Libra Sun Leo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

This sign got its name according to Ptolemy, “… Libra … … got its name because of what is happening in them, since the presence of the Sun at the beginning of the sign is characterized by the equal duration of day and night” which at this moment are “balanced”.

Unlike all other signs, initially, Libra was a sign without a constellation, and it was the name of the zodiac sign that later forced astronomers to highlight the constellation Libra (Fig. 3), in the part of the constellation Scorpio occupied at the beginning of our era by this sign. (Ptolemy does not mention the Libra constellation in his writings).

Libra Sun – Meaning and Info

The ancient Greeks did not have a “lifeless” constellation corresponding to the sign of Libra – the area of ​​the starry sky in the vicinity of the ecliptic, corresponding to Libra, accounted for the border and adjacent areas of the constellations Virgo and Scorpio, and due to the influence of the Moon, Libra got, then a large area of ​​Virgo, then Scorpio…

Later, Libra appeared in the sky with its own constellation, but alas, the laws of celestial mechanics “took” the scales of Libra to the constellation Virgo.

The area of ​​the Libra sign in our time lies entirely in the constellation Virgo (such an arrangement of the sign gives it an additional share of femininity).

The thin red line in the figure is the line of the celestial equator, as you can see it intersects with the ecliptic precisely at the border of the sign: when the Sun reaches this point, the Autumn Equinox occurs

The zodiac sign Libra which gave the name and independence to the constellation Libra, is a masculine sign (according to the rules of alternation), in addition, Libra is the second “air” abode of Venus.

The sign of Libra – personifies the origin and development of the element (element) Air and, accordingly, gravitates towards one of the essences of this element – humidity.

The embodiment of the properties of this primary element in a person born under the Sun in this sign, from time to time manifests a sanguine type of temperament (as the main component).

In ancient times, Libra also distinguished the following characteristics and properties: according to the location of the constellation Libra relative to the plane of the celestial equator – southern; on a seasonal basis – autumn; in harmony with the sign of Libra: metals – copper (from Venus), brass and bronze, noble metal – gold (Venus loves jewelry); precious stones – sapphire, opal, jasper, topaz.

And the Libra sign also has one important feature – this is the sign of the autumnal equinox and the last sign, in which the Sun can still play a decisive role in determining the temperament of people born during the period of stay of the star in this sign.

Linked to emotions, all the signs of the Zodiac are influenced by it. Positioned in a controlling sign, the expression of feelings can be blocked.

In a sign of the Water element, the influence of the Moon can generate emotional outbursts even in signs associated with a temperament of a calm and serene nature.

Linked to the basic needs of the human being, lunar security can be reflected both in emotional stability and in the feeling of being recognized and necessary.

In the birth chart, the Moon indicates the area of ​​life, the “house”, where the need for security is felt most intensely.

The ancient Greeks believed that passing through the zodiacal sector of Libra, the Sun, Moon and other planets have approximately the following possibilities of influencing earthly processes:

Leo Moon – Meaning and Info

The one who’s Moon sign is Leo will never get lost in the crowd. Such people love the attention and recognition of others, therefore, like air, they need to be among people.

Moreover, it is desirable to always be in the spotlight!

Leos are self-sufficient and stubborn, self-confident and selfish, independent and authoritarian, mannered and irresistible. They always “play a role” that suits their status. It is very humiliating and unforgivable for them to look ridiculous or ridiculous.

And if you try to humiliate them somehow, belittle their dignity and qualities in public, you will forever become the enemy of Leo. They do not forgive insults! Even if they pretend that they were not hurt, and beautifully play their role to the end.

Leos love holidays and fun, big companies and everything beautiful. Often for them, the external attributes of happiness and success play a leading role in life.

That is why such people are sometimes shallow and superficial: caring about the “ostentatious gloss” and visible well-being, they do not have the strength for themselves, for things that are really important in life.

But, fortunately, such extreme manifestations of their character traits are rare and, rather, are the exception.

People born under the sign of the Moon Leo, as a rule, are great optimists, they always look at the world, if not through rose-colored glasses, then with certainly a positive. They do not have insoluble problems (at least, they demonstrate it with their whole appearance).

They are ready to help others. If the latter, of course, ask them correctly. After all, to be magnanimous and merciful is so “royal”!

At the same time, people around them love L’viv for such gestures, people are grateful to them for their participation in their situations and help.

Surprisingly, but such qualities are not present in Leo to create an external effect. They will never admit to you that they are “playing” or doing something specifically for the public.

Such an attitude towards people is their inner essence and need, therefore all these actions for Leo are not an element of the game. They are very sincere, impressionable, benevolent, vulnerable, generous and generous. Often their feelings prevail over reason.

