Juno in Capricorn – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Astrology is the gateway to the future and the sage that helps you learn from the past. It is an incredible tool that has been studied for thousands of years.

Studying this science has given us the ability to gain incredible insights about our lives in a way that we have never seen before.

The questions that we have about ourselves can be answered by studying our natal chart.

Juno in particular is fascinating. It provides us with a detailed look into our relationships, both existing and the ones that we are yet to have.

For many, this is a delightful tool that can help people to understand the ups and downs that they have faced in the love department. It is the love doctor of astrology and many of us are looking to be healed.

The Influence of Juno

Juno is an asteroid. It was named after the Roman Goddess of love due to its ability to tell astrologists about a person’s love life. It is the fortune teller of love and marriage.

Not only can Juno reveal the positives it can also show the prospect of divorce, infidelity and jealousy.

When any of these factors, both good and bad, appear on a birth chart an astrologer can decipher its meaning.

The asteroid can show us what kind of long term partner we will settle down with.

If we are already in a relationship it can help us to draw comparisons and understand the compatibility between ourselves and our mate.

Juno in Capricorn Meaning

The traits of the native Capricorn will be reflected in the relationships, long term partnerships and marriages of those who have the Capricorn Juno placement.

Capricorn is known for its responsible personality and conventional manner, when Capricorn is in Juno we can expect these factors to be reflected in this placement.

It is the 10th sign in the zodiac and so it rules the house of careers and social status. There is a strong alignment between careers and marriage when Juno is influenced by Capricorn. It can also indicate marital success.

Capricorn is represented by the symbol of the Sea-Goat due to their agile nature.

It also portrays Enki, the Sumerian god of wisdom and waters. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, in astrology, this planet represents maturity and discipline.

All of these aspects affect Junos energy. The energy of Capricorn and Saturn is highly influential. There are lessons to be learned and successes to be had.

Long Term Relationships and Marriage

Capricorn Juno is calm and collected when it comes to love. They think about the long term potential of their lover and think rationally. Whirlwind romances are not in their nature, they are not spontaneous and everything is thought out.

They are not one to be forward when expressing their feelings. In the initial dating stage, they take their time.

However, once they are sure of how they feel they are as passionate as can be. They need to feel relaxed and comfortable before they express their feelings.

Marriage is a mark of success for the Capricorn Juno, they idealise the dynamics of traditional marriage.

Their idea of a perfect marriage is one where both parties are supportive and help each other to reach their goals.

They are one of the most faithful people around and take pride in their pragmatic approach to relationships. They are not one for drama in relationships and can expect to have a happy married life. They are very particular about who they settle with so they will most likely make good decisions when choosing a partner.

Capricorn Juno is prudent and will work to resolve any issues if they notice that something is not in their relationship. They are perfectionists and if their partner has this quality they will work well together.

Their need to have a perfect marriage could be somewhat obsessive and can come across as controlling.

They may hold the purse strings in the relationship. This dominant aspect of their personality works well if their partner is happy to relinquish control.

However, they may butt heads with their spouse or long term partner if they do not comply.

Capricorn Juno may experience periods of great insecurity and will need to deal with this to ensure that they do not overwhelm their partner.

This is an important area of development for them as they work to make their marriage a success.

Finally, people with the Capricorn Juno placement may find that their partner is influential in their career.

There is a potential business partnership that could be formed between them and their spouse. Their partner could also improve their position in society

Capricorn Juno Woman

The Capricorn Juno woman is known for her ambition. She is goal-oriented in her approach to relationships and has a desire to settle down. She respects the sanctity of marriage and has traditional views on what it should entail.

She is principled and will choose her partner wisely. They must meet her requirements and be a suitable mate that she can spend the rest of her life with as divorce is not an option to her. She takes marriage seriously and she is not frivolous with her love.

Her ideal partner is a dominant figure who can assume the role of the head of the house. They must be conservative and should be able to take control of any situation.

The Capricorn Juno woman wants to feel as though she can rely on her partner. She wants to feel safe and supported by the,

Stability is an important factor for the Capricorn Juno woman. Whoever she chooses to be with will be responsible with their finances and successful in their career. Having money is a crucial aspect for her, she will not entertain anyone who cannot provide for themselves and her.

