Pluto in 7th House – Synastry and Meaning

How well do we know the planet Pluto, the last discovered planet in our solar system, that is even not recently considered to be the planet, but still obtains a great relevance in the horoscope?

What we know is that in astrology this far away planet represents both reformative and damaging impulses; it brings darkness, but also the idea that after that darkness only light can come.

This planet rules the deepest coatings of our subconscious and can define the connection between the spiritual and earthly worlds because it represents the principle of conversion and revival.

Now, we know that there are twelve houses in astrology and that every one of them represents a different aspect of our lives.

Now, the 7th House refers to contacts with the public, court proceedings, public enemies, and marital and partner relationships.

It also shows our attitude towards others, how uncovered we are to the public eye, what we can anticipate from people we think are our partners, in any form, represents a marriage mate, what kind of person is ideal for us, and what is most consequential to us when selecting a partner, what connections are like in marriage.

Now, place the planet Pluto in this House, and there can be a lot of interesting things that are going on.

With this position, what is noticeable is the process of going through the deep necessary transformations through all important partnerships, both regarding relationships, not just love ones, and through matrimony.

Pluto in 7th House Meaning 

The 7th house represents our marriage, spouse, business partners, and law, so take this into the consideration when you learn of Pluto’s impact on it.

In the most general way, when Pluto is found in the House of marriage, as some like to call it, then it is largely considered that it is not a good indicator.

The accent here is on a complete transformation of a person after marriage – and most notably it is not in a good way.

Nothing is the same anymore after the marriage, and the person is completely lost in the way it once was.

Many of us know these people who are completely different people after and before marriage.

It is also typical for people who have this position in their natal charts to attract people who are extremely controlling, possessive, and lascivious, which is not beneficial until they learn to set personal boundaries.

Growth could be only achieved if they primarily learn how to set the boundaries, any other attempt will be fruitful.

Also, Pluto can be a good teacher here, and people that have this aspect in their charts should develop a strong love for themselves, which has nothing to do with the ego, and that they will not suffer any abuse just because they “are in love” with a certain person.

Pluto here, in fact, shows one of his favorite roles yet – the role of a victim.

And how do you stop being one?

The victim must be transformed, only by developing strong self-love and self-respect, in a balanced form.

After this process is concluded, these people are able to attract partners who are strong personalities, are healthy, and invitingly affect them to continually alter for the better.

Pluto is the planet that is known to crumble everything in its path; and in the most extreme cases of affliction, it is can cause both violence in marriage and hidden abnormalities that happen behind the four walls.

Imagine two people who are fighting and they seemingly look like a nice couple, while in fact at home privately, they are living a nightmare.

Here, Pluto will also give drama in public, as well as great problems in connections with others.

The planet of power and transformation, Pluto, when it is in this field, in the 7th House, then it comes as an indication of drastic, but at the same, quite essential transformations through partners and important fellow relationships, that could be friendships and co-workers.

This field, and this position of the planet Pluto mostly refers to marriage or a long connection with someone, where life together is included, as well as through all other important partnerships that are not related to love.

But, not in every one of these relationships, people will be pleased and successful.

This postion of Pluto is known to be the best position for layers and all those who have to deal with the law as their jobs.

They will have a lot of success in working with the law.

So, when there are other aspects that harmonize with Pluto, the 7th house then we can see a partner who is powerful, influential, and in general, it is one with a strong personality.

When a marriage comes, it happens that the spouse drastically transforms one’s life,

Sometimes, it indicates a marriage partner who possesses enormous power and status in society, as well as great wealth, and you can see him or her as a famous tycoon, someone with all the connections in the world, very popular and authoritative.

In this sense, there is significant popularity that is gained through marriage.

Also, this Pluto gives powerful and strong business partners, rarely they are not successful in the work they are doing.

Now, on a different side of the story, when all other aspects are inharmonious on Pluto, then this position gives a partner, or a spouse more accurately who is not good.

He or she is a sexual person, but the one whose sexual appetites are not healthy.

It is someone who is mysterious and does not want to reveal secrets and it has so many, that in their relationship there cannot be any trust.

Also, we could say that this marriage and spouse transform a person, but not in a very positive way. On a contrary. It is jealous, possessive, controlling, and manipulative, and his or her partner will feel like being suffocated most of the time.

This position is frequently an indication that people need to learn to find the power within themselves rather than giving it to other people.

But the wielding of that power must be true to the purpose.

Such a position may come as an indication indicates business partners who are jealous of the person and with this position it would be best not to have business partners, this is a position that can bring scandal in the public,

In the case when inharmonious aspects are involved, it suggests that a person should learn to find the power within himself, and not to give it to others! This is very momentous to perfect because then your marriage, as well as your relationship with your spouse, will change significantly.

Pluto in 7th House Personality

These people who have such a position in their natal charts are known to be very possessive and jealous people who have a difficult marriage.

It is one of those marriages where things are not working well, and the two partners are just extracting the worst out of each other.

They can easily get into conflicts and are in no hurry to end them; in some ways, it seems like they feel good when they are fighting, and it is not the matter who is right and who is wrong, it is the matter that they enjoy the fight.

Very often, these people lack diplomatic tact, so they can have many enemies in the workplace, and also in their private lives.

