We do not speak about dramatic or spectacular revelations, but minor phenomena, such as angel numbers.

Before we say more about angelic messages and twin flames, let us tell something about our heavenly guidance.

There are various systems of belief in this world, different religions and spiritual practices, uncountable superstitions and much more.

However, all have something common, because all humans have a feeling that we are not left alone in this life.

Many believe in protective forces, angelic beings and personal guardians, as well as soul mates and twin souls.

Guardian angels are considered friendly, loving spirits, messengers of God that follow us throughout our lives and overlook everything we do.

Angels do not judge us and they are incapable of evil. They do not punish us for our wrongs.

Their mission is to help us thread our life path with love, confidence and integrity, with compassion and understanding, mercy and with a noble heart.

They do not interfere with our decisions and command us what to do. Moreover, they let us make mistakes, so we learn.

However, angels also send us precious signs that could be of much help, especially in reconnecting with others’ souls.

Twin Flame and Angel Numbers

If you are interested into astrology, mystery of signs, destiny, angelic beings and more, you have certainly heard of angel numbers.

They are in close relation with the idea of twin flames or twin souls, spiritual counterparts.

Some believe such numbers could be sent to us by our twin flames, but also by our spiritual guardians.

It is believed that such numbers also come to us from our ancestors or higher beings, most importantly, angels, guardian angels.

Whatever interpretation you find the most appropriate and close to you, the purpose is the same.

These numbers are messages of guidance, love and reunion. Keep in mind, they are never meant to bring you bad luck or so.

What kind of numbers are those? Well, twin flame angel number could be any number you can think of, taken in the widest sense.

The main characteristic of such numbers is that they work as signs – it means that they will probably occur very frequently, repeatedly and convincingly, over a period of time.

When it comes to twin flames, these numbers should help us reunite with a twin soul.

Typically, these would be numbers easy to notice and memorize, such as same digit numbers (for example, 555), symmetrical numerical sequences (1234), mirror numbers (1717) and more.

This is common, but it is not necessarily a rule. It could be a less striking sequence, as well. Our 0007 is an interesting example of four-digit angel number.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The secret meaning behind twin flame angel numbers could be discovered through numerology.

Numerology is considered a branch of astrological practice, as it has much in common with the later and these are complementary.

The power of numbers has been studied since the dawn of civilization.

Numerology is a very ancient practice that survived to this day. According to numerology, our lives are, in a way, determined by numbers.

That is, every person has their own life path number, which is obtained through their birth of date. How is it calculated? Sum up all digits of your birth date, until you get a one digit number.

The only exceptions are results 11 and 22, as they have specific meaning in numerology, taken separately.

The same principle could be applied to any number of interest, such as twin flame angel number.

If you get multi-digit number, this principle will help you discover its layers of meaning and symbolism.

Moreover, numerology teaches about meanings, energies, vibrations and symbolism of each number and their combinations, which is, of course, of vital importance to know, if you want to read an angelic message.

Each number could manifest its energy in a good or a bad way, while numbers themselves could not be taken as good or bad.

0007 Angel Number Twin Flame

Twin flame or angel number 0007 is a particularly interesting message from a higher sphere or your inner self and twin soul.

It easily catches attention, because of a specific row of three zeroes and 7.

It also likely remind you of the famous 007. Four digit numbers are interesting, because you can often see them on your digital clock.

Number 0007 could appear as timing – 00:07. In any case, this is a number with a powerful energy and meaning. As you can see, it consists of two numbers, in essence, numbers 0 and 7.

This means that its meaning is hidden behind the meaning of these two numbers. When we see a sequence of repeated numbers, it could mean various things.

It could stand for certain repeated steps one should go through, before a completion of some particular process of transformation or towards certain experience.

These twin flame angel numbers serve as reminders of who you are and who you should become, not what others expect, but who you truthfully are.

We can think of them, especially such ones – it will be explained why, as messages and guidelines meant for you to examine and re-evaluate your system of values and principles.

Why is that so and what this number is about? Number 0007 consists of three zeroes in a row. The meaning of zero in numerology is extremely powerful.

Zero stands for wholeness and nothingness, for cycles, for eternity and infinity, it is about emptiness and fullness, it is about going through cycles of losing and receiving, of emptying and filling.

Zero represents the source and the end of all things. It is a tremendously powerful angel number, as seen in angelic numerology.

Three zeroes are three cycles, three levels of spiritual awakening, but, at the same time, they could amplify or annul the meaning of the number zero stands along.

