0004 Angel Number – Meaning and Twin Flame

Throughout our lives, we come upon many signs and symbols that not always easy to explain; some would call them signs along the road.

These signs or messages come in different forms, such as images, letters, words, numbers, various phenomena and much more.

It is not a reason for concern, but a call to think deeper about who we are.

Over the long course of history, people have been wandering about the purpose of existence, fate, soul journey and soul mates.

Since ancient times, people have been practicing divination, studied the phenomenon of life and existence in a scientific manner or both.

There has always been an idea of a connection on a higher level.

Across the world and in very different societies, religiously and culturally, people have been trying to unravel the mystery of existence and collective unconscious.

We all wonder what is our purpose in this life and what should we do. Moreover, people are mostly unaware of their own selves; it is a never-ending and exciting journey of (self) discovery.

The universe itself help us discover our potentials and learn about who we are and how we affect the whole existence and how we connect with lives of people around us.

Regardless of specific religious beliefs, there is always something deeply spiritual that could be found amongst humans. We are guided and protected by higher, benevolent forces.

Guardian angels are considered benevolent spirits, messengers of God that care about us and overlook our lives.

They are ultimately good and their mission is to offer us guidance and support, but they do not interfere with our lives directly. Angels send us messages we need to interpret ourselves.

Twin Flame and Angel Numbers

Some of these angelic messages are called angel numbers. Number posses special vibration or, better, each number is a specific vibration or energy that could be manifested in a good or a bad way.

Therefore, numbers are neither positive or negative alone. Angel numbers are those numbers you start seeing in your life all around and repeatedly.

For example, it could be a number appearing on your phone screen, as a time or date, a number in a book, on the street or elsewhere.

Angel numbers are usually, but not exclusively, numbers that are easy to catch; it could be a specific sequence such as 123, a same-digit number, a mirror number like 1313, for instance and more.

However, any number could be a message for you, if it comes over and over again and grabs your attention.

Angel numbers are angelic messages expressed as a numerical sequence, because numbers are energies of the universe and, as such, they have an impact on our lives and carry a lot of symbolism.

The other term for these numbers is twin flame numbers.

These numbers are sometimes associated with the idea of twins, for it is also thought that they come from a soul twin or that angels help us find our spiritual counterpart through these messages.

In any case, the meaning and purpose remains the same. These numbers are sent to us to help us find ourselves and reunite with our soul twin.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

There is no angel twin flame number that is bad or meant to make you any harm. These are benevolent and beneficial signs; if we are able to interpret them correctly, we can only benefit from them.

If you ignore such messages, you will have more difficulty in harmonizing yourself from within and reaching your twin flame.

Numbers are energy themselves, loaded with symbolism and meaning.

That said, each number is specific and so combination of numbers (for example, in a multi-digit angelic message) becomes complex and layered.

In order to get behind the meaning of a particular message, we should look into numerology, that ancient science of numbers.

Numerology does not deal with mathematical value of numbers, save for basic calculations; it tries to figure out how numbers affect and shape our lives.

Every person has a number that marks their life. It is called a birth number and it is calculated by the date of birth.

The same principle we can apply when trying to understand a twin flame number massage.

In numerology, every number has unique meaning. In this case, we will be interested into numbers zero and number 4.

The combination of numbers and the sequence itself will tells us about what the meaning behind the message could be.

When placed into specific context, the message, of course, gets a deeper and more practical meaning.

0004 Angel Number Twin Flame

Number 0004 is interesting one, as it could be seen as a number of transformation and cycles of change, a number that suggest an inner journey, which would help you discover who you really are, what are your qualities, how to improve them and manifest their full potential in a positive way, which will lead also to reunion with your twin flame.

This number consists of two numbers, 0 and 4. There are no additional hidden numbers, as any calculation you undertake would result in 0 or 4.

Moreover, there are three zeroes in a row. Let us first think about zero itself. The first association when someone sees a zero is emptiness and nothingness, but this is a wrong assumption.

Zero represent both wholeness and nothingness, it is full and empty at the same time, it is a never-ending circle and a symbol of infinity.

Perhaps the way one thinks of zero could also tell something about one as a person. So, zero represents eternity and infinity, the source of everything, but also the end of everything, in a way.

Zero has a tremendous spiritual potential, one that a human being cannot completely understand, just as eternity is something we would love to, but cannot fully understand.

