Mercury in 12th House – Synastry and Meaning

First of all, Mercury is truly one of the most interesting planets in the Zodiac.

For those who do not know more about the smallest planet in our system, it is the planet that is responsible for the way we communicate with others, and it depicts the way we think, how we see the world around us and how we experience people.

Mercury tells us how our mind works, whether we are logical or struggle with it, how fast we can reply, or how long we take to think of the answer.

And not just that, when you want to find out what your problem-solving skills are and how you solve problems, you should take a look at the position of Mercury in a natal chart, and things will be clear.

Mercury could be explained as the lens via which we examine and construct the reality we live in; it is associated with the conscious mind, the one that handles the urge to learn something new on a daily basis, all the time, because it is aware that he grows in this way.

Mercury is the planet that we can observe through two lenses, and one belongs to astrology and the other to mythology.

Mythology connects Mercury with God, saying that it is the messenger, and in Astrology, he is the ruling planet of two opposite signs – Gemini and Virgo.

It represents the messenger, the bearer of the message, and here we can see how and why Mercury is the planet that reveals us the ways of communication, in a sense that it shows what kind of messenger we are, how do we receive and send messages.

Messages which are sent and received are opinions, facts, beliefs, ideas, and information of any kind. Even the way we gossip can be discovered in the position of Mercury.

This planet represents all that we primarily notice in humans when we intercommunicate with them. When we are in communication, our Mercuries show their true colors.

It shows the principle of the mind, beliefs, and the interaction of ideas through discourse, writing, or other forms of communication, verbal, oral, symbolical even.

Mercury handles the capacity to conceptualize, articulate, speak, use terms and speech, to examine and comprehend, understand, learn, etc. – what kind of student would you be, could be seen in the position of this planet, also because it shows how we learn, and how deep is our capacity to memorize.

It has its saying also in our relations to other people; here, the planet Mercury is very important because it tells us how the partners understand each other, whether their communication will flow smoothly, or they will need to spend a lot of energy explaining what they thought. Are there going to be hardships in communicating, or could two people understand each other without any words said?

Mercury is the planet that rules Gemini and Virgo, and if we follow this analogy, its belonging houses are third and sixth.

This planet is in charge of the definition of our mind, and it explains how we use our brains. It influences intelligence, language, speech, writing, and all forms of communication basically.

But, we must add this – it affects all quicker journeys, manuscripts, papers, reports, telephone, and traveling (more in terms of vehicles that we use to travel, or what kind of drivers we are) are also related to Mercury.

Mercury is in Gemini, and Virgo is in its place, in decline in the last Zodiac sign, Pisces, and expulsion in the sign Sagittarius.

Mercury can make, just like all other planets, good and bad aspects with other planets. When these aspects are good, we can see a partnership where lovers understand each other, support each other, and communicate with one another where understanding, dialogue, and balance are present.

On the contrary, if Mercury has lousy aspects with its partnership planet, then, in that case, it depicts an unfavorable or challenging relationship between the lovers, where they spend a lot of energy on conversations, which may not bear fruit in the end.

There is no dialogue, and their communication seems like they are ot speaking the same language at all. They will never be able to hear each other completely.

As far as the way of expression is concerned, the tendency of Mercury goes towards the indirect and indirect ways of expressing thoughts, ideas, wishes, attitudes are more often pronounced.

Usually, the closed nature connected to the embodiment of the emotional side of one’s character is often evident.

Relations to other planets, the good and the bad

In the unfavorable relationship of the planets, Mercury speaks of people who have completely different ways of thinking and understanding the setting.

Without tolerance, the gap between them could eventually be blocked, and their love that is unquestionable can be lost along the way. If the relationships in question work rational terms and not so much from the emotional part, then Mercury is in its full force.

The most challenging aspects of Mercury are considered to be with the planet Saturn. Conjunction, square, and opposition mean that the person of Saturn will always act on Mercury like a heavy burden; since Mercury wants to take things easy, smooth, and fast.

This heavy aspect brings Mercury that acts cheerful and arrogant, and Saturn will always alert him to get serious and think about his obligations and that it is not the time to have fun and to look at things from such a childish perspective.

On the other hand, Mercury will, in vain, persuade him to relax. All in all, this is such a heavy position, making partners virtually have no chance to sustain any long-term and happy relationship.

Therefore, depending on which House your partner’s Mercury falls into, it will bring serenity and understanding in that part of life; if the aspects are challenging, it will bring difficulties and misunderstandings, and so little could be done to make things work again, especially on the long run.

Maybe, and this is just maybe, these two can be in a short fling, with a lot of passion, but, the first moment when their opposite ways of communication and view on the world collide, the love affair is over.

When it comes to the Mercury in 12th House, the topic that we will take a look at details in the next section, right away, we will say that astrologers do not think that this is either good position.

Mercury doesn’t feel very well in the 12th House because this planet constantly believes that something shady is going on in the background; he thinks that there are a lot of lies.

The positive element is this could be a great position for intuitive understanding between partners because partners will often read each other thoughts even before they are said.

This could be a partner who will discuss his fears with a lover and can make partnerships that are based on friendship.

Mercury in 12th House – general traits

Mercury in Pisces is the last Mercury in the Zodiac.

So, how can we describe these people?

These people love to be quiet, and they are so silent that it is uncharacteristic for Mercury that it seems like something is wrong with them. They are the people who easily get shy intimidated; they feel too embarrassed to say something, so they choose not to speak at all.

