Mercury in 6th House – Synastry and Meaning

You are practical, discreet, and systematic, your actions are effective, you love mental work, and you are very observant.

Are you interested in education, health, hygiene, medicine, literature, and engineering? You are hardworking, but try not to overwork at work.

You are very good at planning, so this position is conducive to trade or secretarial work. You can have many professions and are very busy.

Tough aspects can lead to unnecessary anxiety, which in turn can be bad for your health. In this house, health problems are psychosomatic rather than physical.

Try to pay attention to proper nutrition. (Mercury is in the 6th house of the natal chart). D. Eisenhower, Charlie Chaplin, General Patton.

Mercury (planet of the mind) in the sixth house: you are a person striving for perfection; you can suffocate under the avalanche of daily activities. You are interested in health, diet and hygiene and are usually well informed about the latest advances in these areas.

You are practical and effective, especially in writing and communication work. Disadvantage: suspiciousness about health and work. This child can be very diligent. He is inclined to take on work that contributes to the development of intelligence.

Most likely, he will enjoy participating in school activities, striving to do his job to the best of his ability.

In the process of learning, he likes to acquire practical skills, as well as learn to use various tools to improve the efficiency of his work.

Mercury – Synastry and Meaning

A person who was born in the house of 6 with the Mercury is an epitome of practicality, attentiveness, his actions are always thoughtful, and emotions are contained.

Love for intellectual work and interest in education, literature and protection of all living things brings him to the highest level in the eyes of the community.

In addition, what he did not do, the actions of this person are always effective.

The main character of such a person is construction and engineering. By the minute in his work, you can refer to what he, thanks to his laboriousness, takes on too much work.

More often than not, such people do not stay in one profession, and find themselves completely in various spheres of activity, from which they practically do not have to do anything.

Such a person is unnecessarily fidgety, which may cause health problems on the ground soil. To get rid of physical discomfort will help a proper diet.

It is easy for him to study unrecognized, but also it does not make up any work related to any kind of professional work.

A clear knowledge of his work will help him to work in full measure, and the knowledge of all the scientific innovations concerning his professional performance of the memory.

It is preferable to take care of your comfort with great care and to observe the rules of personal hygiene with special care. If his life does not have a clear order and structure, it may end very sadly for the psyche.

The character of the person with the Mercurial in the 6th house Has a tendency to laboriousness. It is necessary to bypass various factors that negatively affect the state of health, physical or mental.

Employees can provide him with a huge variety of problems and reasons for safety. They know how to mentally disturb and be agitated. As a result, it can be susceptible to the wicked influence of the surrounding people or the public.

If the plan is defeated, then one should not avoid serious violations in the development of mental abilities, nervous attitudes.

For the most part, these people show themselves very well by being led by someone else. As such, they do not take the burden of the responsibility of the manager, as many of the rules suggest that.

Intelligence and intelligence perfectly coexist with the ability to take advantage of yourself. If all the same person gets to the leadership position, then he will constantly be balancing on the fine edge of the bankruptcy.

This aspect is conducive to uninterrupted wandering in search of oneself and one’s life predestination, which will wait for a few creeps. At the same time, this will facilitate the process of adaptation in the constantly changing conditions of the modern world.

The main sources of problems for this person are his own, harmless phobias. If the plan is defeated, then the person’s interests will have a displeased character, which will lead to even greater confusion and confusion.

6th House – Synastry and Meaning

Such a person is practical, reserved, systematic and very observant. His actions are effective, he loves mental work, is interested in education, health care, literature, medicine and hygiene. Gravitates towards design and engineering specialties.

Hardworking and efficient, but tends to be overwhelmed at work. The aspect favors commerce, secretarial work, and systematic event planning. Often such people have many professions and are constantly immersed in work. Excessive worries are possible, which have a bad effect on well-being.

It is necessary to pay special attention to proper nutrition. Such a person easily acquires secret knowledge and masters professional skills. He works thoroughly and methodically and is always familiar with the latest advances in science and technology concerning his profession.

General intelligence is high. He tends to take care of his comfort and adhere to the rules of personal hygiene.

Refinement of perception determines intolerance to disorder. Living in chaos can lead to severe mental illness. There is a tendency towards processing, improvement and transformation of semi-finished products into the final product, be it information, energy or substance.

Such people should avoid pathogenic factors that adversely affect health, overestimation of insignificant details and an overly critical attitude towards everything.

Subordinates and colleagues bring such a person a lot of minor worries and troubles. His intellect is prone to excessive stress and weakening from excessive worry and overwork.

With exhaustion of mental activity and elementary fatigue of the mind, he tends to fall under the influence of surrounding persons and conditions. With the defeat of the planet, serious disturbances in the development of intelligence and the nervous system are possible.

Usually these people turn out to be good accountants and excellent performers. It is difficult for them to be leaders, as there are many fears and concerns. A clear mind and intelligence are surprisingly combined with a tendency to lie on occasion.

If such a person has a responsible post with broad independence, then often he will be on the verge of bankruptcy, therefore it is more expedient to cooperate with other figures, or go under the authority of a major leader.

