Pluto in 6th House – Synastry and Meaning

Pluto, the third of the three transcendent planets, is not a personal planet unless it is in an important place in the natal chart or makes aspects with personal planets.

In the horoscope, Pluto symbolizes the ability to influence the masses, sense things, and display them.

Sometimes it could be an impact that is good and at times that impact can be bad.

Depending on the house he finds itself, he affects something else.

The 6th house of each natal chart denotes the bearer of health and physiological points and necessities in this lifetime.

It is the condition of our body with its vitality and persistence determined by the first house.

This implies people who have an obsessive-compulsive disorder, problems with nutrition and chronic diseases, etc.

Such a position indicates problems through enemies who are strong and powerful, problems with surgeries, doctors, etc.

This is a position that indicates enemies that are relatives, it mostly refers to aunts, uncles, uncles, etc.

This Pluto is the symbol of all activities that we perform on a daily basis, but also the work that we do (do we have power and how do we use it).

At times such a power could be seen in the possession of unseen technological talents and the power to deliver high-quality results despite the job itself.

Pluto in 6th House Meaning

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the planet Pluto is the planet of power and astrologers like to point out that this is a matter of being powerful as in having the personal power, not being able to control others, and rule them, even if in some cases, there can be a desire to do so.

Personal power is the only true power humans can have, as we are not Gods and we cannot control others.

This is the planet that speaks of transformation, and when this distant planet finds its place in the 6th house, then it is an indication that

there is the possibility of the transformation after a person has found out its karmic debts from previous lives.

It indicates that individuals who were born with this position came in this embodiment to clear all karmic debts and misunderstandings with enemies from past incarnations.

This position of Pluto carries an important lesson with itself – it shows that there is a chance to carry on the hostilities from the past lives, and there is an equal chance that they are not being continued, but should be cleansed, so there is no vindictiveness, cause it can be extremely toxic.

This brings us to the next point that is related to this position of Pluto, which is that if there are present some traits such as jealousy, envy, cruelty, and vindictiveness, Pluto in the 6th house will answer with the constant challenges, problems, pressures and also blockages of various kinds.

This position brings problems, and they cannot be resolved until there is a resolution of all karmic knots, that we mentioned earlier.

They must be resolved and transformed into a valuable lesson, and then all bad qualities can turn into the opposite ones.

Always bear in mind that when you hear that the planet Pluto is retrograde, then it doubles its powers, then it doubles the emphasis on everything.

If things were bad now everything is going to be as twice as bad, and if things are good, then they are going to be even better.

When the Moon is involved, and in some aspect with Pluto, then it implies living near more water, and this is so important since then the element of water can assist in balancing emotions, psyche, and physical health in general.

Also, in this case, the process of healing is best performed through water and following lunar signs, and if you do not know what they are then it is a must for you to learn what they are.

One more relevant thing is that in some instances when the Moon is involved with Pluto in this field the person is paying off karma for doing some dark deeds in the realm of magic, black magic.

Since the Moon is associated with our past relatives, then it could be a connection to some bad deeds that were performed by our ancestors, did it?

The lesson that this connection gives when Moon is in the picture, is that practicing black magic is wrong and that the feeling of power in this way is limited to God, not on us since we are not God to deal with others’ lives and deaths.

Learning how to limit and direct the power that comes from Pluto is essential.

Now, we have Pluto and the 6th house which is in the most general way associated with health.

This position in its most general way produces serious psychological problems and, as a rule, very weak immunity.

It gives some and it takes some away, this could be the simplest way you can understand this planetary aspect.

When it comes to giving, this Pluto blesses with healing powers, although most of the time there is no conscious awareness of it, which can be a shame, if they are not used.

Here, it is necessary to put things into order, to do things and say words that do makes some sense, and the leading thing here is to have a goal in life, and the such goal is not found, it produces perpetual unhappiness.

Also, Pluto in the 6th house demonstrates soldiers or dangerous working conditions, as well as enemies at work.

It does matter what are the other positions of “important” planets, for example, Venus, in a negative way, it is not suggested people do anything on themselves, in a sense of cosmetic surgery, especially during the course when Venus is retrograde.

This is an idea that will most certainly come to their minds, but here we have a vast category of people, of course mostly women who have ruined their natural beauty with an unnecessary cosmetic procedure.

This Pluto is associated with powerful positions at work, as well as in relation to colleagues, strong immunity, and stable health.

There is an emphasis on all animals, and a great attachment to them, in some cases there is a mission to save them all.

In the majority of cases, this Pluto in the 6th house implies powerful and strong enemies, in the highest positions imaginable, and problems that come from such enemies are huge.

Pluto in 6th House Personality

So the more important question is this – in what way does Pluto in the 6th house affect people who have such a position and in what areas is this manifested?

First of all, when we see in the natal that Pluto is harmoniously aspected, then it indicates people who have a desire to achieve authority at work, to help their environment, humanity, etc.

These are well-developed individuals who are using their authority to help others, and here the power is not the problem, because they are using it for “good”.

