Chiron in Libra – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

We all feel trapped inside of our bodies, mind, or lives in general sometimes. It is as if we don’t have control over our destiny, and despite what we do, the outcome doesn’t align with our desires.

The same ominous pattern keeps playing again, and we start believing there’s some inexplicable power that directs the course of our destiny.

One question startles our minds. – How do we stop this terrifying loop?

As we hit the wall and see the same outcomes every time, no matter how we approach the situation, we ask ourselves if there is a greater purpose of it all? And if there is, how do we get the crucial answers and reasons for our agony and troubles?

These dreadful patterns can be as simple as failing the same task at work multiple times. Or continuously encountering the same type of managers that always ask us to do something better but never notice when we do something well.

It may also show in relationships. Maybe we can’t seem to get to a particular stage in connection, no matter how many times we try and how many people we meet. We do our best to adjust and look for different people, but we end up with the same character every time.

The pattern might go beyond that. Perhaps we feel ready for a change, the next step in life, or life-changing decisions, but we are too stuck to get there. It seems that time passes, but nothing ever changes. We are always there, in the same position and the same place.

These experiences and feelings are not meaningless. It leads us to one part we all have inside, and that part is responsible for feeling vulnerable, cornered, and scared. Chiron is the ruler of these troubles, pointing to the things we try to conceal and repress.

Chiron sends warning signals that we should start uncovering hidden wounds and digging for traumatic past beliefs, experiences, and recurrences.

No one should go through the same problems endlessly because it paralyzes development and evolution. Chiron helps us to transform our wounds into lessons, strengths, and powers.

Chiron: History and origins

Scottish astrologer, Maurice Wemyss, predicted in 1935 that the world would discover a celestial body with an affinity for Sagittarius. The characteristics of that envisioned planetoid that resembles Chiron. She thought that the world would find this heavenly body.

Indeed, that happened 42 years after. Humans got to met Chiron in 1977 when the American astronomer Charles Kowal saw a new planet in the sky.

The original name of that planetoid was Object Kowal because Kowal labeled it as a minor celestial planet. But they renamed it Chiron, honoring the mythical creature Centaur.

The world also knows Chiron as the Rainbow Bridge due to his eccentric position between Saturn and Uranus.

It orbits between these two planets, which makes his transits slow. It spends between four and nine years in one zodiac sign, and it takes him roughly 49 to travel through all twelve of them.

Chiron goes through many retrogrades. It is why we feel its powerful impact in our fifties. That is the time when our wounds open up again, requiring us to revisit and heal them.

Chiron’s symbol looks like a key, and that resembles his role: to unlock our wounds and help us find a better place, the one where we will reach serenity. What we know about Chiron also leads us to mythology. Chiron was an immortal centaur as his father was the god of time, Cronus.

Chiron wasn’t a typical uneducated, drunk, and uncivilized centaur. On the contrary, he was kind, intelligent, and a mentor of ancient Greek heroes. Chiron had a tragic fate: his parents abandoned him at birth, and he got struck by a poisonous arrow during a feud between Hercules and centaurs.

Hercules felt the burden of guilt and begged the gods to have compassion for Chiron. They allowed him to take the fate of Prometheus, and Chiron accepted. His life and death remind us that some wounds continuously reappear, and we often can’t control them.

Chiron’s wounds teach us how to overcome our own and becoming the healers

Author of Chiron and the healing journey, Melanie Reinhart, says that we all act through a triad of figures. Our roles are fluid, and that’s why Reinhart comes up with a concept known as Three Faces of Chiron. We are the victim (or the one who’s wounded), the perpetrator (the one who inflicts pain to other people), and also the one who heals ourselves.

We switch these identities in the process of recovery because it helps us overcome our struggles. Particular events, situations, or tragedies related to Chiron’s position in a natal chart are the ones to start the healing.

Chiron in Libra (House VII): Meaning and general traits

People with Libra in Chiron strive to be in a relationship because, otherwise, they feel that something is lacking in their lives. They look for their soul mate, for the right one, and love that will heal their wound. That wound is associated with loneliness.

These individuals believe that if they find the most compatible partner, they will fill the inner void and stop feeling alone. But Libra Chiron people never seem to mend their wounds. It is why they chase anything that might help with finding balance and reaching a sense of completeness.

Solitude torments them, but so do the relationships. Persons with Chiron in Libra can’t determine why they still can’t suffocate the pain once they find a partner. No matter how they try to approach their struggle, they can’t run away from the ache within.

Libra Chiron people tend to struggle with anxiety, shame, and guilt. As children, they didn’t feel that other kids genuinely accept them, even if those around them didn’t notice. It is why as grown-ups, they seek that acceptance and compatibility. They believe they will find it with the right partner.

Yet, no one feels like a satisfying match. Even though Libra Chiron people feel incomplete and lonely without someone next to them, they discover they don’t feel a big difference with a romantic partner. That is why they tend to break up faster than they started a relationship.

Still, Libra Chiron individuals won’t wait too long before continuing their love pursuit. It is why other people will rarely see them alone. The truth is, these individuals are terrified of being alone.

They feel incomplete without a relationship that would address their needs, worries, and hopes. It is why they dedicate their lives to the pursuit of a soul mate. When they imagine life without anyone in their companionship, they see reality as grim and hopeless.

However, as Libra Chiron people desperately seek their missing piece of a puzzle, they often stay in toxic relationships and with people who are not a match for them.

Thus, when they are in love, they fear losing their loved ones. It is why they avoid every potential conflict. That means that they are likely to suffocate their needs to keep someone in their life. People with Chiron in Libra will rather ignore the burning issues and continue the status quo if it saves them from being alone.

