Neptune in Pisces – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

There are many influences in this Universe that affect us, from our personality to the choices that we make.

Some are more obvious than others but if we look hard enough some are hidden in plain sight. In astrology, Neptune is the silent influencer with immense power.

By learning more about our sign under Neptune we can uncover a layer to our personality that we may not have been aware of.

Discovering this is exciting and can bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘personal development’.

The mysteries that lie within Neptune will cease to be an enigma once we open ourselves up to learning more.

Neptune in Pisces is mystical and magical. People who are under its influence are unique and special in a variety of ways.

So what does Neptune under Pisces mean and what can it tell us about who we are?

Neptune Influence

Neptune is the ruler of the zodiac sign Pisces, it is highly intuitive and connected with spirituality. The occult, esoteric ventures, fantasies, and dreams are all under its spell. It has a powerful hold over the subconscious mind and has an influence on our personality and life.

The imagination and any inspiration that comes to us is a result of Neptune. How we express ourselves creatively can be determined by studying our birth chart and understanding how Neptune plays into it. This planet can help us to understand our spiritual direction and our soul’s mission.

This planet rules the invisible realm. Everything that is invisible and concealed from the physical world is governed by Neptune. It is a mystical planet that is full of wonder, it holds many secrets and acts as the astrological doorway to the other realm.

Neptune was named after the Roman God of the sea. It is the only planet that is not visible to the naked eye, due to this it was only recently discovered in 1846 according to western astronomy.

It remains in a single zodiac sign for approximately 14 years. It is a slow-moving planet and so its influence on us is subtle and yet it can be powerful. It is not one to be underestimated, it can surprise us when we least expect it to.

The energy of Neptune is childlike and playful. Its youthful vibrancy can bring out a jolly and fun-loving side to those under the positive aspects of its influence. Everything that we thought wasn’t possible suddenly becomes so thanks to Neptune.

Neptune can also cause disillusion. It can pull people into unrealistic fantasies and is deceptive at times. Without realizing it we can find ourselves under the impression of rose-tinted glasses. The planet Neptune is also connected to addiction and drug use.

This planet can lure people in and take them away from reality. However, when its energy is harnessed in the right way it can be beneficial. Through Neptune, we can become more aware of our spiritual identity and achieve enlightenment.

Pisces Neptune Personality

Pisces Neptune are highly receptive to the spiritual and unseen world. They seem to float through life in a trance-like daze as they are easily distracted and side-swept by the pull of Neptune. They are entwined with the Universe and Source energy.

As mystical people, they are attracted to the supernatural and the occult. They tend to be actively engaged in practicing spiritual beliefs and maybe fluent in certain areas of New Age Thought. Out of anyone that a person will meet, Pisces Neptune are most likely to have a crystal collection or use oracle cards such as tarot.

They are also extremely interested in religion. If they are not interested in modern spirituality, spiritualism and conventional worship of God may be preferred. Whatever they believe in their faith is strong.

Pisces Neptune has an incredibly sharp intuition. They trust their gut and will not hesitate to listen to their inner guidance system. If something is telling them not to go down a certain route or say yes to an opportunity they will follow its advice.

People with this placement are in tune with who they are. They know that they are spiritual beings and are aware of their conscious being. They actively nurture their innate spiritual abilities and try to increase the potency of their gifts whenever they can.

As children, people may have noticed that they are extremely gifted and bright. Many have experiences where they were able to see things that adults couldn’t.

Without understanding why this could have scared them and others, especially those who are deeply religious.

However, in their later years, Pisces Neptune will come to appreciate their talents and abilities. They are something to be celebrated and must be embraced. Once they open up their mind to the influence of Neptune they will be given a glimpse into the Universe.

As natural psychics, they can predict future events with accuracy. They may experience what seems to be Deja Vu often, however this is the higher powers giving them spiritual insights. This powerful trait can bring them many benefits throughout their life.

They fantasize and dream often. Their head always seems to be in the clouds as their mind conjures up endless scenarios. To that end, Pisces Neptune has immense creative energy.

Pisces Neptune is selfless, they are always trying to assist others. If they were down to their last dollar they would find a way to give away two. They are always thinking of others and putting them first.

Emotionally they are very sensitive. Both external and internal triggers can set them off on a plight where they go deep inside of themselves. When they are hurt they will close themselves off to the world and reflect with introspection.

