Sun Conjunct Mercury – Synastry, Transit, Composite

In astronomical, and also in the astrological term, the Sun and Mercury are the two planetary objects that are very close one to another, since Mercury is the planet that is closest to the Sun.

This means that they can be in such a mutual connection, or mutual distance that it is not possible for them to create a trine or sextile position, only possible to create a semi-sextile aspect.

They also cannot from any type of a so-called problematic aspect square, or opposition.

So conjunction is the one that is plausible here, and it is one positive aspect that affects people in a positive way.

Right away, it is a known fact that this aspect gives a strong mind, impulsiveness, a lot of ambition, and a significant amount of true creativity.

Likewise, this conjunction between the Sun and Mercury, on a more negative note can give self-centeredness, stubbornness, inflexibility, and partiality.

Sun Conjunct Mercury In General

This planetary position indicates that people who are very good at speaking, are known to be persuasive speakers, who can convince others to believe anything they want.

If they want to clearly present their opinion to others on topics they consider noteworthy, and this is most times true, they are the ones who know what others need to hear.

They are usually completely sure of the correctness of their views and convictions and can hardly bear the criticisms directed at them by others.

This could be called their flaw, and it is, but it does not have to make too many problems if they are able to keep their ego under the control.

In fact, they are more than ready to change their opinion when other people really convince them that they were wrong in something, but sometimes it is difficult to convince them of anything that is not their own opinion.

In this sense, they are really stubborn and sure of the correctness of their opinion and are pretty sure that others should not have any that differs from theirs.

Even if authorities around them are trying to change their minds they can hardly achieve it.

Rarely anyone could change their views because they are not influenced by the power of authority as much as they can be influenced by an acceptable, logically strong enough, sufficiently clear, and precise exposition of a different opinion or a different attitude.

Then, and only then people who have this conjunction will be able to change their minds or at least reconsider their own, which is certainly a step in the right direction.

People who have this position between the Sun and Mercury are, as you were able to see, good speakers, but also listeners, lecturers, writers, counsels, teachers, salesmen, drivers, comics, dancers, etc.

Anything that has got to do with communication and movement is their area of work, for sure.

Just like in every astrology reading, there are those positions that become worse, and create lower types of personality, if other aspects in the natal charts are bad.

This type of person must work all of his or her life to become a more practical speaker since others see him or her as a bad speaker, subjective with pronounced egoism who stutters in speech and sometimes gossips about others.

This type may experience problems with speech, a lot of nervousness, has to endure a lot of criticism from others, is somewhat vain, and in some cases, this is the type of a man who will enter into some small and petty crime.

Another case is when other aspects are great, and we get the best out of this conjunction. Then the personality is amazing.

Psychologically we get to see a person who has a gift of practical thinking, he or she has a clear mind and is able to make good decisions in life, also because he or has awareness of the objective, along with a deep understanding and knowledge of the world.

Then, even more, we get to see a person who has such a profound organizational ability and does not forget to nurture thoughtfulness and prudence.

Mercury has no strong aspects to the sun except the conjunction, which is very interesting; it can give – wisdom and shrewdness, along with the success in science.

Even more, sometimes this position is more inclined toward introspection and philosophy, and the knowledge of the external world and business.

This aspect, in addition to bringing strong thoughts and words, also brings movements, with communicating with movement, body, facial expressions

So, those who have this conjunction in their natal chart usually love any type of movement, activity, dance, whatever that may be.

Have just one more thing in mind, when a woman has this position in her natal charts, we know that the Sun is our father, he is the thinker, intellectual, etc.

So those women, in their lives have a possibility of two marriages and having also a male child.

Sun Conjunct Mercury Transit

This transition is good for all those times when we should explain something to someone and if we have to make a decision since during this transit it is recommended to enter the process of reflection and introspection.

If there is anything from the past you need to resolve now would be the time, and you will do it by contemplation and a lot of communication, inside with yourself and with others.

During this transit, this conjunction puts thinking and communication in the foreground; but it is fair to say that when this transit starts we will primarily think all about ourselves, this is the Sun “speaking” and right away on others.

We will contemplate those who represent the Sun in our lives, and who is the Sun in our life, it could be any form of authority in our lives.

It could be a father, leader, father, boss, director, teacher, etc. But this could be a lover, someone who is in a relationship with us.

And you could imagine how important communication is important.

Communication is at the center of this transit, and it is very intense because conjunction is defined by intensity.

All of us will have a desire to say something meaningful, to write it down, to publish it so that everyone could see it.

During this transit between the Sun and Mercury, our minds will be very active, more active than usual, and there is a pronounced desire to find the answer, and in this process, the advice is to start with yourself.