But, there is one bright spot in this Pluto position, it is their work since they are able to take business partnerships very seriously and can be really successful in a job that they are doing, most commonly with the law.

In the area of love and relationships, people with this aspect could be obsessed with love affairs and act like a magnet to the opposite sex; they are very attractive and can have a significant amount of charisma to them, and easily can manipulate anyone into an affair.

People who have this Pluto in the seventh house don’t care what others think about them, in this sense, this could be a truly nice trait because they can run their own show, so to speak, but, this could be alarming also.

Not listening to anyone and constantly doing what is on your mind, not paying attention to what people love them and want them to do good.

And, this part is expected, people with this aspect just simply attract lovers, and their enemies just stick to them, like a mouse to glue.

They are, without any doubt very good-looking people, or perceive as such, thanks to their charisma.

They are seen as magnetically attractive human beings, they are very dynamic and temperamental, fiery and very sexual.

They are very influential, they easily affect other people just as other people affect them, in some other way.

Marriage is a very interesting part of their life journey, it could be problematic, but the fact is that at times it is not because of them.

It happens, and this is just one thing that this position carries with itself, is that they are forced to enter marriage because they are forced in some way.

Maybe the pregnancy occurred, maybe they are convinced by somebody that it is their time and that they need to do it.

Sometimes they just feel like they need to fulfill the expectations of their families, and society in general.

In many cases, they are the people who gain a great deal of social recognition and as a consequence, they can become famous.

We have spoken of the large number of enemies they obtain during life, and as they become more and more popular, they have more and more enemies.

But to be honest, it is not something that they may feel is particularly problematic for them, on a contrary, in a certain way, they enjoy the struggle in their own bizarre way.

This position is hard there is no doubt about it, even we could say that the better term is challenging, but people with it learn to set personal boundaries in a healthy and balanced way.

The good in all of the bad is that they have a living person to learn that lecture – through all important partner relationships. Until they learn this, they can have challenges in all significant partner relationships.

You can understand that these are necessary transformations of the entire personality, at the level of the soul, its body, as well as the emotional and mental body.

The reason why it happens in an easier way is that without unnecessary pressures they start the necessary transformations.

This leads them to marriage partners who are suitable, and who will change them completely but in a good way.

These potential lovers are then seen as strong personalities, the ones that are able to dominate not only on the material level (we are not speaking only of a lover that has a lot of money and it provides its lover a much wealthier life or a change of a lifestyle).

No, it is someone who is constantly moving them to initiate positive changes.

Then they can meet lovers who will make them become better people, who will support their dreams and goals, who will support their careers and fight with them their own demons.

Pluto in 7th House Synastry 

Right away we can say that Pluto in the 7th house is a sign of problems in marriage or in relationships with friends.

Any close relationship that has this position of Pluto is a problem in the sense that one partner can sabotage the other.

In fact, what is plausible to occur here is that partners are not suitable for each other.

And, subsequently, the wrong choice of partner does not allow the complete satisfaction of desires and hopes, and this causes a lot of stress and further problems in the relationship itself.

Such a position of Pluto in the 7th house brings conflicts, dramas, and disagreements in married life.

Imagine this couple as the one that just could not agree and does not shy away from fighting in the public.

It can indicate the threat to the life of the partner, as well as a partner prone to dangers and troubles. Separations are very common and difficult. Divorce disputes are long and painful on both sides, because

It can move in a good direction, or it cannot move at all, and when kids are in question, then the magnitude of problems becomes even bigger.

Here is one interesting piece of information that is connected to this Pluto position in the 7th house – as a rule, as astrologers like to point out it is the certain sign of multiple marriages.

One wish remains here, and that this the karmic debt to primarily a person start loving herself, and then when a person truly accepts and loves herself, then she or he can have wonderful partner relationships with fulfilled, healthy people.

Loyalty is very important to both in this position, and it must be present that is certain.

If they are able to understand the positions in a relationship and not enjoy the fight and compete with each other, they become very loyal.

If by any chance they are deceived, it will be difficult for them to forgive and get over it, and there are so many ways, these two will punish each other for the actions they have done, and this will be such a bitter fight.

Those characteristics apply to both sides in this relationship.

If such a thing is done, then, in this synastry we could see a great amount of support in initiating positive transformations in every area of ​​life – we spoke of this Pluto and how on good terms one lover can make others change for the better.

From there, love grows, and they become a couple that has a love for each other, without any impact of ego, and because of this, they will not be harmfully jealous, possessive, and with a strong desire for control that they cannot control.

In fact, all of these traits indicate that someone does not has developed self-love and self-confidence, rather, they are working on developing the ego from the opinion that it develops self-confidence, which diverts more than it suits and has nothing to do with self-love and self-confidence.

The need to control the partner can also be an issue in this synastry, and in order not to obstruct lover partners and not to be dumped, all that we have said above must be conducted.

Note that when the planet Pluto is retrograde, it suggests a marriage with a person with whom you have some unfinished business from past incarnations, which must clear up in this incarnation.

If, in addition to Pluto, there is also another retrograde planet in this field or the ruler of the 7th house is retrograde, then it duplicates the issue from the past.

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