8008 Angel Number – Meaning and Twin Flame

How many times it happened you see the same timing whenever you look at your phone either to see what hour it is or to check something else?

Curiously, the timing, that is, the numbers are often the same! Did you know that there is a secret behind these repeatedly occurring sequences? Yes, there is. It could be a message from higher spheres.

The same stands for all similar cases and occurrences. For example, some people often come upon the same shape, symbol, same word or whatever else.

Others dream the same dream or the very same people all the time, as if the want to tell them something. Sometimes, a person sees the same number all around, even in dreams.

All these are messages from above, if they repeat many times and make us wonder about them. There are no coincidences in the universe; everything that exists is connected within a fine, exciting mechanism, in cycles, in eternity.

Souls do not know boundaries between this earthly life and what lies beyond. They do not know the space and time.

Many believe we can communicate with others’ souls on a spiritual level; there are many cults dedicated to the worship of ancestors, through which humans in this life communicate with their long lost dear ones, or even those they have never met.

Through prayer, we communicate with higher forces, as well, with the divine, with God.

This communication is constant, never-ending, but we often get trapped within the boundaries of the material and physical existence, forgetting about the divine flame in our souls.

For this reason, we have guardians and guides in heavens. We call them angels or guardian angels. Angels help us become our best selves, in harmony with other souls and with the world, with the Most High.

Angelic guides do not change the course of events, in order to save us from danger or to make us choose the right path; they support us and offer us indirect guidance we have to decode ourselves, so that all our efforts lead to inner ennobling, better understanding of our own selves and, with that, of all life around us, and beyond.

Twin Flame and Angel Numbers

Twin flames are our mirror souls; it is not really certain if everyone has a twin flame or not, or if a twin flame is necessarily someone from this lifetime.

However, twin flames are souls that have the same vibration, same frequency, souls that fulfill one another. It is said that twin flames are halves of the same souls separated into two bodies.

Those souls seeks for one another throughout space and time, in order to reach completion, to become one, to reunite.

Sometimes, this process is understood as reunion with the other elf, with higher self.

Twin flames are strongly connected and they can feel one another. However, as there are two persons, two unique individuals, the relation could grow very distant.

These souls manifest in different way, as there are two completely separated, specific and unrepeatable lives and experiences. The process of reunion is actually the process of harmonization.

In order to reach a twin flame and reunite, one first has to discover the true self – it reflects in the twin flame.

Angels and angel numbers have much to do with twin flame journey, as with many other things. Angels help us in this process of reunion, by giving us insight into who we are, where we stand and what are our potentials, in the first place.

They do so by sending us various messages. One type of these messages are angelic numbers.

What are angel numbers and why should we interpret them? Angels number can be literally any number, although it is usually one that appears as a logical row, synchronicity, one-digit etc.

However, this is not the rule. Any number could be a message from angels only if it appears again and again, and again.

Each time you see the same timing on your phone or clock, you probably wonder why is it so? What those numbers mean?

Of course, this phenomena is not limited to timing; you can see the same number on street, on a bill, in books, in newspapers, on walls, even hear it in conversation and so much more.

The more it repeats, the more likely it is of angelic nature. It is sometimes understood these numbers come directly from a twin flame, from ancestors, from your higher self.

In any case, these numbers are precious messages that will help us thread our life path the best way we can. You can ignore these signs, but it would be of great use and value if you take the gift.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Now when we have discussed the nature and origins of angel numbers, let us try to get behind their meaning.

How do we interpret twin flame/angel numbers? In order to understand what the message is about, we have to turn to (angelic) numerology.

Numerology is an ancient study of numbers, considered a branch of astrology.

Numerology studies numbers on their metaphysical level, it does not have much to do with math, save for some basic calculations.

Numerology is about the impact of numbers on individual destinies, but also on a higher plan.

Numbers have special vibrations and energies, and ascribed meanings. Numbers are, in fact, themselves vibrations of cosmic forces.

Each number has a special meaning and symbolism in numerology. If you start seeing the same number all over again, wondering what is it about, look into numerology and you will find answers.

Angel numbers could come in various forms; they could be single-digit numbers, long sequences, rows, mirrored numbers and much more.

The more complex the number, the more digits it has, the massage is either stronger or even more complicated, with layers of meaning.

Additional meaning of angelic numbers is revealed through some basic principles of numerological calculation, the same we undertake if we are about to discover one’s life path number.

Life path number is calculated through one’s date of birth. All numbers it comprises of are summed, until the result is one digit number (with a couple of exceptions).

The same principle we use when there is a complex angel number, with more digits and more meanings. Let us discover what message lies behind angel number 8008.

8008 Angel Number Twin Flame

Twin flame angel number 8008 is an extraordinary one, for it has a very strong vibration of number 8 and it appears to be a closed cycle, from 8 through zeroes towards 8.