In her relationship, the Capricorn is undeniably loyal. She expects nothing less from her partner and cannot understand why anyone would choose not to be. She will remain with her partner throughout thick and thin and will what it takes to make the partnership work.

The Capricorn Juno woman does not have a huge sexual appetite and nor does she desire herself sexual pleasures.

Those with strong elements of Scorpio in their placements would not be suited to the Capricorn Juno woman. Though she is open to activities of a sexual nature she is not in any way a nympho.

She suffers from a lack of self-worth in her relationships. She will ebb and flow between feeling beautiful and desirable to not good enough. A partner who is sensitive to her feelings is ideal. They should make her feel sexy, feminine and amazing.

The right person for her will know how to make her feel good and will stop at nothing to make her feel satisfied.

The Juno Capricorn woman will need to work her tendency to be manipulative. She can sometimes grow cold and distant as a way to prove her point in an argument.

In line with the devious side of her personality, she may also attract some with the same qualities. If she wants to avoid this fate she should continue to be astute when picking her partner.

Capricorn Juno Man

The Capricorn Juno man is the quintessential gentleman. He is traditional, serious and conservative. He has high expectations for his partner and will select someone who embodies everything that he believes a partner should be.

In the early stages of dating, he will already be thinking of the future. He will weigh up the pros and cons of being with his lover long term. He won’t waste his time if he does not think the relationship is right. He will be committed right from the word go and will avoid pursuing someone who does not feel the same.

He sees his partner as a representation of him. They must be able to present themselves well and follow his strict criteria of what is acceptable and what is not. Initially, he may be unfeeling toward his partner but over time he will warm up to them.

As he is highly ambitious he may be married to his job more than his partner at times. He must find balance in this regard. He must learn to balance his career and his partner, however, he would suit a lover who pushes and encourages him.

As a protective and caring person, he will stand up for his partner. His partner need not worry about other people mistreating them, especially when he is around. He is incredibly loyal and will stay by his partner’s side through thick and thin.

The Capricorn Juno man demands respect in his relationship. He will not take kindly to rudeness or insolence. His partner must be polite and well mannered to get along with him. He is also confident and will assert himself when need be.

If he settles down with someone they must be together, proper and cannot be lazy. He will not appreciate his partner being idle. They should be proactive like him and have strong goals for the future. He wants to be able to plan for the future with his partner so they must be realistic and driven.

Unfortunately for the Capricorn Juno man, he can be perceived as difficult. There is an element of truth to this. He can be inflexible at times and likes things to be done in a specific way. He may take his partner for granted which could be his downfall, he must learn to love with a patient and open heart.

The Capricorn Juno man may play games in his relationship which could verge on emotional abuse.

If he is not careful this could result in a breakup. Since he takes commitment seriously this could be a blow for him. He must amend his behaviour if he wishes to avoid this.


Capricorn Juno know what they want and they won’t stop until they get it. Their needs to have the right qualities right down to the finer details.

Call it over cautious or picky, the Capricorn Juno won’t compromise on their lover and make their pursuit of companionship successful.

When they do find their partner they will fit the mould perfectly. They will value practicality and will be logical in their mentality.

Their partner will be either hardworking and ambitious or they will take care of household needs, just as the Capricorn Juno desires.

Capricorn Juno is class all the way and their partner is the same. Together they could rule the world as they build empires, grow their finances and work to improve their lifestyles.

Their partner will have a sense of independence but they will still rely on the Capricorn Juno which they secretly enjoy.

Reassurance and respect as big requirements for the Capricorn Juno. Capricorn Juno needs to know that their partner is happy in their relationship. They will worry from time to time about how they are perceived by their lover, they may not have a reason to feel this way but their insecurity gets the better of them.

Capricorn Juno wants to feel admired and looked up to by the person that they end up with.

Their partner must be considerate in their actions and must uphold themselves with dignity as all times.

Overall, Capricorn Juno is businesslike when searching for a partner. Due to this element of their personality, they are excellent at picking well-suited partners. They have a loving side that their partner will appreciate and they will fight for their relationship.

Capricorn Juno may be difficult at times but they bring joy to their partners.

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