This is the period when there are more phone calls, emails, and online and live meetings; also some contracts will be signed and you will be in a position to negotiate.

Some of us will receive some important news, and it is important for all of us to know that words are important and that all that we say or write will have a major echo and a strong impact on all those who are around us.

During this conjunction, in all of our lives, there will be a lot of manifestations of great opportunities for developing practical and mental abilities, and we will have the need to learn and implement what we have accepted as our views and beliefs.

With this ability and skill development, we also develop personalities in the best way possible.

Some of us may even expect a lot of success in business.

In a more negative tone, some of us will experience a bit of mental distraction and will ask ourselves if are we living a life without any goal.

Some of us will feel a lot of nervousness due to excessive work, just for the sake of living a successful life.

During this transit, it is advisable to get any knowledge you want to obtain in a more directive way since in such a way it will be much more effective and quicker.

For instance, through your own research, as much as the situation and opportunities allow, try to obtain the knowledge that you may want to have.

During this transit, you may even want to be away from people and spend some time thinking within your own four walls, and some of us may spend a lot of time thinking about what others think about us.

Sun Conjunct Mercury Synastry

In some general way, we can say that this couple, seen through the prism of synastry is the one that can communicate with ease.

These people want to make a good impression in communication and often succeed completely as a pair; it is wonderful to be around them since they have that magical presence.

Others may consider this pair as interesting persons, ready to defend their opinion in any situation; but it is very likely that their success will provide them with the chance to see them as a very authoritative couple that must be listened to.

Without a doubt, in this synastry, the two lovers are connected with their strong minds, and sharp intellect, and there can be found a lot of impulsiveness, ambition, and self-centeredness, and you should hear these two talk, not only in front of others but when they are alone in the bed.

Here is one sharp tongue well skilled to speak so that people are either impressed or ashamed.

The problem in this synastry may come just because of the words, and the way lovers become egocentric.

Both of them may just think of their lives and their position in a relationship and sink into the deep analyses, and then they completely forgot to communicate properly with one another.

And it is the question of what they are thinking and what they are saying. They think a lot (Mercury) about themselves (Sun), and more than once you can see this couple speaking for themselves, not paying attention to the needs of their lover, and he reciprocates by doing the same, as the Sun will emphasize all that the Mercury in this case does.

What he does is that he speaks and thinks of himself.

And if they lose their amazing communication, then this couple loses their mojo, since this conjunction puts, as we have said the process of communication in the center.

Somehow, communication affects their vitality, their thought, speech, etc.

If they are not communicating they do not feel alive, and their relationship dies with it.

If something is not right, if they have not mastered the skill of communication (maintain it at least on some satisfying level), then all the glory, fun, joy, passion, and love are replaced by frustration and nervous tension can occur even between them.

When things in this relationship do not go as planned, the communication stops and they both move into separate rooms, mostly spending time thinking and talking to themselves, some even writing an autobiography, where they will write about their lovers in a bad way.

Sun Conjunct Mercury Composite 

This conjunction between Sun and Mercury can be both good and bad, at the same time.

One lover, in this case, can have a somewhat good upbringing, and a good way of communicating with the partner, sometimes he is the one that seduces with words.

He may write beautifully and certainly expresses himself culturally, which can be really wonderful.

But, at the same time, that Mercury lover may tend toward exaggeration in the way of thinking or acting.

The Sun lover here wants to show its love and affection public, receiving, perceiving, and giving information; giving so much to the public so everyone can see and enjoy their love.

And this is not always a good idea, because there can be a lot of tension or the Mercury lover will express himself harshly and unpleasantly making the relationship suffer.

Always bear in mind that the planet Mercury always faces the same side of the Sun, so that there can be an influence of bad and good sides of the Mercury lover; it depends on what side of it is under the Sun.

In a good version, this person is someone who has a profligate spirit, which offers knowledge and even material goods to anyone.

The opposite of that; the Mercury lover is one selfish temperament that plagiarizes and grabs materially and mentally.

He can be unqualified and selfish, and as such he may find a lover that will be drawn to him, as every pot has a lid.

Such a connection just adds fuel to the fire and slips through the loopholes of the law, so this couple can be found in some unflattering situations, that they have done as a couple.

On a lighter note, a more realistic problem in this relationship is this one – both lovers in this case are convinced that they are always right because they identify with their thoughts and words.

And neither of them wants to let go and leave the ego and say to their partner that he or she has a point.

It is definitely a big challenge for them when someone doesn’t think they are right; and this is the reason why they often live in a big home, where both of them have their own rooms, where they can talk to themselves.

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