Multi-digit angel numbers usually represent certain processes one has to go through, in order to refine their qualities and to reunite with a twin flame.

In order to understand this journey and a message, let us first learn about the numbers it consists of, number 8 and 0.

Number 8 is a powerful one, with an emphasis on personal will, materialistic world and stability.

Although these earthly elements are its main focus, this is also a karmic number, related to actions and consequences, on both tangible and spiritual plan.

Number 8 is a number of those with authoritarian, strong-willed and determined attitude in life, of people who put great effort into achieving something in this life, ones who especially strive for material wealth and stability.

Number 8 is not selfish, it is about provision for others, as well, especially family and loved ones.

However, its main focus is material. Number 8 is about professional development and goals, about success, pragmatism, prosperity, finances, luxury and riches, social status and recognition.

It is also the number of justice and patience, independency, especially financial. It is the number of skills, work, self-reliance.

Number 8 is about personal strength, stability and being grounded in reality; there is not much imagination or fantasizing in number 8 and people dominated by its vibration.

Zero, on the other hand, is purely spiritual number. Zero encompasses the energy and vibration of all other numbers and it can amplify their energies.

Zero is Alpha and Omega in numerology, the number of divine source of everything, the number of spiritual journey, of cycles, of transformation.

Zero always appears when we have to set on a journey of transformation, of refinement, for it amplifies and erases, it help us reset, go through stages and phases necessary for our personal growth.

In number 8008 we see a cycle of refinement that leads to self-discovery and reunion with a twin flame.

As we can see, 8 is where you start and where you finish, meaning its vibration is dominant in your life and good, but it needs to undergo a process of development. It will reflect in all areas of your life.

Number 8008 and Love

When it comes to love and especially twin flames, this cycle of personal refinement reconnects you with people in your life and opens possibility to connect with someone new.

It suggests you should switch your focus from purely materialistic and realistic and let your mind and heart wander through miraculous realms of dreams, emotions, even fantasies.

You probably hold on to reality and material, because it is your safe harbor or out of fear it might slip from your hands.

This process, expressed by 8008 shows there is no reason to be afraid, it will stay there. You only need to relax a bit and open your mind, soul and heart for more abstract and intangible.

If you have your own family or you are in a relationship, you probably seek to provide everything your dear ones need, in a material sense.

You are there to protect them and to provide for them, but they need your pure, gentle love, as well. You can do both, just let yourself do so.

This process leads to twin flame reunion; once you let your soul wander, it will find what it seeks for.

In general, it applies in all kinds of important relationships, such as great friendships, for love holds them together.

People with strong vibration of number 8 tend to look at life from purely realistic point of view and they stick only to tangible.

However, we are soul beings and our souls need connection, which cannot be seen or touched.

Metaphorically speaking, our souls touch within reality. Each contact with another’s soul is a little miracle, a moment of enlightenment, enrichment, purification, fulfillment.

Number 8008 help us find the balance between the real, material life and wonderful realm of souls, without losing a bit of our personal integrity and character.

Interesting Facts About Number 8008

Number 8008 hides another message, another vibration, that is. It is the vibration of number 7, for 8+0+0+8 is 16, and 1+6 is 7.

Number 7 is actually the most important spiritual ’agent’ in this message.

Number 7 is about enlightenment, spiritual awakening, spiritual journey, number of philosophy, religion, mystic knowledge, higher wisdom, scholarship, seeking purpose.

Compared to 8, its energy is very abstract, exactly what we need in this process.

It requires a bit of isolation and an inner journey, to help us reconnect with the world afterwards, as seen in the cycle of 8008.

As you can see, you have everything you need in order to find yourself and reach your twin flame. All this will reflect on a twin soul

What to Do When You Seen Angel Number 8008?

If you start seeing number 8008, you are about to set on an inner journey of self discovery, through a process of spiritual development, the process of discovering the spiritual within, in the first place.

If you see this number often, it is a sign you enter a new cycle, which will lead you to self-discovery and, in a way, self-establishment in the best sense.

Think about your current circumstances and especially about your relationships and love life.

Think about your attitude towards dear people and let yourself operate more emotionally than reasonably.

Of course, it is never easy when we have learned how to live by a certain pattern; however, it is negotiable and possible to change, that is, to harmonize.


Number 8008 is a message of an inner process of spiritual awakening, which will ennoble one’s already well-grounded self.

This number represents a journey from a purely materialistic and realistic world view to ennobled and enlightened, but still very realistic one.

In a way, this number represents a harmonious connection between the material and intangible.

When it comes to twin flame connection and journey, number 8008 represents process of reunion, as well.

The reunion is achieved through personal awakening and harmonizing one’s own frequency, which, on a spiritual level, reflects on the twin flame and works as a call of the soul.

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