Neptune in Libra – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Each birth chart is complex, and it includes various elements and components.

It uncovers details about a person, their strengths, weaknesses, and potential. It is a subtle guide for one’s characteristics, likes and dislikes, wants and worries.

Most people read about their Sun signs and Ascendants to learn more about themselves.

Although these can tell valuable particularities about one’s character, it’s the more profound details that are crucial.

Planets are among the elements that allow people to get a deeper look into their natal charts and discover things they wouldn’t by only reading about their Zodiac signs.

Planetary aspects are essential for connecting the dots between the general reading of a birth chart and less apparent elements.

One of these is the position of Neptune and what impact it makes on a person and their characteristics.

Neptune – Meaning and characteristics

The Roman God of the Sea is the inspiration behind Neptune’s name. In astrology, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and the 12th house. It is also the higher octave of Venus.

In that way, Neptune represents unconditional love and ultimate acceptance.

Neptune can cause difficulties in a natal chart, but it also boosts talents, sensitivity, emotional intensity, and intuition. This planet is related to music, poems, writings, arts, gentle visuals, paintings, photography, and cinema.

Since Neptune is associated with how one perceives reality, it also represents drugs, alcohol, and other substances that alter one’s perception in a good or bad way.

Moreover, this planet also indicates deception, fraud, and confusion.

Neptune is related to spirituality, magic, daydreaming, rituals, sexual abuse, and supernatural experiences. Positive aspects make people more creative, talented, and curious.

Moreover, it can make one aware of the cosmos in a way other people can’t fathom.

When Neptune creates unfavorable aspects, it may cause a native to be deceitful, dishonest, and fraudulent. It can also trigger extreme mood swings, depression, and addictions.

Natives with negative Neptune placements have a hard time keeping in touch with reality and complying with the rules of the material world.

What does that mean for the horoscope sign Libra?

Libra – Tolerant, charismatic, talkative

Libra usually strives for physical perfection and wants people to find them attractive, compelling, and beautiful. Indeed, these natives are sensual, and others love being in their presence.

They tend to be strategic thinkers but also know how to balance their logic with emotions. These natives are spontaneous and love exciting adventures. They enjoy the company of warm-hearted people who care about their well-being and making them feel comfortable. These natives love giving but also want to receive equally.

In a way, Libra is a balanced blend of all the people they ever meet and who influenced them. Hence, they often act differently, depending on their company. One group of friends might see Libra as artistic and timid, while others could see them as party spirits and extroverted.

They are receptive, although some might perceive them as copycats. Libra is empathetic and feels deeply about what those around them are experiencing.

As a result, they often mirror the behavior and emotions of their friends or partners. These natives are great at meeting other people to their bone and understanding their motivation and desires.

However, Libra often struggles to understand themselves. These natives tend to feel lost, incomplete, and all over the place. Even their thoughts and emotions tend to be all over the place. These individuals might find it challenging to describe themselves, but they know how to characterize each person in their life.

Libra seeks admiration and wants people to praise them for their charm and sensuality. They also want others to see them as an example of a well-balanced personality who can handle everything.

These natives are persons who care deeply about their family and friends and want to protect them. Because of that, they might feel guilty when they’re sad, broken, or unhappy.

These natives don’t want to transfer their negative feelings to their loved ones. It is what often happens to them because they soak in everyone’s emotions.

As a result, Libra hates it when their sorrow affects people in their surroundings. They want others to perceive them as bubbly, joyful, and optimistic. These natives dislike pessimistic people who nag others with their issues and worries.

Libra is a feeler is sometimes lets their hearts drive their decisions. They are compassionate and hate seeing people struggle.

These natives will always land a helping hand and support those who need it. They can hardly deal with their loved ones going through bad times and troubles. That makes these individuals suffer and seek solutions relentlessly.

They despise loudness and aggression. As a result, these natives often avoid confrontation and prefer to respond with a joke or sarcasm. They tend to act unbothered even when someone’s words are hurting them.

However, Libra is often manipulated by other people due to their kindness. Sometimes they let that happen because they hate conflicts.

These natives often have a hard time deciding because their logic and emotions tend to be in war. They also worry about how others perceive them, resulting in doing things for validation and as an act of fitting in.

Thus, Libra is concerned with other people’s feelings. As a result, they are prone to letting others make significant decisions for them.

Libra is self-critical and hates when others judge them and criticize them. Because of that, they often fear being in the spotlight.

On the other side, Libra also flows toward it because they enjoy applause and praises. Hardly any other sign is as concerned as Libra about what others think of them.

Overall, Libra is kind, compassionate, and indecisive. They often do things that don’t feel right because they crave validation and fear negative comments.

But these natives are empathetic and would never refuse to help someone, even if it’s their worst enemy.

What happens when a dreamy planet like Neptune finds itself in a charismatic horoscope sign Libra?

Neptune in Libra – General characteristics

People born with Neptune in Libra are peaceful, calm, and tolerant. No one is as composed as these natives. They care deeply about maintaining peace and avoiding conflicts. These individuals hate noise, chaos, and dirt.

They know how to mitigate every discussion and help people see heated topics from a different angle.

