19:19 – Meaning

If we come from a presumption that we live fulfilled lives and live with full awareness, it would be hard to do bad things and miss out on our true path.

In this case, we would not miss out on what we have to do in life to be happy, and we would be aware that even we do bad things, or others do them to us, we would understand why and we could move on.

In this case, our mistakes become our lessons. In theory, this is the case. Still, we do bad things, think bad things, and miss our path.

But, we do, we do miss it out, and the question is, who does terrible things with the full awareness of it? What makes us capable of inflicting pain and being evil not just toward others but also to you (one cannot go with the other)?

It is because, in all of us, there is one side that is bad, a shred of evil, but the mission in life (the one that we know of is the mission, there are numerous more that we should discover) is to conquer it.

If we are not able to conquer it, in that case, such behavior by no means freedom but weakness because we lack understanding and sensibility. One who is truly conscious and free is unable to sin – mistakes are ok, there are here as lessons, but not as a constant behavior and a way of life.

Now, the question for all of us is how to become truly conscious and free?

And more importantly, is there something that can help us along the way?

There is – a sign from the Universe, in the form of numbers. In this case, we are speaking of mirror numbers that are very specific.

In a concrete case, we will speak more of one. In particular, we are talking about the mirror number 1919 – what does it mean when you look at the digital clock and see this hour?

19:19 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

The question that we have asked in the previous section is now valid since it is connected to mirror number 1919, and we will provide an explanation of its meaning based on its vibrational powers.

As you know, in a numerological sense, numbers 1 and 9 are the beginning and the end, to say it simply, and what matters for the life of every human being is the part that is between.

So, this reflection that comes from this mirror number suggests that you are now in a position to reflect your path from 1 to 9 if you want to look it in that way, and later on, you can check if you live in abundance and life that satisfy you.

This mirror number reflects all learning in your life and growth that you have achieved so far, for the very feeling of existence, and it shows purpose or direction in life.

Think of what yours may be, and do you feel insignificant, unimportant, worried about the future?

On what side of the specter are you currently – closer to the one or nine?

Or it may be the case that you are somewhere in between and that there is a lot of work in front of you, but the primary goal for now on is to realize what abundance is for you. You need to reflect on it with the help of mirror number 1919.

Having abundance in life, being conscious and free as we spoke earlier, is the goal and the purpose all rolled into one, but have in mind that the first thing associated with abundance is not material goods, as you may think in the first place.

The true expression of abundance is much more than the material world, it is all, and it does include the material goods, but they are just one part of it.

If you understand that the abundance is already there in your life, and it is your path to take it, understandably, maybe you do not know how to do it, but the Universe says- it is already yours, act like you already have it.

Now, one more important part of this mirror number 1919 is its part connected to the purpose in life. Did you find it – or are you in the process of finding it. It is ok, it is the process, and for seeing clearly, you must be able to clear all negativity.

The best way to do it, think of someone you don’t like, a person you mostly avoid because its presence arouses negative feelings in you.

This could be a certain situation that makes you feel bad. Imagine that person present now and become aware of that negative feeling.

Here, you find yourself in front of someone who is bad in your opinion, and you will often act badly because of it.

Now try to understand the following: if you understand that person, then honor her with your presence, and that person will give you a gift that you would never receive from any of your enchanting and pleasant friends, no matter how rich they are.

This is also abundance, being rich by making you feel good, and with it, you are making yourself rich. The mirror number 1919 helps you find a way.

19:19 – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

In a biblical and spiritual way, the mirror number 1919 reveals others to you, in the sense of discovery reveals human nature to you.

It is an incomparable discovery, which you can get even from the Holy Scriptures if you take a look at it deeply, so it is no wonder why in the Bible we can see the similarity of this mirror number 1919 and its meaning.

The truth that the acceptance would bring you would dissolve and expand your heart until it created space for everyone living being. Can you imagine a nicer gift than that?

Also, this is the number that should make you consider negative reactions and their cause, and ask yourself, “Will I am the one in control of the situation, or will that situation rule over me?”

