Chiron in Aquarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Our birth charts can tell us everything about ourselves. It can disclose what our future partner will be like, our talents, strengths, weaknesses and personality. By breaking down various elements within our charts we are given a deep insight into who we are.

The placement of the planet at the time of our birth can give us the answers that we seek. Each one has its own influence on various areas within our lives, they all have a unique energetic vibration which is imprinted within us.

One particular area that is not widely discussed is the effect that Chiron has on our lives and what positives we can decipher from it. For those who are embarking on their journey into astrology, they may be curious about Chiron.

Many may wonder why it has a prominent place in the birth chart and its influence. So what is Chiron, how has it been overlooked and why is it so important?

The Astrological Meaning of Chiron

Chiron is a comet and minor planet that orbits between Saturn and Uranus, its small size might be why it isn’t considered as particularly important.

However, big things come in small packages. It is known in astrology as the wounded healer and its zodiac influence can shed light on our karmic pain and the issues that we faced in our past lives

If we experience areas where our growth and development appear to be stunted then the Chirons placement may be the reason why. It can affect everything in our lives, no matter whether it is physical or spiritual.

Chiron gets its name from Greek mythology. According to legend the centaur Chiron, the wisest and justest of all centaurs, was known for his knowledge of medicine and wisdom. He was able to heal the sick and the wounded, however, after being accidentally pierced by Heracles poisoned arrow he relinquished his mortality in favour of Prometheus and was placed amongst the stars.

Just like the centaur, the effect of Chiron is that we may struggle to heal areas within ourselves and help others along their journey. Any karmic lessons or past pain that we have are shown to us through the placement of Chiron in our birth charts. The weaknesses that are shown to us are useful as we come to understand who we are and the areas of our lives that we must work on.

The influence of Chiron is deceptively negative. Though it may cause issues for us in certain areas of our lives, it can also help us to heal old wounds from past lives and excel further once we learn how to combat the challenges that it brings.

Chiron in Aquarius Meaning

Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac. The aspects of this sign are that they are visionaries and revolutionary thinkers in terms of how they can help and support others.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which represents change, usually abrupt. It is known for being quirky and original.

Uranus does not like to be boxed in; it prefers to venture down its own path, unguided by others. Uranus is the god of the sky and the air. It encapsulates the essence of freedom and liberation. It is known in astrology as the awakener.

Chiron in Aquarius relates to a sense of community. There is a need to belong with people who carry this placement. They want to find their place in the world but may struggle with finding their purpose. The need to connect with others is evident though they may fall short in this category.

As Chiron indicates areas of struggle and upheaval, the effect of Aquarius Chiron is the complete opposite of what Aquarius is typically known for.

Where Aquarius may be a leader those with Aquarius Chiron may be followers. Where Uranus is unapologetically itself Aquarius Chiron wants to fit in with the crowd.

The opposites are extreme and the effects are apparent. There is a strong contradiction that is clear in the behaviour of Chiron in Aquarius and the zodiac sign in its own right.

People with this placement may struggle with understanding what makes them who they are. It is a great lesson in learning to appreciate oneself and to move away from the crowd.

Aquarius Chiron Personality

The effect of Chiron on our personality can be seen by others but it is mostly felt within. The decisions, thoughts and beliefs that we hold stemmed from a variety of factors, Chiron can influence those by highlighting our emotional baggage.

There are some positives to Chiron’s placement in a natal chart, however, it resides in the darker parts of our personality.

The negative aspects of our personality and the parts that we don’t want to share with others can be understood once we dive deeper into the influence of Chiron on our lives.

Negative Aspects

Those with their Chiron in Aquarius may feel like an outsider, there is a sense of isolation which is a common factor with this placement. They can feel as though there is no room for them in society and as a result experience feelings of loneliness which they may struggle to deal with. They want to be included. The Aquarius Chiron wants to be made useful and contribute toward their community.

Even when they are surrounded by people they can feel alone. In social situations, they may feel more comfortable in smaller groups where they are not overwhelmed by people’s energies and presence. Even though they want to be part of a wider circle they chose to dial down their desires as they feel as though they will not fit in.

Their friendship circle is small and intimate, making room only for those that truly value them and understand who they are. They favour relationships with those who they are close to and may hold people at arm’s length if they are wary of them or are unfamiliar of them.

It takes a lot to get close to an Aquarius Chiron but once those barriers are broken down it is well worth it as they have a friendly demeanour and a warmth toward those that they love.

However, the Aquarius Chiron may prefer their own company, choosing to be alone rather than spending time with others. They do not feel as though they have to be surrounded by others and are more than happy to be alone. This is due to a fear of rejection. If they avoid any circumstances where they may be pushed to the side it will make them feel more comfortable and at ease.

Any time that they spend with others leaves the Aquarius Chiron feeling as though they are different from everyone else.

The contrast between how they feel in a group and their level of comfortability when they are alone is apparent. They enjoy their own company and at the same time, they crave the social interaction that they could have if only they felt satisfied being who they are.

They have a love-hate relationship with solitude, they enjoy being alone yet they would like to feel included amongst others.

