135 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 135 is coming into your life to bring a new kind of energy and to allow you to feel confident again.

This powerful number is going to help you realize what your goals are and how to push harder to reach them.

Number 135 – What Does It Mean?

Popularly the number 135 is known as a number of bad luck or enigmatic, however we will try to explain all the secrets and the meaning of this number through numerology.

The number 135 is one of the most controversial that we can find in numerology, since it is usually associated with bad luck, so it is impossible to go unnoticed.

The truth is that it is the symbol of death, but we do not have to see it as “total destruction”, we have to see it as a change, a stage of transformation that may be associated with the arrival of a period of life better.

People who have the number 135 according to numerology have a very strong power to change anything in their lives.

However, in order to do so they will need to undertake hard work and above all, honest.

They must find the perfect balance between goodness and evil throughout their lives because, otherwise, evil can take hold of them.

These individuals must be able to control their manners and their attitudes, being the key so that they can have the best relationships with the people around them.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Christian traditions have caused the bad reputation or bad luck that is usually related to this number, having origin in the tradition of Christian origin which tells us that 135 people cannot sit down to eat at the same table.

This tradition is given by the last supper, where the 12 apostles sat next to Jesus, thus forming a set of 135 people seated for dinner at the same table.

In occult numerology this number can lead to great tragedies if it is misused, it is a revolutionary number which represents restriction or coercion, also known as the rebel number which is facing all kinds of injustices or opposes any type of authority.

For this reason, all people who relate to the 13, are of a rebel and revolutionary character, also characterized by having an uncontrollable or unknown power to themselves.

In the Tarot the number 13 is related to the card of the arcane of death, it is possible to say that in esotericism the number 13 or the arcane of death does not represent a negative symbol, on the contrary, it predicts change and transformation.

For this reason it is known as the evolutionary number in esotericism and can bring many changes.

The card of the arcane XIII is symbolized with a skeleton and a scythe, special attention must be paid to the pink coloration of the bones of the skeleton, since these represent sensitivity and life itself.

The head of the skeleton of the arcane 13 has a lunar shape and has a regression symbolism and the darkness of the night, the herbs that appear to be cut are interpreted as everything bad that is moving away from your life.

The number 135 gives the individual the opportunity to leave his life and his mistakes behind, practically at any time.

But in order to do so, these people must accept all the changes that this will entail, being some of them drastic and not in good taste.

Only if these people are able to free themselves from the chains that oppress them, if they can sacrifice themselves for others, then they can go ahead, discover their path and face it with the decision and the rightness that is expected of them.

However, in cultures such as the Mayan civilization or ancient Egypt this number was considered a sacred number.

Love and Angel Number 135

However, people who have the number 135 associated have some negative points.

One of the most characteristic is intolerance with the rest of the people.

In order for them to face this problem, they must reflect, listen to others and try to understand their different points of view.

One of its main enemies is laziness, being able to leave half of any type of project they have started.

On certain occasions they will not be able to do what they have proposed, not because they are not capable, just because they are not motivated enough and will get tired along the way.

If they work hard they can get where they want.

Interesting Facts about Number 135

The number 13, is undoubtedly a number that has the reputation of malefic, as in countries such as, France, Great Britain, United States …

Friday the 13th is the lazy day par excellence, in others like Spain that date passes to be that of Tuesday 13.

The fame of this evil day, comes essentially from the mythical legend of the Last Supper, that is, the day the 12 Apostles gathered around Jesus to share with him his last supper.

According to historians, it is supposed to be a Friday.

And when it is known what happened to Jesus, which was, then, the thirteenth diner, after his dinner, it is easily understood how some saw on this day marked with the Number 13 an evil day.

For other people, however, resurrecting Jesus made the date positive; remember that if on Friday the 13th he announced his temporary death, he thus revealed his immortality, therefore it became a beneficial day.

Hemerology, which is an astrological system that can foresee the lucky days and those that are nefarious of the following year, is believed to be born of a science whose first data written in Mesopotamia, towards the middle of the second century BC. C.

It is still used in India and is strictly in China, despite the ravages of the Cultural Revolution where in the past no initiative was taken without consulting the hemerological almanac.

So, when the first of January was Monday, (Moon Day); Wednesday (Mercury Day); o Sunday (day of the Sun): the Friday the 13th that happened in the year must be Neutral.

On the contrary when January 1 was a Tuesday, (Mars day); or on a Saturday, (Saturn Day), the Friday 13 that followed should be considered as harmful influences.

Finally, when January 1 fell on Thursday, (Jupiter Day); or on Friday (Venus day); every Friday planned during that year would always have a beneficial character.

As we know, in Spanish there is a proverb that says “on 13 and Tuesday neither marry nor embark”.

From all this you can glimpse the clear pagan and Latin origins of this superstition, which puts us on guard before the days ruled by the god Mars (Tuesday) and by the goddess Venus (Friday).

Later some places would stay exclusively with Friday and in others with Tuesday, since it was not a matter of tempting fate twice a week.

The universe of numbers uses them as a divination tool.

Numerology tries to establish a mystical relationship between numbers and human beings.

Each person has a number according to their date of birth.

This number is obtained by adding the digits that make up the date of your birth one by one and adding the digits of the resulting figure again until we have only one digit left.

This digit is our personal number.

Seeing Angel Number 135

Seeing angel number 135 in your surroundings can have a positive and a negative effect.

Whether you accept its message or not, this will be the breaking point that is going to allow you to find meaning in your life.

Therefore, let this number change your world view, and help you become more confident when pushing towards your goals.

The feeling of spiritual energy, is what it’s going to give the strength to see yourself in a different light.

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