This is the first discovery, which is immediately followed by a new one – the path that leads to mastering this situation is self-control. How is this achieved? You can feed that negative attitude in yourself only if you mistakenly think that person is free and aware and therefore responsible.

Not to forget, the mirror number 1919 is very important in a spiritual and biblical sense since it tackles the aspect of evil. But who does evil at all with full awareness of it?

What makes us capable of inflicting pain and being evil is by no means freedom but weakness because we lack awareness and sensibility. One who is truly conscious and free is unable to sin.

Understand this truth, it is said in the wisdom that comes from the number 1919, and + delve a little into it, and you will see how your negative attitude gradually changes into kindness and compassion.

And this is how space is created in your heart for someone whom you and others like you have condemned to the life of a tramp and a wretched human.

19:19 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

The fact that all mirror numbers vibrate, and all of them have a sum vibration that you receive when you add 19 and 19. In this case, we come to the number 38.

Do not be surprised when you realize that precisely this numeral puts a focus on your life. It hints at a passionate connection that is solid and that you have a feeling it completes you in some way. You can see how the previous section has a lot to do with the meaning of a sum vibration.

For those who are not complete in this area, this mirror number suggests that they should wait and that wonderful things are coming their way.

Another aspect of this mirror number, seen as a single vibration and as a sum vibration, can tell you a bit that you are. You are a productive character, and it is usually within creative actions you are able to show who you are.

The advice is always to maintain in doing so since this is the perfect way you can maintain well-being, freedom.

Also, we must add that numeral 38 brings the vibration that puts a shine on your potency. You are an especially talented soul, and in a professional sense, this number brings you large benefits and fast improvement in your business. Just maintain your pre-eminence properly. If you do not do it, you agree to meet difficulties.

Ultimately, you possess the ability to overcome friction. Accepting your capabilities, you will succeed in managing even the most desperate of circumstances. You are a fundamental idealist, and you smoothly bestow your way of ideas with others, explaining to them that it is conceivable to gain from any position regardless of its difficulty.

What to Do If You See 19:19?

In love, as the most concrete example of how the mirror number 1919 works, we will speak of one very specific situation that this number shines a light on.

Even though you like someone for a very long time and sincerely, and you try in every way to get the attention, that person does not have the same feelings, and you will be very wrong if you lightly admit what you feel because you will be very hurt, and above all because that someone has some other love or sympathy.

Here, in this particular situation, you get to see that you are able to make the first step and see how the situation will occur further.

In an alternate version, this mirror number could suggest that you will hear some bad news related to your partner, and you will be very surprised and disappointed in your lover because you thought you knew the person you love well, and it turned out that your lover lied and manipulated you for a long time your sincere feelings.

Do you have a need to act evil to do something bad to your lover? This is the aspect we have talked about in the previous section – maybe you have suddenly met someone you like for a long time, but you will not have the courage to admit what you feel; unfortunately, the person you failed to conquer for yourself will soon either travel far away or become attached to someone else, and you will regret and suffer bitterly because of your recklessness.

Do not fall under the fire, do not inflict pain. These two situations are here to test you, to show you what kind of character you have, and you are ready to accept the abundance.


There is hope that this mirror number 1919 that has come to you will achieve at least one purpose – gaining more and more positive habits. Not acting badly, not inflicting evil, even if you are in a situation to want to do it.

You just need to understand that there are people in the world who, if they were you, would not react negatively in front of a person who acts that way on you. They would feel responsible for that situation, and they would be above it, not subjugated by it like you are.

But it is not your negative feelings that provoke that particular person (as you mistakenly imagine) but your inner conditioning – this is the third and most important discovery. Do you see what happens when you really “understand”?

When you come to such discoveries about yourself, here is one discovery that relates to human nature. Do you understand that such a person who causes a negative reaction in you is not responsible for such behavior and traits?

In any case, mirror number 1919 is here. Try to make the best between 1 and 9…

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