We can say that zero is above our limited existence. In numerology, it is considered a powerful number that can amplify the energy of numbers it stands along in a sequence.

However, it can also disintegrate its energy, especially when we see more zeroes. It is not a negative thing; moreover, it could be of great help.

We can think of it as of a process of purification. We have to go through many phases and experiences in our life, in order to be shaped and refined, as a diamond.

Here, we have three zeroes and a 4. Three zeroes could be seen as cycles of transformation, meant to lead you to the energy of 4, to make the best of it.

Number 4 would represent something that you have inside or something that is or should be emphasized in your life at this moment. What number 4 is about?

Number 4 is a number of organization, practical skills, discipline, endurance, mastery, self-integrity, personal values, moral, tradition, serious approach, justice, systems and orderly life, loyalty, service and patience.

It is a number of people who take life very seriously and have high moral standards. On a negative side, 4 can manifest as too strict or the opposite of all aforementioned.

Number 4 could be seen as a main trait of your character right now and it needs to be refined through a process of changes, which are not something one with such an established order could easily accept.

However, it is necessary. Number 0004 prepares you for such a journey and tries to open your views.

Number 0004 and Love

Of course, such a process has much to do with ones relationships with other people, bonds, socialization, romantic love, family life, friendships and much more.

As a person with strong vibration of 4, you are probably not very prone to making compromises, but you might also appear to strict and serious to other people.

People with strong energy of number 4 have very high moral standards and the expect the same from others.

On a positive note, they value loyalty, dedication, honesty, justice and stability. They are very realistic, very pragmatic and reliable. They would never betray a friend or commit an adultery, for example.

However, they often lack flexibility and could appear too serious in matters that could be taken lightly.

This number 0004 is a message of transformation and it should make you think about your relations, especially a romantic relationship, if you have one or you think about one.

Strict people are often afraid to express their gentle feelings, fearing they will lose discipline and order.

Twin flame angel numbers are never meant to make you someone else; they are meant to find your true strength and be the best version of yourself.

When it comes to twin souls, number 0004 teaches you to be a bit more open, more flexible and lively in your search. It will help your twin soul enter your heart and feel its closeness.

As we have mentioned, number 0004 represents a process. Fortunately, you have a lot of patience and are dedicated by nature.

Let yourself open slowly; let the life guide you through different experiences, until you feel comfortable with someone.

If you are married or have a relationship, the same applies only with that particular person.

Interesting Facts About Number 0004

Sequences like 0004 are always very powerful and interesting, since they do not carry any hidden meanings, like certain complex sequences. The energy is very direct and clean.

These numbers have a power of transformation. This transformation is actually an inner process, affected by outer experiences, as well, meant to make you realize who you are.

Numbers of this form are about cycles and phases in life, while they alone represent a phase in which a certain aspect of one’s personality and destiny comes into focus.

In this case, the focus is on your system of values, your moral principles, your order and organization. These should be questioned, not destroyed, but questioned.

Many zeroes in a sequence always have a powerful potential of amplification and annihilation, so to say.

It means that certain vibrations within the energy of the dominant number should be toned down and others improved and perfected.

We have amazing potentials within, but we often don’t know how to use them, how to improve them or even how to value them.

What to Do When You See Angel Number 0004?

Number 0004 is a number of a positive change, according to your nature.

If you start seeing this number all over the place, it is time to think about systems that you have established and live by, your principles, your standards and more.

Maybe you will need to experience at least a bit of disorder, in order to create a new and more beneficial order.

Think about the meanings of zeroes sequence and number 4. See how these interpretations could fit into your current situation in life, current way of thinking, your attitudes and relations.

Once you place this message and the possible explanation into the contexts, you will definitely understand what the twin flame number wants to say.

Seeing number 0004 means that you are about to experience several cycles of change, in order to realize what to do with the potential that is expressed by number 4.

These changes do not have to be anything major or dramatic, just a course of experiences you will process with more awareness, which would help you harmonize from within and from without.


Number 0004 is a twin flame angel number about inner journey that goes through stages.

The main focus – or goal, are perfected energies number 4 resonates with and getting in touch with a twin flame.

These energies will be re-questioned or reset, in order to manifest in the best light.

People with dominant energy of number 4 do not really like changes and they are not always ready adjustments, so 0004 prepares one for such a process, offering an idea of the beneficial outcome of such a process.

In order to recognize the vibration of a twin flame and get in touch with a higher self, one has to make certain adjustments and changes.

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