00 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Angel numbers always carry a special kind of message behind them, made especially for us.

In today’s article, we are going to find out what angel number 00 actually means and how we can follow its message.

Number 00 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 00 is telling you to stop believing that partner makes you completely. We have been led to believe that without someone by our side we are incomplete people that the natural course of life is to find “our better half” and be forever with her.

Or at least go linking couples in order to never be alone. We found that person: butterflies, flowers, violas, and a pink color staining our wonderful life. We get used to that well-being, to that new way of life, to that company … and suddenly, pam! It’s over.

And now that? How do we learn to be without a partner?

How to learn to be alone after a breakup? From small they prepare us both for life as a couple and in society.

We have a thousand examples: at home, on the street, in movies, series, advertisements … and in a way it makes sense, we need to be with other people because we are social beings.

But nobody teaches us to be alone. Moreover, being alone is seen as something bad: “it’s weird”, “asocial”, “a weirdo”, etc.

Above, at a certain age, being single or single is a cause for suspicion: we begin to feel the social pressure from our family and friends… “What, when will you bring someone home?”, “Haven’t you found the lucky one yet??

On the other hand, being in a couple has a lot of social benefits: people see you as someone more reliable, more normal, less suspicious, lots of offers focus on you, etc. No wonder then that we want that company.

In addition, when we are well as a couple we feel comfortable, loved and happy to be reciprocated by who we love.

We have someone next door with whom we share our tastes, hobbies, fears, concerns … someone who understands us, takes care of us, pampers us and best of all, makes us feel less alone!

We spend time with her and the bond with that person grows, strengthens. But not everything is one hundred percent positive.

As we live more and more with her, it is much easier to lose or give up without realizing our individual identity. We forget what we used to do when we were alone, how we lived with ourselves.

Thus, it is normal that when a relationship ends we find it harder to be alone.

In fact, it is common for even the fear of being alone after a break up, due to the need to adapt to changes and unknown situations.

This reaction may involve leaving one relationship and starting another systematically.

It is essential to learn to be without a partner so that this can be an option and not a necessity.

Below, you will find tools to learn how to deal with that loneliness we feel after the breakup. Learn to be alone and not depend on anyone.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Zero most often refers to nothingness, to infinity or to the realizing idea. The zero is a number (as a sign) and a number (as a quantity).

It is a number with no numerical value, but another interpretation could see it as a number present in all numbers, in the same way that the spirit is present in matter.

On the other hand, adding a zero at the end of a number multiplies its value by 10.

Zero is a perfect number. On an esoteric and spiritual level, it directly refers to the mystery of the Universe and its ineffable character. Indeed, we will see that 0 is both:

In geometry, zero can refer to the point, a geometric element without its own characteristic, comparable to the “infinitely small”.

The point however makes it possible to constitute all the forms and volumes.

Among the Mayans, the zero represented by a snail or a spiral evokes cyclical regeneration and infinity.

On the other hand, the infinite symbol is nothing more than a twisted zero.

Finally, in transcendental mathematics, multiplying 0 by infinity gives 1. Zero is a particularly mysterious number.

It is certainly often associated with nothing, nothingness, absolute emptiness. It is non-being, or the indeterminate.

But it is also the number that evokes the latency or the potential included in the manifest.

It is then the spirit which will give birth to the 1, and which will be found in the cosmos as Light enlightening chaos.

Love and Angel Number 00

They have sold us the motto that true love must be for a lifetime. We are the descendants of a romantic ideal that teaches us that we must find our better half: a single person to love and love, as well as satisfying us in all areas of our lives for the rest of it.

Angel number 00 tells us that romantic love has been with us in our culture long before we were born and since we were babies we suck it through fairy tales, Disney princesses and romantic movies.

We have it so internalized that, when it is our turn to live that story, we face each other against reality, as it often clashes with that ideal of love that they had sold us.

And then it is normal for you to wonder how to know if you are with the love of your life.

In Psychology-Online we will help you to approach the question in a healthier and more realistic way and we will give you the answers you need.

Romantic love is an invention of the twelfth century.

The troubadours, the lyric poets of that time, began to conceptualize love as a whole, carnal and spiritual (that is, sexual and emotional): courteous love.

At that time, this love could only be given out of wedlock, since the marriage union had a purely practical purpose and was disconnected from romanticism.

This new love that those wealthy men and free time could enjoy was expanding in the rest of society as “the ideal of love” through poems, books of chivalry, etc.

During the 18th century, a new ideal began to emerge in Europe among the bourgeois class that sought to unite romantic love with the pragmatism of marriage.

This ideal responded to an economic need and stated that one could meet all their needs, love, desire and reproduce with one person for the rest of their lives.

Now, we are direct heirs of romantic love and that ideal continues to perpetuate among us, permeating our desires, expectations and dreams.

Above, you search the internet how to know if it is the love of your life and the results that come out are X signals or keys that are more similar to the romantic ideal than to reality itself and that, in addition, they are much easier to find at the beginning of the relationship, when everything is still rosy and, therefore, easier to believe.

They paint us again that the relationship must be perfect. But perfect relationships do not exist.

Over time, our life changes, our situation changes, and we as people also change.

It is not uncommon to find that the person with whom we believed was the love of our life, with whom we would always be, is no longer.

Or that the relationship that was perfect at the beginning is no longer like Disney’s.

The idea of ​​the love of your life is a derivative of romantic love. We propose a reconceptualization of love in which, instead of focusing on identifying the love of your life (the only, unmatched, the perfect, the one that does not exist), focus on recognizing and enjoying true love, which can accompany you or not a lifetime, but that is certainly more tangible and much healthier.

Thus, starting from the idea of ​​recognizing true love, you first wonder how you know if love is what you feel, for which our test How to know if you are in love?

It can help you find out. And then, how do you know if love is mutual? The test how do you know if someone likes you? It can also guide you.

Interesting Facts about Number 00

The 0 can be seen as the original closed egg (cosmic egg or world egg).

This egg, present in Egyptian mythology as well as in Chinese and Indian philosophies, is supposed to contain the entire universe in germ.

The egg contains all the potential. It is the symbol of birth, beginning and all.

More simply, zero is a circle. In Freemasonry, the circle (drawn by the compass) symbolizes the realm of the mind, while the square (drawn by the square) evokes the realm of the concrete.

On the other hand, the zero evokes the Ouroboros, this snake which bites its tail and which contains in itself its beginning and its end.

Ouroboros surrounds the whole world. It is both self-destruction and renewal, annihilation and hope of life.

Seeing Angel Number 00

The 0 can be seen as the invisible center of the world, the Great Source, the transcendental spirit, the Light, the Word, the absolute consciousness, the Tao or even the center of the cross.

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