These natives dream about a world without fights, wars, and criminals. They give their contribution to that vision by never provoking people and approaching them lightly.

These individuals carry an inexplicable harmony within them. That makes them stellar diplomats, politicians, public figures, etc.

These natives are talkative and enjoy interacting with people.

Others also love being in their presence because they’re charismatic and sympathetic.

Those born with this placement choose their words carefully and address burning issues without hurting anyone in the process.

These individuals enjoy seeing people smile and feeling relaxed when with them. When they have to tackle potentially angering topics, they approach the conversation slowly and thoughtfully.

Unity and compassion

These natives hate arguing about meaningless subjects that often divide people and cause resentment. It is not to say that they can only talk about light and happy topics.

These individuals only prefer to focus on what unites people and help them form connections. As a result, they usually back away from the conversation if it could end in a fight.

These individuals are generous, kind, and open-minded. Neptune helps them reach the highest levels of compassion.

Because of that, these natives believe that peace isn’t only an unreachable dream. They believe that humans are inherently good and that society needs to nurture these values instead of consumerism and class divide.

People born with Neptune in Libra are also capable of a large span of emotions and love. The problem is that not everyone is like them, but these individuals believe they are no exception.

As a result, people often manipulate and hurt them, leaving them disappointed and heartbroken. These natives are vulnerable and emotional.

Their feelings are intense and can overpower them. But these individuals are also communicative and extroverted in social interactions. That usually helps them to reach higher positions, network, and become influential.

These natives strive to use their power to help the less fortunate. Ultimately, they believe that the true essence of influence lies in its ability to empower others.

However, people born with this placement have to go through a long and complicated journey before coming to terms with their personalities.

As they grow up, they often believe that their generosity and good nature only do them harm. These individuals tend to experience various challenges as an outcome of their pure intentions, discouraging their kindness.

It is how they learn to act more cold-blooded and indifferent than they are. These natives might force themselves to put their own happiness in front of other people’s well-being. But in the end, that doesn’t make them feel good.

Instead, these natives might feel like they’re betraying their own soul, trying to protect themselves from other people.

Self-protective and vulnerable

They often see persons getting punishment for their good deeds, which enrages them and makes them wonder what’s the point. These natives might try to silence their thoughts and act selfishly as a way for society to accept them.

Yet, when they meet like-minded people, they start feeling like the world is sending them mixed messages.

Because of that, others might not perceive these individuals as kind at first. They often wear a mask and try to conceal their goodness to avoid being used or manipulated.

It is also how these individuals balance between who they are and what they think society expects.

Deep inside, they dream about ending world hunger, sheltering everyone, and ensuring everyone earn equally. These natives often daydream about utopia and find solace in their vision

s. But they find it hard to talk about their intentions with other people because they’re terrified of being ridiculed or misunderstood.

These natives tend to believe others see them as weak, naive, and foolish. It is why they don’t open up easily. These individuals might even imitate other people’s behaviors to ensure others accept them and give them a chance.

Overall, people born with Neptune in Libra aren’t overly determined, but they’re kind and giving.

Woman with Neptune in Libra

Women born with Neptune in Libra are charismatic, generous, and communicative. They are romantic and crave love to be happy. These females dislike being alone because they get lonely fast. They enjoy having large friend groups and a romantic partner.

These women are devoted and love making their loved ones happy.

Overall, human connections are essential for them. These females believe nothing is as important as loving and being loved. But they care about each relationship in their lives equally, including the one with their parents.

These females usually turn to their friends and family when in need of support. They need to have conflict-free relations with everyone.

Otherwise, they always worry and look back into the past. These women hate unresolved issues and broken trust.

They are sincerely happy only when they have harmonious and profound connections with people in their lives.

It is why these females rarely start discussions or fight with those they love. They believe they can solve everything with peaceful conversations and dialogue.

However, these women want so much to love and be loved that they often idealize their partners. They see what someone could be instead of what they are.

Man with Neptune in Libra

Men born with Neptune in Libra are generous, ethical, and hard-working. They care deeply about having stable and loving relationships in their lives, but that’s not enough.

These individuals also care about how others perceive them. Because of that, they enjoy working in profitable workplaces that allow them to achieve a significant social status.

These males need to nurture and improve their skills to feel good about themselves.

Deep inside, they are insecure and crave a lot of love, appreciation, and affection. These men often worry that society will perceive them as less masculine due to their high emotionality and kindness. They want to avoid others seeing them as gullible or feminine.

These males are also afraid of being manipulated, cheated on, or perceived as stupid.

But they would go against everything that makes them feel afraid to stop injustice and stand up for those who need protection.

Even though these individuals strive for a loving relationship, they have high standards, and it’s challenging for them to find a partner. They usually expect someone perfect, forgetting they’re not ideal neither.

However, when in a relationship, these men give all of them and remain faithful until the end.


People born with Neptune in Libra are among the kindest in the Zodiac. Yet, these individuals believe that society usually celebrates and expects different values. They find that those that are more self-centered and individualistic achieve more and get further in life.

Because of that, these natives tend to act cold and detached to protect themselves from hurt and manipulations.

But deep inside, they are generous and put others first. These individuals would do everything for their loved ones and dream about making the world better with their contribution.

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