Mercury Sextile Jupiter – Synastry, Transit, Composite

We invite you to learn more about one specific aspect in natal – when the planet Mercury is in a sextile position with the planet Jupiter, and what this position means not just in the personal natal charts, but in the charts of the two lovers.

It reveals a lot about it, and when you are aware of what this position brings, then you know in what direction you can change yourself, and be a better partner.

Mercury Sextile Jupiter in General

We meet here an interesting human being, the one that is so naturally blessed to see the bigger picture in life and never neglect details, even the smallest ones, those that are, in fact, very relevant and that is the creational force behind all of our actions.

This mixture of the two planets, Jupiter and Mercury, that are in a sextile position, and therefore, we can say that this connection offers an honest capability to soak into the true meaning of the world, of what it is and what it can be, what can you make of it.

Speaking of personalities, they are human beings, always set to see the bigger picture, that everyone else is neglecting.

They are looking for details, but they are also, someone who has such a good sense of looking into knowledge and implementing it in all areas of their lives.

Here we’re talking about the person who is available to observe life much more widely than other people can, and it is a great quality that comes from this natal position.

You can recognize these people as they are the ones that notice so many different details that are surrounding any given situation, and basically, they can connect the dots (that others miss) and tell what the bigger picture is behind it.

We believe it’s one of the amazing qualities that this sextile brings, and it is not just knowledge that has been given to them, it is much more.

They look like a detective that is putting out the clues together and showing you what the process is behind all of them.

It is like someone who has a lot of success in showing you a wider picture, a view behind the horizon.

This aspect depicts a very practical person, especially when we are talking about details, as many as possible, and also someone who is adaptable and knows how to apply theory in some practical way.

It is one of the few things that people can do – not many people can do it seriously so well in practical life, and this is true in everything they do.

Oftentimes they are those who will implement the new idea into the world. It is truly a gift one of a kind, to be heard, and to be followed, and those who have such aspects in natal have that perspective.

One more important thing, that needs to be said when it comes to these people and here we are talking about their need to balance (have it, live it, and integrate into the world) not just at home, but at work also, and in every surrounding.

These people must live in nice homes where there is luxury and comfort most of all. But, also they need space where they will perform their day-to-day actions.

All of them love to travel a lot, there is no doubt and they are the ones that seem to others like they are progressing in life very fast and very promptly changing and climbing up the ladders in society or work, or anywhere else.

But this just seems like it is true, here, we can see hard work and a lot of lucky chances that are used to the fullest. No one can push them away from their work.

Sextile of this kind although does not ensure big success, does not means that they will settle for something great in their life.

On the contrary, in many cases people who have this aspect in their natal charts settle somewhere in-between; they are shifting up and down, climbing further and further, and when they are falling, and going up once again and in circles.

Often ending in some middle place, for example, their choice is to become consultants and trainers, advisors, rarely do they are becoming bosses.

Also, we can see here the type of personality that is very confident at its core, able to convince their surroundings into everything they believe or say.

They are sure that they’re doing the right thing, being very well skilled in communication and they can extract a large amount of information from people and use them for their own purposes, which could be both good and bad.

They are living their lives by visiting many places, meeting people, and extracting many possibilities from them; along the way, they have a lot of fun, and here we’re talking about the inner need to expand knowledge in everything.

They want to spend quality time with good people and also love to read a good book, write something down, being creative. They are such good friends.

This sextile position symbolizes a very tolerant mind towards others, making them understand so many topics – religion, and anything that is basically spiritual and deep.

They are also amazing in communication and projecting ideas with such confidence and belief that you cannot say no to them.

People who have this aspect in their natal charts are very good at operating others with very high intelligence and they are people who have a lot of integrity it is natural and it comes so smoothly to them.

One more thing that is relevant here is their moral or ethical code, and they evaluate everything according to their system of beliefs.

But you will be surprised how many people think that they’re actually so right. They have a strong mind and are able to present their ideas so clearly.

In a worst-case scenario, these are the people who do not have a lot of ambition and the other thing that they do not have is persistence to achieve their goals to the fullest, and it is such a shame because they have all the potential in the world.

This is the reason why we have said that they can settle for less than expected, or desired in life.

When all other aspects are problematic, then they can be extremely stubborn and can cause a lot of problems in their environments, although deep inside they are good, and can be very generous, kind, and well-loved among colleagues.

They love to gather people in their home where they can spend a lot of good time, conduct intellectual conversations, talk with other people, to share ideas.

Also, these are the people who love to read or write or both, and you will notice that they have a large number of books in their house.