In this case, it is number 7, with its own specific meaning. The meaning of 0007 is highly spiritual and it represents a spiritual journey in its intense form.

Number 7 is about spirituality, enlightenment, the psychic, inner wisdom, myth and mystery, philosophy, religious beliefs, research, the meaning of life, endurance and purpose, faith, silence and isolation, innovation, creativity, ascetic life and much more. It is a number that marks lives of highly spiritual people.

Zero, as Alpha and Omega, in combination with 7, especially in such a row, where it dominates, tells about various stages of inner awakening and transformative processes one has to experience, in order to reach the level of spiritual awakening.

This spiritual awakening does not have to be dramatic and openly seen; it is a reunion with the divine that brings serenity.

Number 0007 and Love

Number 000 7 tells more about love in its pure, universal fore, love as a principle of life, love as a life-giving, divine force, much more than love in common sense, earthly, physical love.

This is an abstract message, in which love is seen as the ultimate source of everything, love as God.  It tells about love in a higher sense.

Therefore, it tells about the importance of love in general, in life. Maybe it is something you should think about, especially if you have thought of love as something that could be traded, as many people think.

The change of perspective will open your hear towards your twin soul. The first thing we have to realize is that we all have someone who cares about us in the heavens above.

Once a human being realizes that, he or she becomes more willing to let people love them and to give love, without asking anything in return. Love is a state of being, it is not simply an emotion.

Number 0007 tells about that exactly. Think about the epistle of Saint Paul and his words on love; it is an amazing understanding on what love should be, or better, how it should be.

Start thinking more about people in your life, as well. Think how refined are bonds that connect you with your loved ones and how spiritual, immaterial and unbreakable those bonds are.

You should never love people for what they posses, but for who they are. Love the whole world, as it is. Although it seems difficult, sometimes impossible, it is not.

Be sure that your love for the world will resound across the universe and your twin flame will hear you. We are not speaking about artificial manifestations of love and being a pleaser to others.

Not at all – we speak about loving life and the world, and living for the eternity. If you truly love, you do not expect payment for your kindness and goodness.

Interesting Facts About Number 0007

Number 0007 is interesting because of its deeply transformative nature. Multi-digit twin flame angel numbers that consist of many zeroes are not for every person, so to say.

These numbers come to those who seek inner wisdom, the higher purpose and the meaning of life and existence.

Number 0007 and similar ones are reuniting, but also disintegrating.

If you sum up the digits of this number, you will get number 7, but if you multiply them, the result will be 0.

So, the core of this angel number is 7, but it will be destroyed at one point, in order to refine its energy.

As number 7 is spiritual number, number of faith, also of knowledge, wisdom, science and philosophy, you should ask yourself about foundations of these.

You should think about foundations upon you have built your ideas of these. While the main line remains the same, it should probably be re-questioned and re-built. This is all but an easy process.

Therefore, be sure that such a number would come to you only when you are ready to start such a journey.

Even if you feel insecure and completely unready, the life will lead you towards it, one way or another.

Heavens know you better than you know yourself! Maybe there will be periods over which you will feel completely lost and without purpose, but that is only a part of the journey.

To become yourself, you have to get lost in order to find.

What to Do When You See Angel Number 0007?

As we have said, you can start seeing this number in all kinds of places and it could appear strange and even worrying. There is no reason to worry.

The best thing you could do is to seek for the meaning of this number.

The interpretation could vary, depending on your own experiences and story; we have given one possible, general explanation.

If such a number appears, you have entered a phase in which you should ask yourself some questions. See into the meaning of the number and the numbers it consists of, put it into the context of your own life.

These numbers always tell something about our personality and temperament, about our inclinations and sensibility.

Take number 0007 as a sign of a transformative phase leading to reunion with both your higher self and twin flame.

It comes to you as a hint of a beginning of such a cycle of your life, so that you become more aware of the challenges you might face.

An inner journey is always the most difficult, but also the most important one. Number 0007 leads you to your spiritual self.


In short, number 0007 denotes a spiritual journey, a phase in an individual’s life over which this person would probably go through one or more transformative cycles, on a deeply spiritual, inner level.

This number tells about one’s great spiritual and philosophical potential that should be re-questioned, refined and finally built on unshakable foundations.

This number tells about the spiritual, universal, divine love that should be taken as the source of all existence.

The message is meant to help you unite with the world through love, experienced as the perfect state of being.

Number 0007 is the message of the importance of faith and eternity, as it suggest life is much more than our earthly existence.

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