Ceres in Libra – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Ceres is an ancient Greek and Roman deity, and she was the goddess of agriculture, fertility, and harvest. It is known as Demeter in Greek mythology and Ceres in Roman.

The legend of Ceres and her daughter, Persephone, explains why the seasons change.

The god of the Underworld, Hades, fell in love with Persephone. He decided to kidnap her and take her to his dark world.

That caused Ceres to take away all the blessings Persephone gave to the world.

The world without Persephone was impoverished, plagued with emptiness and barren lands.

The pain and rage of Ceres left the Earth in chaos. People were hungry, ill, and dying, and the plants were drying out.

The world was on the brink of extinction, so Ceres and Hades made an agreement that allowed Persephone to spend time both with her mother and husband.

When Persephone was with Hades, the vegetation on Earth would stop, and winter would come. When she was her mother, vegetation would flourish.

In astrology, Ceres is associate with the ancient myth, as it’s a reminder of Ceres’s love for Persephone and her hardships.

Ceres in Astrology: Origins and meaning

Ceres is an asteroid, the largest orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, and the first people discovered.

Due to its size and other considerable characteristics, it reached the level of Dwarf planet in astronomy.

Although underrated, Ceres is a fascinating element, and its placement in a natal chart says a lot about nurture, self-care, and well-being. The position of Ceres in a natal chart indicates weaknesses.

Ceres is the ruler of cooking, food, and nourishment. It is why it represents nurture and what’s familiar, and how we help those in need.

People often mix the role of Ceres with the one of the Moon. While the Moon symbolizes the mother’s nourishment and relationship with the child, Ceres is about how one nourishes themselves and others.

The position of Ceres shows how to receive care and how we are as caregivers.

Ceres resembles a storyteller who talks about the childhood environment and how that affected self-care. It is where the connection between Ceres and Virgo starts.

The Moon shows self-identity. It focuses on inner feelings, thoughts, ideas, and how one responds to the world around them.

Ceres doesn’t make a connection between nurture and one’s identity and emotions.

Instead, it indicates what makes one feel comfortable in their skin, focusing on physical health, environment, and lifestyle.

Ceres can identify what one lacked while growing up and how that affected how they nurture others.

It is about how one cared about themselves to receive what they are missing from significant people.

If one has a negative placement of Ceres, it is a sign of abandonment, pain, compulsive eating, or other eating disorders.

But Ceres also shows how one takes care of their family, kids, and even pets. Hence, well-positioned Ceres results in warm parents that care and are always there for their children.

A negative placement gives overprotective parents who micromanage the lives of their kids. Those children usually grow up to be too dependent, insecure, and hypersensitive.

Both parents fear they are not good enough, and that’s their principal drive, which is also associated with Ceres.

Ceres resembles a guide that uses these characteristics to help one overcome personal struggles. Ceres helps one grow up and become mature while dealing with hardships and traumatic events.

It is a powerful element in a natal chart, showing us what we didn’t have sufficiently as kids, how that determines our care, and how we receive love today.

Ceres in Libra (House VII): Personality and general traits

Aesthetic, charming, and gracious are among the main characteristics of Libra.

It is why Ceres in Libra gives and receives care through what they find beautiful. They love fine-looking items, luxury, and art. Subtlety excites them, beauty inspires them, and books stimulate their minds.

Libra appreciates small gestures and sweet words. They don’t like anything vulgar, explicit, or overly provocative.

That reflects in how they give and love to receive affection: delicately and subtly. Loud and pushy people are too much for their tranquil nature.

Ceres in Libra individuals can read signs of affection most people can’t, and they will show their feelings with delicate expressions and words. They also appreciate it when they see that others care about their well-being.

These individuals will help others find beauty in the ordinary and notice the extraordinary.

Ceres in Libra also teaches others how to find beauty within themselves. They believe that self-love is necessary to love others.

People with Ceres in Libra are not emotionally demanding, and when they love, they put others first. They are generous, warm-hearted, and lively.

Being kind is their imperative, and they expect the same from others. Selfish people sadden them because they remind them that the world is not always as magic as Libras like to believe.

Ceres in Libra individuals are relaxed, fun to be around, and open. They hate injustice, and they care about the underprivileged, homeless, and defenseless.

Yet, these people often lose themselves in their fight to help others and make the world a better place. They neglect themselves and prefer not to overwhelm others with their pain.

Even though they appreciate luxury, arts, and elegant events, they don’t need others to provide them with gifts, trips, or anything material. Genuine love, sincerity, and loyalty are enough for Libra Ceres.

Ceres in Libra and childhood

People with Ceres in Libra had an inconsistent childhood, meaning that one or both parents had a difficult personality.

Perhaps Libra Ceres individuals had caregivers with emotional or mental issues that caused them to have many ups and downs in their behavior. Because of that, Ceres in Libra didn’t feel enough safety and affection.

Maybe the parents of Libra Ceres weren’t much present in their life. They were likely emotionally detached or didn’t spend enough time with the child.

The reason for that might be that the parents divorced or one of them left the household.

Ceres in Libra also indicates that a person had a parent who taught them to give importance to appearance. From an early age, these individuals had to be careful about how they act in front of others, their manners, and clothing.

As kids, Ceres in Libra persons often felt like objects because their parents used them as a show-off. They bragged with the accomplishments, talents, or looks of their child.

Thus, they were likely often blamed for something their sibling did, which is why they appreciate justice more than anything.

Woman with Ceres in Libra

Females with Ceres in Libra are refined, delicate, and have an alluring aura. They are feminine and appreciate everything aesthetically pleasing.

Socializing makes them feel alive. They love to be around people, to chat and visit high-end events.

Ceres in Libra women like elegant clothes, to dress-up and look nice. They love meeting new people and building relationships.

However, they don’t mind when their networking helps them climb the social ladder.

Indeed, Libra Ceres women like being in the center of attention and seeing that people are curious to meet them.

These women express their affection with a subtle touch or hint. They don’t like being too obvious because they don’t want to scare off their object of attention.

When Libra Ceres females love someone, they will take them to social and artistic events or travel with them. They expect the partner to be their friend before being a lover.

Libra Ceres females don’t like conflicts, and they are friendly and cooperative. They are capable of great sacrifices for their family and friends.

Man with Ceres in Libra

Males with Ceres in Libra are loyal friends, artistic, and usually highly talented. They are sensitive and enjoy cooking, reading, and traveling.

These men are adventurous and source energy from spending time with friends and having fun.

They are usually loyal partners and devoted lovers. Men with Ceres in Libra are imaginative and want a partner who will be sincere and dedicated.

Libra Ceres men express their affection with small gestures, attentive gifts, and always being there when someone needs them. They also prefer to receive care the same way: subtly.

These men are not overly demanding, but they require honesty, support, and devotion.


People with Ceres in Libra are generous, and they seek and see the beauty in everything. Life is an opportunity, and they want to seize it.

These individuals are well-balanced in giving love to others and loving themselves. Yet, if necessary, they will sacrifice themselves for the ones they love.

These individuals will share everything they have with their loved ones, and they will go to great lengths to protect them.

Ceres in Libra people value justice, honesty, and art. They stand up for their beliefs and ideas.

Conflicts repulse Libra Ceres persons. They believe people can solve everything with a good conversation and that if they strive for peace, people can make the world a better place.

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