01:10 – Meaning

Let us start from the basic question that all of us ask ourselves occasionally – why are we, as human beings, here? Is there a simple answer to this eternal question, and more importantly, are meant to find it?

Simply, we came to this world to experience ourselves to the fullest, partially in a physical form and mostly in a spiritual and emotional aspect.

As a soul, you have all the knowledge you need, and what it needs is a lot of love and openness to understand this world, but in fact, there is nothing hidden from your experience. You live in eternity with all the joy of existence, but there is one catch – we as human beings forget, and we come back to this world to remind ourselves of those wonderful experiences.

So, we are woven by experiences that you string through many lives – which we find out, as it is said in some spiritual teachings, as we find out only when we are gone from this life, in the tunnel toward the next one.

There is something wonderful about this, and we are able to rejoice when we remember who we really are—the achievement of a soul that launches it into a new, higher level of consciousness.

It sounds like a complicated process, and it is not. It is made perfectly, like everything in this world, as long as we can flow it.

And – we are not alone in this process, not at all, we are rewarded with the divine light that comes from the above, often in the form of numbers, as the mirror in it, a joy that brings an extraordinary growth.

Just like everything in this world evolves, humans, the entire planet, etc., the mutual communication evolves – in old times, people encounter mirror numbers in some different forms, and now, in modern days, they see them on digital clocks. Nothing surprising about it.

The mirror number that we want to talk about now is the number 01:10, as seen in the late night, on your digital clock. It brings knowledge and memories to get to know faster why you are here and now.

Read more about this number, as it has many layers of understanding.

01:10 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

In the middle of the night, you woke up seeing these hours – what do you think at that moment? Is this an accident? It cannot be! How many nights in a row have you woken up at the same time? More than once, we suspect, and this is not by chance.

These are not what you may call a happy hour, and it is ok – not all hours are light and easy since the vibrations from numbers are different, and this is ok because they depict completely different matters regarding our lives.

These are the hours meant for self-reflection, to find your meaning. There are as many new opportunities in life as there are inhales and exhales, and these hours mean that you can start over every second of your life if you want.

All of these memories are experiences are present to mold you into the human being you are meant to be, to recall your soul, and find a reason for your existence.

Also, this mirror number 01:10 shows say it metaphorically that the past cannot be pulled into the present, although it allows the reflection of it for the purpose of recalling it and extracting what can serve you.

After it, you should drop the past, admit where there have been too few shifts, set new goals, find your meaning, and the rest will be given as you go by.

The Universe will provide the rest of the necessary layers for you to inhale.

In concrete situations, this could mean anything – from an unresolved issue with your lover to the unexpected person from the past calling to see you in the present.

01:10 – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

This mirror number 01:10 has one more deep and more important meaning – it is biblical as well as a spiritual one.

Most commonly, these two aspects are tightly correlated.

These are the hours that change you – it is possible that some people who once knew you well no longer recognize you (once again, the past or you from the past is emerging in the present).

It is because you are changed. Now you know the purpose. It is to find a purpose and express ourselves: your soul, your truth.

When you know the truth, then you, just like it has been described in the Holy book, go from complete suffering to something that lifted you from the ashes in the hope of being here for a reason, finding yourself hearing the whisper of the Universe, which you know how to express and rewards you with perfection.

But one more thing carries greater importance than anything previously said – the mirror number 0110 connects you to the spiritual guides and channels clarity.

This is the spiritual meaning of this mirror number – the realization that we took in so much fear of spiritual experiences and consequently created so many convictions of spirituality.

When you know what you need to know, you are not lost in spiritual practices, but you are finding yourself. It can be anything you see fit.

For some, it is the teaching from the Bible, and for others is something else.

When you are aligned with it, whatever you call it, and then all other matters are resolved easily.

01:10 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

As you may notice, 01:10 carries the most important numbers in the symbolical specter – all of them seen individually and collectively are denoted by the purpose and realization.

Seen in its totality, the sum number here is not 20, but 11 – making it even more special, since this is the number that shows the realization of the purpose of your current situation and awakens the confidence that everything in your life is happening in divine order.

Also, 11 is the number that depicts the change from the core – it happens when you let go of your rebellion and become aware of the purpose for which this experience was created for you.

So listen to these numbers, enjoy this late hours, when you even may feel that life has squeezed into a corner.

When you find yourself in conflict with the world, and you have the feeling that injustice is happening to you.

One more interesting thing regarding this mirror number 01:10 is that it does not provide the obvious reflection, but the opposition of the current situation, the moment you are in, etc.

And here, the question that arises is, what in your life could you do in an opposite direction that will lead you to a happier place?

What to Do If You See 01:10?

In which you impart to you the wisdom of how you become the leader of your life and not the victim of external situations, and how you consciously face every challenge that comes your way (no matter how great it is).

The clarity of what you do when you get stuck in a situation where your life “spoils” the plans you had. I give you steps and practical advice on how to release distress and rebellion and awaken in yourself peace with the divine flow of life.

But think about what it would be like in reality if you always knew who you were and could do all the tasks without a bit of effort?

Would you value the prizes equally, what do you receive for the work done, how do you appreciate them now that you have to work for them?

When you are happier: when something is given to you, or when you invest effort and work for a long time, which then bears fruit?

Spiritual growth is the path of work, effort, and beauty where you come to reward. To these memories. To your truth, when you have again managed to find out… who you really are.

To go back to the question from the previous section – what situation in your life first comes to your mind that you could do in an opposition? That is the situation that hides the key to your growth and progress…


Imagine that this number has an effect on you just like a light from the Moon in the late night, that you can see when you walk along a beautiful, iridescent road and see a divine light in the distance.

How do you feel at that moment – you feel safe, walk straight, and your goal is completely clear.

The path becomes self-evident to you, and you are no longer paying attention for just a moment.

Because you no longer walk on it consciously, and even when there is darkness, somewhere in the distance, you see a tiny light. You are aware that a dark forest separates you from it.

This means only one thing – to get back to the light, you have to go through a dark forest for which you do not know what awaits you in it.

As you walk through the forest, you face all sorts of fears and doubts—fear for your existence. Fear the dark and the unknown.

But, the Universe says with this mirror number 0110, you can doubt yourself, be overwhelmed by a thousand other feelings, never giving up hope.

This message is sent to you to deal with the present time, that is, in some way, the time of the dark forest.

For a long time, you have walked the paths blindly and self-evidently, which required no movement or growth, so the soul deceived us a little and took us into the woods to face our shadows.

Are you capable of admitting to yourself that you are not happy and that you need the courage to get out to the road, back to the right path? This is the period to do it 01:10.

These hours are not called happy hours, but re-evaluating hours needed to turn from the path to re-evaluate progress and values.

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