Such people become successful scientists, lawyers, translators and traders. This aspect tends to “wander in the three pines”, forcing them to get confused in their own affairs and responsibilities, which creates unnecessary nervousness.

At the same time, it facilitates adaptation to various occupations and enhances dexterity and agility in the craft. Wit is combined with resourcefulness and extensive knowledge. The main problem of such a person is external and internal anxiety, a tendency to deception and unnecessary fears.

The defeat of the planet contributes to the fragmentation of interests and goals, predisposes to confusion and ambiguity, to confusion and turmoil, to hassle with subordinates and losses from fraudsters.

Travel and travel makes sense to undertake to promote health. (Mercury is in the 6th house of the natal chart).

They work thoroughly and methodically, always up to date with the latest achievements of science and technology. Favorable location for medicine, engineering, science. Strong position, general intellectual ability.

Mercury in 6th House – Synastry and Meaning

These people are much more occupied by issues related to work, health and routine in general.

It also represents the acquisition of specialized knowledge and skills, which can be applied in your job or profession.

There is responsibility and a concern to be aware of the knowledge related to your areas of interest. There is a tendency to reconcile matters, but if Mercury is badly expected, they could be conflictive, especially in the family sphere.

Let us take a closer look at the positive and negative characteristics with Mercury in the sixth house and its influence on people.

Mercury in the sixth house is a favorable position for people who work in medicine or related areas. There is neatness in procedures, superior intellectuality, application of working methods, and the subject of health increases its influence in this house.

In this astral cycle, individuals will have a central concern for duties; the tendency will be to do what is right and well. There will be a concern for hygiene, good dress, elegance and refinement.

At work people will assume their functions with responsibility, especially if they like what they do, in addition, in this position, there is a good influence to get a good job and maintain stable relationships at work; good treatment will be prioritized over disputes.

They need things that stimulate them like sports, plastic activities or taking care of a pet. It generates a great capacity to do several things at the same time. They are good speakers, entertaining, will explain the details and could cause some recognition in the environments that are developed.

In affective terms, as they are sympathetic and communicative, they will not have much difficulty in seducing someone and starting a romantic relationship. They can be too demanding with the person they choose, but if they are in love, they will indulge in a relationship with passion, they will be ardent and delicate in the intimate plane, and they will also dedicate themselves responsibly to the family.

When Mercury is in the 6th house, negative trends can occur that can affect people, for example, overwork can occur in this alignment.

People run the risk of becoming workaholics, the taste for what they do would lead them to forget other areas as important or more important than this, causing confusion in their environment and the subjects themselves.

In this house, if the planets are badly expected there may be a drop in the energy field, which could cause health problems and minor illnesses, or other more serious diseases could be complicated, therefore, it is important to be careful to prevent.

This cycle people, due to their perfectionist and detailed desire, are quite unstable in affective terms, which could make them always dissatisfied people, who do not find the pleasure of being with someone, they only look at their defects.

Mercury works very well in this house, since it finds its second natural ruler in it and intellectually demands a little more from the native. Waist play and analytical thinking are the key elements for this position.

There may be more dedication in the logical application of his reasoning in everyday life, something that can be of great help in dealing with the small contingencies of everyday life in an efficient and rational way.

As this sector also represents your co-workers, there is an increase in communication and socialization between you and the people with whom you normally live in your professional environment.

In addition, there may be a great energy of exchange and learning where communications and closeness of the existing distances will always be able to generate an advantage of the professional opportunities.

It becomes more important that the person is mentally stimulated, has the freedom to speak on a variety of topics, and has space to express himself through writing and speaking, usually focusing on various improvements of things and tasks that he deems appropriate or necessary.

They gain more opportunities to obtain a greater ability to multitask, solve and think about several things at the same time and always talk about what happened at work or what they did for someone, explaining how they created or improved a process, how were their constructive criticism and so on. Taking care of your health, (yours or that of others) can also be something more common.

I also tend to be a useful person and have talents to collect and classify various things in detail. Boredom, if it occurs on a daily basis, may not be much tolerated and a lack of news may lead to less appreciation for the job.

In this topic, it is very important to try to change this condition before wanting to change jobs, or, in the case of change, it is important to evaluate all the positive and negative points so as not to be disappointed too late after these occasional moments of unhappiness.

Despite this, organization, improvement, and efficiency are matters that can further permeate the mind. It is very important to avoid nervous tension due to increased worries, since people in this position can always be thinking about discipline and routine.

A good way out of these problems can be the use of free time to take care of a pet, an action that will also contribute to a rich emotional exchange.


Taking care of your home, personal hygiene. The subtlety of feelings, hence the intolerance of disorder. If they have to live in chaos, they become mentally disturbed. The tendency to recycle, improve. With bad aspects. Poor health, overestimation of insignificant details, a critical attitude to everything.

This person is a good specialist, has the ability to work on a computer, and understands issues of religion, law, medicine and diet.

Not in addition, sociable has breaks, obstacles in getting education. You can also predict travel abroad, the presence of many enemies (envious), nervous overstrain.

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