Saturn Square Pluto – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Whatever the karma of yesterday, only in it, as in the soil – today, you can sow something, and tomorrow you can get seedlings.

If the Moon (as an additional pole of Saturn) embodies, Saturn gives the right to exist. Saturn is associated with the number four or the cross. It is a base cross that allows the walls to stand.

This is the cross of reality, which an ordinary person must carry, and Christ gave himself to be crucified and buried so that new shoots would hatch in it, as it is said: “if a grain of wheat does not die, it will not bear fruit …”

Saturn – Meaning and Info

There is a principle due to which any integrity maintains a certain form, maintains its boundaries, the uniqueness of the organization, stability and stability – this is associated with Saturn.

Until now, we have talked about the planets that are visible to the naked eye – Saturn is the last visible planet. And with his orbit he somehow limits everything that is connected with the manifestations of the visible planets in life.

Symbolically, Saturn is the keeper of boundaries, Saturn defines the framework and gives shape to everything.

In mythology, Zeus-Jupiter sits on top of Olympus, but he, like the rest of the deities, obeys fate. Saturn symbolizes the forces of fate and the inexorable power of time – it is he who gives birth to and eats his children, his creations.

Everything in space and time – where does it come from, why does it exist and where does it go? Is there such a person who, at least once, would not plunge into thought, realizing the power of time, the transience of time, the destructiveness of time, the value of time…?

The growth of Jupiter sooner or later comes to a certain limit, there are boundaries and any expansion.

Well-known sayings: “everything has its time” or “everything comes to an end”, or that “sooner or later everything falls into place” or “what you sow, you reap” – these are old Saturn truths.

If Jupiter prompts for something to strive and to comprehend something, Saturn determines the boundaries of the comprehensible.

If Jupiter is directed into the future, Saturn is like a plaster mass that instantly hardens and looking back, we see what our aspirations have poured into.

Saturn shows where we have gone so far, he keeps the past, and Saturn is a historian and documentary filmmaker. Jupiter, as a pointing finger, determines where to go, and Saturn, as a conductor, makes you pay for the path traveled.

Jupiter creates development projects, and Saturn shows conditionality and limited possibilities – and this always follows from the past.

Jupiter is preaching something, and Saturn is counting how much will have to pay for the electricity spent during the sermon.

Jupiter offers a theory, and Saturn confirms or rejects it. Jupiter puts forward ambitions, and Saturn makes them responsible.

Jupiter says that a person is determined by his goals, where he goes. Indeed, the goal builds a person in its own image.

Saturn, however, claims that man is an imprint of the past, the result of everything that has been done.

If Jupiter is a benevolent teacher who gives a higher grade for support, Saturn is a strict professor who always and only gives a fair grade.

If Jupiter encourages striving for wealth, Saturn makes you flee from want.

If Jupiter lifts the corners of the lips up, Saturn pulls them down. Jupiter sees a vessel in front of him, which is half full, and Saturn sees this vessel half-empty.

Saturn narrows everything, tightens, dries and makes everything solid. In the body, it is responsible for bones and skeleton. Skeleton (Greek skeletons) literally means dry.

In terms of tastes, Saturn is associated with astringent and bitter tastes.

The weather conditions are affected by lowering the temperature; in living organisms, Saturn is associated with aging processes. In nature – with the formation of crystals.

Saturn is the accountant of karma. Living conditions are always formed karmic ally – thus, the reality in which the soul is located is a reflection of its traversed path.

Time and conditions, from the point of view of Saturn, is the place and term of the confinement of the soul, in which it is necessary to give answers to creditors and condemners.

From the point of view of Saturn, life is about settling scores with the past.

But at the same time, only with the blessing of Saturn, exams are given, certificates and diplomas are awarded, only under the compulsion of Saturn a person becomes someone, anything finds a place in reality thanks to Saturn.

Faith, friendship or love gains significance and value after passing the tests of fate – the exams of Saturn.

Traditionally, it was believed that Saturn is associated with lead – symbolically, this is the ballast that prevents the ship from capsizing in the sea of ​​life.

Saturn is the principle of crystallization, and Saturn is associated with experience, after all, experience is something that crystallizes.

If Jupiter teaches, Saturn teaches. When they say that a person came to this world to learn, a pure crystal of his experience is meant.

In the chapter on the Moon, we said that the Moon-Saturn is an inseparable pair.

Saturn crystallizes everything to which the Moon adapts, everything that is reflected by the Moon as impressions, and everything that is perceived as food.

Pluto – Meaning and Info

If it was required to characterize the influence of this planet in one word, it would be the word “Freedom”. A person who has received a strong Uranus in the natal chart does not recognize restrictions.

The planet Uranus symbolizes a breakthrough, new thinking; in astrology, its influence extends not only to specific people, but also to society as a whole. Whether the changes will be beneficial, depending on the Houses and the aspects in which the object is located.

The name of the seventh planet in the solar system means “Heaven”, it is named after a titan.

Moreover, this is the only Greek name in the system, all other celestial bodies that circle the Sun are named after the gods of the Roman pantheon. There are other differences that distinguish the object from a number of others.

For example, the inclination of the orbit – it is so great that the celestial body almost lies on its side.

In addition, the planet rotates counterclockwise. For these and a number of other reasons, the object is called the planet of rebels, revolutionaries and dreamers.

The designation of the planet Uranus, adopted in astrology, looks like this: The astrological symbol of Uranus is a circle with a straight line emanating from it directed to the sky, and two crescent arcs directed in opposite directions. The sign was invented not by an astrologer, but by an astronomer, Joseph Lalande.

According to him, it means a planet (circle), crowned with the first letter of the surname of William Herschel, who discovered the object, Latin “H”.