Leos are quite open and responsible people who hate deception and falsehood in relationships. They are always “real” and expect the same from others. Deception and hypocrisy – it looks so low and mean in their eyes that they will never allow themselves to stoop to such a level!

Leos are talented orators and demagogues, they love to be in the center of social events and in public, so they often go into politics, are teachers or engage in activities related to public speaking. They are very good at inspiring people with their ideas and vision of the world, unobtrusively implanting their point of view on events.

The weak point of every Leo is the opposite sex. They are cordial and open in relationships, always inclined to speak directly about their desires. Leos are loyal and faithful spouses. Even though they often allow themselves to flirt with others, it is not perceived by them as cheating or infidelity.

This is part of their nature, because external recognition is necessary for Leo, like air! And if their partner is not jealous and is able to calmly look at this state of affairs, the marriage with Leo will be very strong and long. After all, by nature, they are real monogamous!

But sometimes all the qualities of a Leo can be amplified many times over. And then such negative traits as self-confidence, narcissism, arrogance, arrogance, pride, insolence, rudeness prevail in their character.

They fill their lives with empty things and actions, trying to impress others, but not caring about their inner world, and even more so, about real help to other people.

Their whole essence boils down to external “ostentatiousness” and excessive talkativeness. And family life is crumbling from endless love affairs and betrayals.

Libra Sun Leo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The sun. In the sign of Libra, the power of the Sun’s influence on the course of earthly life is already significantly weakening (from 11/3 to 1 conditional point – for 1 point is taken the force of influence on earthly processes at the time of exaltation or fall), Libra is a sign of the fall of the influence of the Sun, in the following signs the influence of the Sun is less and less;

In fact, the relationship between the position of the moon in the sky and the well-being of the flora was noticed seven thousand years ago by the mysterious Sumerians. The ancient Greeks adopted and enriched their experience with their philosophical views.

Despite the fact that the Greeks attributed variability and impermanence to Libra as a sign, the Moon in Libra was considered to be favorable

The Moon in Astrology is related to basic needs and the most basic instincts for survival. These needs are so essential to our physical and psychological well-being that we often don’t even think about them. It is also the planet of habits to which we are firmly attached and of instinctual reactions.

Attitudes and behaviors so natural in our personality that we cannot even be aware of them. It is the planet of feelings and emotions.

The Moon is the largest satellite in the solar system. The Earth and the Moon are gravitationally bound to each other, with the Moon’s period of rotation around its axis coinciding with its orbital period around Earth (27.32 days). This means that we always see the same side of the Moon and that its opposite side is out of sight of the Earth.

Over the years, countless cultures have associated different symbols with the Moon. Sun and Moon are a celestial duo linked to the succession of day and night. Each one reigns half the day and myths and meanings have been associated with each.

The Sun and the Moon are born and set replacing each other, giving way to time. Over the centuries, the Sun has been associated with the upper world and the Moon with the lower.

The role of the Moon as a regulator of the menstrual cycle (in Latin menses, “month”) caused it to be linked with the fertility of women and with crops.

The Moon was connected to the female universe and the Sun to the male universe, although this has not been the case in all cultures.

In astrological and psychological symbolism, the Moon represents the subliminal realm: the calm and peaceful light of the unconscious, in contrast to the brighter illumination of the conscious mind.

For Astrology, the Moon is a receptive and passive planet. It reflects the experience of life and exerts a great influence on the tides and human emotions.

The Moon is associated with our most basic needs and survival instincts.

It is the planet of ingrained habits and instinctual reactions, feelings and emotions. It represents the instinct of life, combined with the continuity of traditions.

The influence of the Moon on the personality reinforces the aversion to changes and the need to be accepted by others.

Linked to emotions, all the signs of the Zodiac are influenced by it. Positioned in a controlling sign, the expression of feelings can be blocked.

In a sign of the Water element, the influence of the Moon can generate emotional outbursts even in signs associated with a temperament of a calm and serene nature.

Linked to the basic needs of the human being, lunar security can be reflected both in emotional stability and in the feeling of being recognized and necessary.

In the birth chart, the Moon indicates the area of ​​life, the “house”, where the need for security is felt most intensely.


In an Earth element sign, safety is a physical issue. Already in the signs of the Water element, it is an emotional issue.

For the latter, above physical integrity is affective, being recognized and esteemed.

For the signs of the elements Fire and Air, security is reflected in being free from responsibilities and being a master of yourself.

The presence of the Moon in the personality also reflects the ability or inability to understand and satisfy one’s emotional needs.

In addition to physical well-being, the position of the Moon in the birth chart reflects the way a person responds and takes care of their own emotions and feelings.

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