The Aquarius Chiron tends to feel as though they are caught in a catch 22. They may be used to feelings of awkwardness which may be noted by others. They need to be accepted and as they feel as though they never will it creates turmoil with the Aquarius Chiron.

They tend to be introverted and when it comes to people they are unfamiliar with, choosing not to expose their inelegant and clumsy demeanour.

This, of course, is a manifestation of their beliefs. A person with Chiron in Aquarius is not any less coordinated than anyone else, nor are they socially awkward by nature. Their opinion of themselves is formed by their beliefs.

The Aquarius Chiron wants to fit in but often feels as though they have been left out in the cold. They are cautious of others and have an innate fear of betrayal. They live by the double-edged sword and battle with feelings of being unworthy.

Positive Aspects

The Aquarius Chiron knows the value of personal development. This could be considered a bad trait however as they do tend to engage in obsessive behaviour in this regard. They are always trying to improve themselves and be bigger and better with every step along their journey.

Through their need for development, they are constantly looking for opportunities to make positive contributions. They are always on the lookout for something that they can get involved in. If they see that someone needs help they will dedicate themselves to doing so.

This is primarily in a bid to get attention and acceptance, though the intention may not be totally pure the result is that they touch the lives of many around them.

The humanitarian in the Aquarius Chiron shines bright as their need to contribute is always high on their priorities. By easily accepting the invitations of others these people may expect to have colourful experiences which shape the way that they see the world around them.

There is a slight charming naivety with people who have this placement. Their willingness to help others is extraordinary and can put them in good standing with many around them.

Aquarius Chiron Man

The Aquarius Chiron man wants to be accepted. In an ideal world, they would be the leader of the pack, the man about town and an authoritative figure in their community. They envision having a positive influence over others and want to be seen rather than tolerated.

There may be a person with characteristics like this that the Aquarius Chiron man looks up to. They are impressed by the popular people and admire the in-crowd.

They may make multiple attempts throughout their life to be accepted and cater to the whims of those around them. They wish to be equal with their peers and fail to see that the hierarchy of social standing only exists in their mind.

The Aquarius Chiron man could see people around him as out of reach or out of his league, whether it is in a platonic sense or if the person in question is a love interest.

Their low self-esteem is a battle for them. They want to be valued and also struggle with their identity. They want to know who they are outside of what they believe that the world wants them to be. They can find themselves lost as they come to terms with who they are.

Aquarius Chiron Woman

The Aquarius Chiron woman may constantly find herself looking up at people. She sees others around her and wishes to have what they have and be like them.

Around other women, she feels a sense of competition, though she does not believe that she is in the running. She may also feel as though she is compared with others.

She wants to fit in, this aspect of her desires is undeniable. In the process, she may deny her true self in order to fit in with the crowd. In her younger years, they may have been a clique that she wanted to be a part of.

In order to connect with them, she may have engaged in attention-seeking behaviour or changed her personality and looks to appeal to a wider crowd.

She may not be comfortable with who she is and may have chronic social anxiety. The people that she connects with may be more meek in character and relaxed in demeanour.

Though these people may like her for who she is, she fails to see this and instead turns to the more popular crowd in a bid to gain the attention that she wants.

The Aquarius rhino woman may try to prove that they are worthy and can go out of their way to gain acceptance. She has fears of abandonment which affects her romantic encounters. As she never feels good enough she may overcompensate in relationships to gain favour to her lovers.

Lessons of Aquarius in Chiron

Though the effects of Aquarius in Chiron have its downsides there is a brighter note to be had. It offers us an opportunity to understand our shortcomings and learn from them. The Aquarius Chiron must be wise with the messages that they receive while exploring who they are. From these insights, they can heal and progress through life.

One of the main takeaways of the Aquarius Chiron placement is their lack of self-worth. It is not due to who they are but rather that they believe that they are less than others. This is simply untrue and continuing to believe this lie will only have a deeper impact on them as time goes by. The Aquarius Chiron must engage in acts of self-love. This is of the utmost importance.

As they struggle to understand themselves and love who they are it creates problems with how they view themselves, their relationships and even their ability to carry out their job to the best of their ability. Their higher self is calling out to them for healing and liberation from feelings of inadequacy. This is one of the biggest missions that individuals with this placement will face.

The Aquarius Chiron must look inside of themselves and discover their inner confidence. It’s there ready to be awakened. They must stand tall and be proud of who they are. There is a beautiful quality to these people, they have the ability to lift up others around them. By tapping into the person that they truly are they will encourage others to look within themselves and find their light.

They have the ability to influence others, just as they had been by other people. The difference is that their effect on others will bring out their charitable side. They can start a movement and lead a humanitarian revolution. There is nothing that stands in their way other than the negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs that they hold.

By being honest about what kind of person they are and the influence that they want to have on others they can heal their karmic pains and move forward to a brighter, positive tomorrow. The aquarian Chiron has it all, they just don’t know it.

Instead of looking within, they chose to look outside of themselves. They must choose the path that they know will bring them what they want. The power rests with them to take the first step.

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