12:21 – Meaning

Are you ready to hear some good news and flow on that positive cosmic vibe, not just today, but every other day, till the rest of your life?

Would you like to know in what ways angels/god or simply the Universe communicates with you and why you don’t hear them yet, or you are not sure you have?

What can you do to be more fluid and open to the messages of the Universe? Is there anything you could do to turn around such a course of events?

What habits should open be up for channeling for you to connect with them and that will open for you when you start practicing them?

There are numerous ways you can do it, and there is no wrong way in this process.

And what is the most common message that the Universe sends us at least once a day, but most of us overhear it?

To go with the flow and to listen to the echoes of the Cosmos because your soul is connected to it; it knows the answers.

Have you thought of it in such a way?

If you are, then you are probably very interested in the world of universal signs that often comes from the most unexpected places, but you know that the Universal laws work in the best way for you. We are talking about the mirror numbers. They come to you and invite you to the magical world of wonders, where you can be who you want to be and have anything you want, now, instantly.

These mirror numbers come out quite right, the ones to hold power to believe, as the most powerful power in this world.

Some see them every day and receive the message of our spiritual guides. Hands up if you’re looking forward to them, and if you want to read more of these wonderful signs that appear on your digital clock.

If you are interested in spiritual guides that send you this message, keep reading more about the mirror number 12:21, or as it is called the reverse mirror number, which adds one more level into the understanding of such numbers. It provides another side to the understanding.

12:21 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

This mirror number 12:21 appears like an hour on your digital clock, most likely on your phone, as you regularly check on it, as all of us constantly do, day and night.

What is its meaning, and how can you use it? It is a channeled message, an energetic image of the spiritual guide who delivered that advice you needed to hear.

It has something to tell you, and when you first see these hours, you will feel that everlasting spiritual energy meant to be followed! It’s strong, and you will feel it right away. You will probably have a desire to move something, to change something.

It can be something so small, like changing the route to your work or calling an old friend that you have a dream of last night. Anything that is not like your daily routine.

You will see how something so small can have an enormous impact on your life and the expansion of your soul as the primary goal.

If you nurture such a feeling in life, it will be the best message for yourself and the most accurate answer to your question regarding the matter that causes you a problem, discomfort, pain, etc. Anything that you see as important.

The mirror number 12:21 gives you the energy to take action and change things. Always take action with yourself first.

Because you are the center of the Universe, everything in your life comes from you, which makes it much easier for you to function.

When you take the necessary steps with yourself, be completely at peace with them, and then, as good leaders, take action outside of yourself as well.

12:21 – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Just by looking at these hours, you know that there is something wonderfully spiritual about them, and on top of it, the sum vibration, in this case, is number 3 or six, depending on how you look at it, and there are no more spiritual numerals then these ones.

It can even be seen as the Angelically divine number 33 that carries very potent energies that could move you to unexpected heights.

Just like in the case of Jesus Christ, and this is the reason why number 33 is so important in the biblical terms, and for us here, because 12:21 can be observed as 33.

In the Bible, this number signifies the crucial moment in his life, the years when he was crucified when he gave his life for humanity.

So, indirectly this is the message that has everything to do with the sacrifice we are meant to make for bettering the world.

But, do not think, even for a second, that this is some kind of dark energy because the mirror number 12:21 or 33 is a depiction of light, not darkness.

The colorful rays of the spiritual energy will embrace all of your body and bring a fresh wave of energy, and its energy will take you to the higher dimensions of yourself, where you will feel lightness and love and release all the weight you feel.

In the Bible, it is also said that by knowing what do these hours means, and they have an important meaning, you also receive the direction of the angels for your life, which your soul needs most at this time to be most supported to live in a high vibration.

Listen to them when you feel the tension in your body and when your soul feels heavy is the way to go, to make yourself feel wonderful again and light.

It is a matter of a some like to call it a meditation (according to the spiritual teaching), and in the Bible, this is what is called a prayer.

Both are based on the same idea, you see these hours, now is the time to realize any stress and to empty your mind, and place belief firmly in your heart.

When you would like to relax within any situation in partnership, family, work, friends, health – this is important to know, since all mirror numbers are associated with a certain life situation you are currently in. It is the first situation that you think of when you receive a certain mirror number.

In this case, we are speaking of mirror number 21:12.

This one came to you when you have found yourself in a squeezing situation, where you have a feeling that things have put you under stress and that you cannot move anymore. You would like to calm down the feeling of anxiety and receive guidance on how to move forward, and this number is your answer.

Indulge in prayer and awaken more lightness in your life.

Let the energy of the spiritual energy embrace your life and become happier from the inside.

12:21 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

As we have said, this numeral or mirror number could be observed as the number that has the sum vibration that belongs to the number 6 or separately to the number 3.

There are no two more spiritual numbers in the specter, and here, in such a reverse position, they represent the period (often painful) that is ahead of us.

The next period that is reflected by the mirror number 12:21 will act on you like a magnifying glass. It will increase all that has happened to you this previous period.

As a result, your vibration will intensify, and exactly what has been happening to you all time will become even greater.

If you have managed to be in your vibration this time, you will be able to manifest even more strongly this month.

If you have failed to do so, you will now have the opportunity to return to yourself again and find your center within yourself.

So for some, this next period will be more spiritual than you could ever expect, and it will increase all things beautiful, and for others, it will be an emotionally stressful month as it will show us what we haven’t faced during the year and bring us another opportunity to do so.

It is very important to work with those who soothe your soul, and this will promote cleansing and opening of your heart. This is the time when you will manifest the strongest when you are calm.

So the Universe takes care of his calmness and vibration. Spiritual practice is all the more important this time, and keep in mind that numbers 3, 6, and also 9 are highly spiritual and that everything you do must be aligned with the spiritual practice.

When you have one, it is certainly something that helps you see with clarity what our teachings are that we still need to master, and at the same time, we also understand how we do it.

At the same time, the spiritual practice raises our vibration, and we are therefore a stronger magnet for the manifestation of what we desire.

Therefore, spiritual practice is crucial this month, and continue it lovingly.

This letter is fenced and completes the circle. It means keeping your inner thoughts to yourself, and you will only trust your friends.

Be as cooperative as you can, it would definitely help if you had some time to get to know strangers, but by using the spiritual practice, you become introspective and understand yourself and others better.

What to Do If You See 12:21?

What message does this mirror number have for you? Come to this powerful energy event to find out – be as open as you can to receive clarity on how you can take care of your soul during the night.

The mirror number 21:12 means that your soul goes on a cosmic journey where it can reach magnificent highest.

Now, what can you do – first to be open, second to go with the Universal flow, so that your soul could find a bit of peace, and pray or mediate whatever suits you better.

Then, do not forget that this is the crucial moment for some kind of selfless act, anything that will represent a sacrifice for bettering the world.

It is something that will be rewarded.


Do you feel tension and heaviness in yourself?

Are you stressed because your life is not going in the direction you envisioned?

Would you like to accept situations that happen in your life with greater ease? Want to receive a message from your angels?

If you answered “yes” to at least one question, then this mirror number 21:12 had hit the right spot, and it is perfect for you.

You are supported, and this message came into your life to show you that your soul is protected, with an ability to embark on a cosmic journey. It is extremely important to your life.

In the end, have in mind that we have spoken of the state of prayer or meditation, and in such a state of deep relaxation, the awakening of peace and serenity is possible.

Within the reflection that comes from this mirror number, you will activate the connection of all elements that make you human to release all the control you feel and thus reach a state of deep peace.

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