Even though the balance is essential for their mental well-being, Libra Chiron individuals often live in disharmony and neglect their needs to nurture their partner or family. They struggle with a lack of self-love.

It is why they frequently put on a mask when with friends or partners. Persons with Chiron in Libra are afraid that if others see them for who they are, they won’t like them. So, they are quite different when in a company and when alone.

Individuals with Chiron in Libra seek beauty in everything around them. That’s their comfort and escape from life. But it’s also the reason why they are often creative, avid readers, and artists.

A soul mate is within us; it’s the lesson Libra Chiron people need to learn. They have to find a balance between their needs and those of other people. Otherwise, they will always feel that something is missing.

If they open up to others and show what they need, they will likely find out that people recognize what Libra Chiron wants and provide them with what they lack. The outcome is a revelation that they can attract what completes them if only they show their true selves.

Woman with Chiron in Libra

Not many people are as romantic as females with Chiron in Libra. They need romance to feel alive. It makes them believe life is worth living. These women love art, poems, nature. They don’t enjoy possessions as much as the world around them.

Deep inside, Libra Chiron women love simple things. They remind them that life doesn’t have to be difficult as it sometimes seems.

Chiron in Libra is also a placement that gives one of the most emotional women. They believe in true love and that there’s someone who completes them and fills the void. Yet, they are often disappointed and heartbroken in relationships.

Libra Chiron females are likely to have partners who don’t respect them or are not interested in a long-term relationship.

They often experience the same in friendships too. These women tend to feel that they are always the ones who put more effort and give much more than the other side.

That makes Libra Chiron women wonder if they will ever find someone who genuinely respects them and loves them for who they are.

However, instead of terminating those kinds of relationships, these ladies try harder.

Libra Chiron females will give more attention, kindness, and gifts to show their care and captivate the loved one. But they don’t realize that’s the wrong approach and that they only drain their own energy. It is why friends and lovers often take women with Chiron in Libra for granted.

Instead, ladies with Chiron in Libra should seek people who appreciate and embrace their sensitivity. Otherwise, all relationships in their lives will be doomed. A great way to get a different outcome is to respect themselves. Others will follow their approach and show more appreciation.

Women with Chiron in Libra go to great lengths to make their loved ones happy, and they are not afraid to sacrifice themselves in any way. But in the long-term, they usually hurt themselves because others don’t show the same devotion.

Taking time for themselves and learning how to be on their own is a good idea for Libra Chiron females because it can help them realize that they have to love themselves first.

Man with Chiron in Libra

Males with Chiron in Libra are romantic, amiable, and respectful. They always aim to find a compromise in relationships and friendships. These men believe that people can solve everything with a profound conversation and showing empathy. Yet, they don’t always encounter the same people.

Instead, men with Chiron in Libra get disappointed when they see that the world is not always a kind and compassionate place. But they get desperate when they realize most people don’t give as much as they in relationships.

These males want to develop deep connections, and even though they love all humankind, they only open up to a limited number of people. Still, they don’t meet people who share the same passion and devotion that often.

Libra Chiron men tend to encounter cold and aloof people who perceive them as suffocating or over-the-top. Hence, they frequently caught themselves in the middle of conflicts, fights, and disagreements. That can shatter their self-esteem and hope. They wonder what makes them so unlovable, different, and misunderstood. Men with Libra in Chiron usually have to repeat mistakes to comprehend that they tend to let others use them.

They accept the toxic relationship and incompatible people because they have issues with their emotions. Libra Chiron males rarely reflect on things and their feelings. Yet, contemplation is essential to uncover why they end up in toxic relationships.

It isn’t easy to open up, but men with Chiron in Libra should have a profound conversation with themselves about why they struggle with low self-love and let others ruin their confidence. If they let the truth into their lives, they might see that what they need is already within themselves.

If they don’t find love inside them, they won’t reflect that feeling on others, which means more who can give them respect, devotion, and affection.


Due to not believing they deserve better, people with Chiron in Libra often give much more love and sincerity than they get. They do believe in equity, but they are afraid of applying it to their lives. They fear that if they ask for more, people might run away. Or if people don’t give them more love, Libra Chiron individuals tend to see it as a confirmation of not deserving it.

Even though they sacrifice themselves for friends and partners, they often suffer in relationships and experience many conflicts and arguments. That causes them stress, self-doubts, and pain because Libra Chiron individuals crave love and complete devotion.

They put all their energy and time into developing harmonious and deep connections. Without a desirable outcome, Libra Chiron persons wonder what they did wrong and what makes them unlovable.

But Libra Chiron persons tend to avoid disputes and disagreements at all costs. They are afraid that, otherwise, they will infuriate their loved ones and chase them away. Libra Chiron people should realize that unsolved conflicts accumulate over time and that they have to erupt at some point.

People with Chiron in Libra have to confront problems if they don’t want people around them will take them for granted. They might give the wrong impression of being weak, a coward, or a poor communicator.

It is not that Libra Chiron people always have the wrong persons around them. The goal is to work on issues while benign, which is something these people don’t. They are used to suppressing what bothers them, so that reflects in their relationships.

Hence, people with Chiron in Libra have to learn to respect themselves and not hide from problems. Burying issues underneath creates an imbalance, which is what these people hate the most. They believe that a lack of balance is what ruins relationships and people.

But taking the opposite approach means touching their wound, which is the fear of being lonely. Libra Chiron individuals have to learn to be true to themselves and show their authenticity to their partners.

Chiron in Libra represents karmic relationships. It is why these people always repeat the same pattern and chase the same type of people. The goal is to break that pattern by reconnecting with themselves and finding the missing element within themselves.


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