Love to travel, not only in the physical sense but in mental, they love to phantasies and imagine, they are optimistic and therefore can become amazing teachers who truly find passion in learning and sharing knowledge with others.

The most common thing that this sextile provides is this – making them very positive humans, when they are communicating with other people because they truly listen and they truly say what they mean and they say it in the best possible way.

Some astrologers claim that they are in fact, skilled in extracting information, alos can be amazing in organizing and planning, and it is a true joy to learn with them and to travel with them because then you will learn how many great things there are to see and they will organize it all for you you will learn and you will have a lot of fun.

Mercury Sextile Jupiter Synastry

One very harmonious aspect that is constructed between the planet Mercury and Jupiter and is the symbol of the two people who are in a relationship and their love union is best described as a growing experience. They are the ones that are growing together in this way,

much better than they are growing on their own, this could be a connection that extracts more when in unity.

First, you see the planet Jupiter is expanding, even more, when is this aspect with Mercury, and here, all communication that comes from Mercury is expanded even more.

And on the other side, with all the great plans that Jupiter brings into the picture, Mercury just pushes even further.

These two lovers are adoring to have lively conversations, luxurious dinners, and great travels, and enjoy expressive ways of showing love.

They are equally enjoying speaking and listening to each other, then sharing opinions, that are often conflicted.

These are the two people who speak of everything one with another, and oftentimes like it is between Mercury and Jupiter they are times one is teaching, and the other is listening and sometimes they are switching roles. So,

we can see harmony in this aspect to a certain extent, but there is also the vitality of this relationship that could truly last for a long time.

These are the two people who are sharing their dreams together, during the late nights, they are sharing their ups and downs, and can freely talk about everything that is good and bitter in life.

The planet Jupiter here encourages a Mercury person to be more expressive in its passion and to pursue his or her goals, and these are the two people who love to see the details and then connect the dots into a bigger picture, and all of it is constructed primarily based on an intellectual level and then more.

Mercury Sextile Jupiter Transit

Speaking of transits, we can say that when these transits are active, then we’re speaking about chances and these chances or possibilities are in our lives just for the there just for one or two days, and they are an open door toward an understanding of all things that have been puzzling us.

This transit is the chance to find the concept that is behind many things that have puzzled us for a long time; this is the moment when you realize what has been going on in the world, and what has been struggling in your mind, even puzzling you.

Now, when this transit is active, you have a clear chance to see so much clearer and beyond what is obvious.

This transit also means that you will be upgraded or downgraded in life, depending on a specific situation, but you will not stay in the same position, in these two days a lot of things will change.

Not just at your work, but everywhere else. There is a chance that you are offered a place as some kind of a manager, and if you will be upgraded but it will take a lot of issues to deal with.

This transit is also the time when you provide others with help and you will provide it with the best possible outcome, not just for that person, but also for yourself.

Having in mind all that we have said, know that these are the moments that should be used wisely, to make plans for the close or distant future, a perfect moment to think about what you can do, in terms of expanding your goals, widening your ideas, having faith in the outcome.

During this transit it is much easier to make logical conclusions, to implement theory into practice, and you will be able to speak clearly and convincingly to others.

It will seem that words will just simply and effectively flow from your mouth and mind. Such a vibe will follow you, in whatever part of life you want.

Use this time to find more suitable employment, or use this transit to speak to a friend in need, because understanding is so clear in these two days.

People will follow, with ease, and you will speak to them with confidence. There can be a lot of philosophical meetings, and engagements.

This transit is a perfect time to engage in sports, short traveling, and in general, being outside. Advice is to let people stimulate your brain by having intellectual conversations and being really optimistic.

In the end, make the best out of it, and have a good time; it is advisable for you to focus on all those goals that have been a long time just a seed in your head.

Now, there is a doorway that those seeds can expand even further. And this is not just the time to have a fantasy but also the time to have good judgment, knowing clearly where you are going.

This transit, sextile position brings some integral information that is needed for you, so you can implement your idea into the world and collaborate with all those who are needed to make your idea work. Creative forces are now put into practice.

Use this time for raveling not just in your country, but wider, find some interesting place abroad, on use this transit for resolving some legal matters, you will win for sure.

Show generosity to other people, and you will feel so good by working with others, groups, and sharing ideas is what comes to the core in these times.

Mercury Sextile Jupiter Composite

Speaking in these terms, we can say that this is the time when you are finding it so easy to communicate with your lover, to have listened as you have always wanted, and your lover will get it back to you.

This process of communication is open and flawless, these are the basis of your relationship, and a good conversation with a friend. This is the core, and all other aspects are layering on it.

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