But nothing is totally bright with Pluto, there is always a shadow that can make a problem or it can cause just small disturbances.

Undoubtedly, even with harmonious aspects to Pluto, this position indicates the existence of a rival at work.

Now, it is a matter of will this person enters an open confrontation with him or her, or it will deal with his or her attitude with pride and in a professional way.

People who have Pluto in the 6th house must pay attention that their business life does not become more important than their personal life because it can bring health challenges – this is the 6th house in its fullness, it is associated with our health.

Here, the jeopardy could be on the mental, physical, and emotional health, and we all know when just one of these three is in endangerment.

The pressure to make everything perfect is also emphasized in this position, and this is particularly true when Mercury is in a problematic aspect with Pluto.

By this we mean if Pluto and Mercury are in the square position.

Such aspects can also bring challenges with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

They can develop a lot of mental issues, that for some of them may be the path to complete darkness.

It is recommended that these people use all available tools for the restoration of their mental health.

It could be hypnosis, meditation, and other techniques for healing the mind, soul, and body that will do good is what help the most in this.

These people should stay in any spiritual place they want as it will also have a positive effect on them and their full health.

They should find what is that place for them and find a solution that works for them, but the accent is on work, which is necessary when Pluto is in this house.

This Pluto is known for implementing strange ideas into the heads of the people who have it, and such problems further create psychological instability.

For the majority of these human beings, the health that is depicted in the 6th house very much depends on their emotional state.

Possible blood problems are most common, and it is a good thing to know that health is a variable area for them, the disease is usually difficult to diagnose, and therefore to treat.

For some, rare diseases are associated with this position.

Pluto in the 6th house is also an indication of people who have a weak immune system and for that, for being constantly weak they could even develop some psychological problems.

Most often, these are people who have healing abilities. They only deal with jobs that make sense.

People born with Pluto in the sixth house need a goal in life because if they don’t find it, their life will be difficult and chaotic.

Pluto in the 6th house indicates dangerous working conditions or occupation in military occupations.

Some of them are often in a position at work where they control others, they can be owners, bosses, managers, etc.

But, not only that, this is a good aspect for all those who want to help others, and there is a natural ability to discover and cure the true causes of other people’s illnesses.

This may be the mission they are about to fulfill in their lives like there is something that was assigned to them.

They have a great need to serve humanity and do research.

But during that path, it is important that they learn how to direct their energy in the right way to avoid becoming hypochondriacs.

Facing all bad habits and overcoming them is necessary, otherwise, these people can easily become a victim of their own repressed energy.

Very often they have or more animals and they love to take them anywhere viewing them as part of their families.

Pluto in 6th House Synastry

In synastry, health for this couple is associated with healthy s*x life; and in a good way, this couple will be able to enjoy their common time, loving and almost healing each other with sensual pleasures.

But, on a more negative turn, when other aspects in synastry are bad, then we can see lovers that are overly critical, impossible partners who are difficult to please, not just in a sexual sense, but in every other.

Have in mind that bad aspects, most commonly the ones with the planet Venus, are an indication of forceful payment of karmic debts of the enemy through love relationships.

When Pluto is found its place in the 6th House, in synastry, then it frequently suggests that just one or even both lovers have an attraction that they share.

They are connected with the same or similar lifestyle, or profession that is mysterious or concerns operating in-depth in the human mind.

But this could take its toll on a relationship itself, as they will eventually start examing each other.

One lover in this synastry is quite possibly very relentless and power-hungry for power.

All of this represents the greatest manifestation of Pluto’s capacity to destroy and reconstruct.

A favorable relationship selects a healthy choice in life, as only this could ensure life’s victory as a couple.

A lover that has this Pluto would want to always improve and change its lover (where the 6th House is found) and occasionally it pushes that buttons ruthless, wanting more and more of its lover.

Now, this is just one of the options that this Pluto presents, and things, as they do in life, can take even darker tones.

Some would say tones that are almost deviant and problematic can eventually lead to the death of one or both lovers.

This occurs in cases when partnerships are of some lower types.

In these cases, this synastry is characterized by dark nature: for example, one lover in this relationship may hurt another severely, or he or she can engage a third person to get rid of the lover he or she does not want to be in a relationship.

Luckily, the majority of couples that have this Pluto, will never be in such positions during their relationships.

Mostly such aggressive and violent attitudes toward lovers will remain on the emotional levels, rather than on the physical ones.

It should also be said that pairs with this position could make people not want to get involved in a relationship completely, since they both, or at least one of them could be distinct individualists.

In some cases, it does not have to be a bad reason – one lover may be afraid to help others, while the other may practice some form of healing not being able to see why the other partner does not want to do the same.

If such duality is successfully overcome, then this aspect brings the realization that they can keep themselves not just for the sake of their relationship, but also for the sake of their families.

Then, these two can be blessed with a more fulfilling, peaceful, and quality life, without pressures, challenges, hatred, and power play.

So, when things are working smoothly, then this synastry can offer lovers, that one obtains nearly inhumane force and energy to make the best possible life for this relationship and family they will eventually have, despite the hardships they will endure during the course of time,

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