Modern interpreters-symbolists see more in the sign and argue that it symbolizes idealism, a striving upward, a rejection of the carnal in favor of spiritual development.

The two arcs on the sides resemble wings, denoting open possibilities. The center of the figure, the cross is a sign of determination. The planet’s “lucky” colors are blue, purple, and orange.

The planet Uranus in astrology rules the Eleventh House and the zodiac constellation Aquarius. Her element is Air.

Like other distant planets, the object was not known to ancient astronomers and astrologers, it was discovered only in 1781. The meaning of Uranus in astrology is in many ways similar to the influence of Mercury, but is of a more global nature.

This property, that is, the ability to influence the fate of generations, distinguishes celestial bodies far from the Sun. The planet completes a full circle in its orbit in eighty-four years.

Accordingly, the changes initiated by her directly affect three or four generations.

In astrology, Uranus is responsible for dramatic, profound changes that do not pass without shocks. It can be the overthrow of governments, a radical breakdown of moral foundations.

So, the moment of the opening of the facility coincided with the American War of Independence.

In France, at the same time, a revolution was being prepared. From the point of view of the layman, the changes caused by the object are unfavorable, since a revision of values ​​takes place, and the material has to be abandoned in favor of the spiritual.

Freedom in the Uranium way is a denial of the value of things, financial success, and everyday comfort. Creativity and self-realization are valued more than money, free-thinking is placed above tradition.

They are not afraid to trample on the foundations, to go against the generally accepted norms.

In their opinion, slow, gradual, sparing changes are unacceptable: the foundations must be broken abruptly so that the future comes as quickly as possible. Found the main enemy of diabetes! What pharmacies have always been silent about!

More A strong Uranium can be an outstanding educator – or a dictator, a demagogue who ruthlessly uses people to his advantage. Lower Uranians with an insufficient level of elaboration of the influence of the patron planet are reckless, prone to rash risks.

Their will is enough to go against other people’s advice, but it is not enough to build something new instead of ruined relationships.

Individuals in whom the planet Uranus is in an unfavorable aspect in the cosmogram are dreamers and adventurers who give up business halfway for the sake of new hobbies, which will also not be brought to their logical conclusion.

Saturn Square Pluto – Synastry, Transit, Composite

If such a person learns to plan his life, he will be able to succeed in any kind of activity. True, due to deep emotional insecurity, he will never want to admit that others know more than he does. Therefore, he often behaves like a real dictator.

Doesn’t know how to play and acts without foresight. Social status plays an important role in his life, as he is afraid of poverty and insecurity. His efforts may be too fussy to bear fruit, so he needs to cultivate patience and consistency.

Almost always, such people are associated with conspiracies and intrigues – as a victim or instigator. They often resort to extreme measures to achieve professional goals. One way or another, their own destiny is closely intertwined with collective karma.

The character has a tendency towards tyranny, cruelty and a desire at all costs to formulate the values ​​of neighbors and direct their lives.

The desire for power can sometimes take extreme forms. Serious karmic difficulties put pressure on their minds from the subconscious realm.

Hence – their unconscious desire to become a victim, or brutally suppress others. Often their safety is threatened, and their ambitious plans are not realized due to fatal accidents.

Often these people are guilty without guilt, sometimes they are condemned without sufficient evidence.

Their ability to exercise their abilities is very limited, and it takes hard work and a lot of discipline to be successful.

The greatest difficulty is associated with the control of conflicting impulses coming from the realm of the unconscious.

There is a great danger of the rampant forces of self-destruction.

In business life, radical actions and abrupt decisions are contraindicated for such people – their inappropriate activity can lead to the waste of corporate funds and the disintegration of a group of partners.

With all their might, such people strive to destroy the internal restrictions imposed by Saturn and get rid of them.

All their affairs are greatly hampered by strange misunderstandings and incomprehensible accidents and disasters. (Saturn square Pluto).

Adverse Aspects: Unpredictability. Manic. Sometimes – a predisposition to unusual diseases. SATURN IN Gives a feeling as if the whole weight of the world rests on their shoulders.

Constantly changing social circumstances can lead to frustration, and large responsibilities are possible.

Something melancholic and mysterious prevents them from advancing in matters related to signs and houses where Saturn and Pluto stand and rule.

The danger of conspiracies and intrigues, in which they are either victims or instigators.

They can become victims knowingly or for selfish purposes when using occult forces, or they themselves will use them. May resort to extreme measures to achieve professional goals. Their fate is closely intertwined with the karma of the masses.

Someone close to them can take on the role of a dictator, or they themselves have a tendency to tyranny. Are willing to formulate and direct the lives of others.

The desire for power can take extreme forms. (Saturn square Pluto). Aspect of authority, self-affirmation, dictatorship, authoritarianism.

Obstinacy, stubbornness, selfishness, planting one’s own opinion, imposing ideas, conflict, recklessness, stupid, ridiculous actions, rash decisions, the danger of injury. Positive side: firm, unbending, unyielding will, endurance, determination.

Gives the feeling that the whole weight of the world rests on their shoulders. Something hopeless, mysterious interferes with success in matters related to the signs and houses where Saturn and Pluto stand, and where they are the masters.

Changing social circumstances leads to disappointment: there is a danger of conspiracies and intrigues in which they are either victims or instigators. Their fate is closely intertwined with the fate of the masses. (Saturn square Pluto).


He is distinguished by a tendency to violence, disregard for generally accepted moral norms, coldness of feelings, and a tendency to cruel, and sometimes frankly criminal behavior.

Such a person lives all the time with the feeling that the whole weight of the world rests on his shoulders.

Constantly changing social circumstances can impose a lot of responsibilities on him and lead to frequent frustrations. Something melancholic and mysterious all the time prevents him from progressing in business and embodying his plans in life.

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