It is easier for them to correspond in any way, particularly in open communication, face to face, which is a horror to them.

They cannot stand it and would do anything to avoid it. They will write an email anything to avoid public speaking or talking directly to someone.

When we speak of their careers, they can work well in any job associated with a written word and can be very musical.

It is hard to understand them at times in some common way, but they can tell you about poetry music, and sometimes their words rhyme, and this is all aligned with the ability to speak the most romantic things you have ever heard.

So, they are the people who are misunderstood in daily communication, but they will write you the most tender and romantic song you have ever read.

They are romantic souls not afraid to show it, which implies to both sexes, man and women. It is the impulse hidden, but when the timing is right, it is shown to the world.

These people are not fast communications, they need a good portion of time to respond, and this is seen mostly in youth because they require to produce more confidence in themselves and their capabilities to express themselves in the right way, to be understood properly.

But, people with this position of Mercury are seen as the best friends you can ever have, they are trustful, tactful, and know-how to hold secrets. They give too much significance to things that are, in fact, completely irrelevant, making their lives too complicated.

Even more, these people love to spend time exploring reasons and prognostications, not letting themselves act from the gut impulsively.

Those who have this position of Mercury are drawn to symbols, emotions, creativity, contradictions. In their lives, there is a greater interest in the mysterious, esoteric, metaphysical, and occult, as well as a desire to unravel the issues that occupy the attention of their imaginative intellect of them.

They are asking questions and looking for the answers, but never in places that everybody else looks. Their communication is done by using pictures – this is how they explain the world around them. They are good advisors who have the best solution to every problem.

They always give hope to others, even when it is the hardest for everyone—the best humanitarians and friends. They don’t want to concentrate only on realities but allow themselves to learn in some other way.

The most prominent way these people learn is by looking and memorizing. Any time ideas are presented to these people in a visual form, where they can implement that vision in their heads, this leads to the best results possible.

Emotions, vision, and fruitful imagination are attributes of these people.

The ultimate challenge lingers – they spend a lifetime learning how to communicate, but there is a chance to do it.

If they do, if other aspects of planets are good, then the lesson can be mastered, and during the process, these people can learn how to yield bad emotions that torture them.

It can be shame, incomprehension, and feeling that they are so different than anybody else that they are rejected from all. If they do it, then they are stoping drawing uncomfortable conditions and two-faced people into their life, including lovers.

All those who have a well-placed Mercury are great students, they are certainly learning with ease, but since everything is so easy for them, one negative scenario repeats itself in their lives.

It seems that they do not work hard on their goals because everything is so easy; with the same ease, they lose motivation or think they know everything the best, and they have every right to act in this way.

On the other hand, someone with a badly placed Mercury will work harder because he knows that he is going slower, but he knows that he has to work ten times harder because he wants long-lasting results. Something good can come from it if other positions in the natal are suitable.

The way of thinking is, in many situations in life, for these people is, intuitive and imaginative and without seeking strictly logical thinking and processing of the collected information and facts.

But, one thing must be added here, and it is important – these people with such a Mercury position very often allow themselves to be carried in the ocean of ​​life circumstances by a surge of feelings and instincts that rise high above the conscious mind.

Nevertheless, these people, in many situations, are able to pull some good moves for their life, and this is also applied to their close people. The right decisions are made. Of course, this is not all the time.

Mercury in 12th House in Love

As we have said, Mercury feels good in the third and sixth House and bad in the ninth and twelfth, and here we are exploring the last one, trying to objectively look at this aspect.

Mercury in the twelfth house gives strong indications of a possible introverted nature regarding social life and interpersonal relationships, so if your partner has such a position, then you do not expect a lover who openly speaks of his or her emotions.

At the same time, in this aspect, there may be stronger sensitivity and developed empathy (here, we are talking about the interpersonal connections, we are speaking in the area of love).

Mercury in the twelfth house often indicates a contemplative, mystical, subtle, imaginative, and intuitive person who does not know how to express his or her emotions in the face. He or she is always searching for some other form of expression.

This mysterious philosopher often engages himself in his deep reflections in periods of greater loneliness – this is a lover who demands to be left alone in some moments, despite the relationship or the needs of his lover.

Such moments of loneliness that are mandatory in the life of someone who has this Mercury in 12th House contribute to more enlightened thought that opens the door to the perception of fact in a more profound way. Loneliness often reveals new views that give spiritual eyes a further, more far-reaching perspective.

In any case, in love, you can expect a lover who is secretive, shy, often withdrawals, unobtrusive, and lacks self-confidence. This could also be the reason for the demise of this relationship. The lack of confidence is manifested in discourse and demeanor.

When Mercury is found in the 12th House, there is a noticeable inclination to keep considerable secrets from a lover, and such a trait is emphasized as time goes. Its secrets are hidden deep and are rarely revealed to others.

Still, there is some aspect that is positive – there is loyalty in this relationship. Actions are a real enigma to others, but they do not have to be to a lover.

There may be difficulties expressing the most subtle feelings on the love plane, and there is a tendency to look for some “other” ways that may be a bit unconventional.

It is usually much easier to communicate emotions through paper than a direct eye-to-eye conversation with a love partner.

Also, a lack of self-confidence that we have spoken of is seen in his or he many actions, and they do affect the balance in a relationship itself.

Mercury in 12th House exhibits a tendency towards partaking in pessimistic conditions is usually apparent.

It is essential to avoid exaggerated pessimism if they have any intention for this relationship to work.

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