However, under the influence of both Pisces and Neptune, they are easily led astray. They can be blinded by what they think and feel. Their imagination can take over from their logic and produce illusions that lead them astray and shatter their vision.

They can be naive with their dreams and can toe the line between what is real and made up. The closer they are to the spiritual world, the further they are pulled away from earth. Pisces Neptune must learn how to ground themselves to avoid this pattern.

Holding spiritual views and practicing them is amazing, however Pisces Neptune can be one-sided. They are so caught up in the invisible world that they become too detached from the physical. They must find balance in order to have harmony in their mind and soul.

It is important for Pisces Neptune to be aware of this. They are on a path to enlightenment, being sidetracked by illusions that distort their perception of reality.

If they fail to address they may find that their fantasies are shattered when they are forced back to reality by negative circumstances.

Pisces Neptune Woman

The Pisces Neptune woman is one of the most open-minded people around. They are free from judgment and accept that they do not have all the answers. No matter who she comes across she views them with love and affection.

As she is highly aware she tends to live in the present moment. To this end, she is positive and upbeat, no matter what her circumstances are or what happened in the past she knows that they cannot impact her unless she lets it.

Her energy is infectious. Everyone that she comes across is drawn in by her vibration. There is something about her that acts like a magnet, attracting those that want to be near her and people who need healing.

However, she is very sensitive to other people’s energy. Their negativity and general frequency are sucked into her vortex which she can feel on a physical level. She must put up healthy barriers to prevent herself from being drained.

Not only does the Pisces Neptune woman have a great imagination, but she can also tap into the minds of people around her. What they are thinking and feeling are revealed to her through Neptune. She has a clear view and sharp senses.

The Pisces Neptune woman is very emotional. It is easy to hurt her feelings and she does not respond well to criticism. At times it can feel like people are walking on eggshells around her.

To help her on her self development journey, she must learn not to take everything so personally. What she may believe to be an attack could have good intentions, however, she will never know unless she finds some emotional stability.

At the same time, she is paradoxically in tune with her emotions. There is never a moment when she does not understand why she feels the way she does. She knows what is affecting her but she struggles with her sensitivity to external and internal factors.

The Pisces Neptune woman fantasizes about love. She is enamored by the idea of falling for someone and being swept off her feet. The idea of being whisked away on a romantic break or being surprised by a candlelit dinner fills her heart with joy.

Her partner needs to be someone that can keep up with her and fulfill her desires. She dreams of being spoiled and treated like a queen, and so she should be. The right partner for her will embrace this side of her and take her on a journey of romance and happiness.

The Pisces Neptune woman is a gentle soul. Even when she opens her heart and mind to others she is viewed as mysterious and ethereal. The contents of her thoughts hold gems that light up the lives of those around her.

She is always dreaming and fantasizing about anything her mind can imagine. Due to this, she is a master of manifestation. If she can feel it and visualize it, then it will materialize into her life with ease.

Energetic and free-thinking, the Pisces Neptune woman is always looking for deeper meaning in her life.

Meditation is something that she can excel in as she will receive visions easily from above. She gravitates toward anything that can help her to find her purpose in this life.

The Pisces Neptune woman knows how to dazzle those around her. She can surprise people with her views on the physical and spiritual world.

A conversation with her is never boring, the twists and turns in her stories from her imagination keep her listeners on the edge of their seats.

Still, waters run deep, this is the perfect way to describe the Pisces Neptune woman. Though she can seem quiet and pensive, on the inside she is absorbing everything around her. She is incredibly special and spectacular.

Famous Pisces Neptune Women:

Elizabeth I, Calamity Jane, and Emmeline Pankhurst.

Pisces Neptune Man

Like their female counterpart, the Pisces Neptune man is sensitive. He does not like to reveal his emotional side too often and can close himself off when he needs some space and a time out.

He is emotionally intelligent and can understand his feelings to a high degree. Though he may back away when he is upset, he won’t bury his feelings. He will deal with them in his own way and will not entertain toxic masculinity by pretending that his feelings don’t exist.

He is creatively gifted and can express himself in unique ways through artistic activities. The double influence of Neptune means that his inspiration comes from the divine. Anything that he creates using his energy will provide an insight into his mysterious mind.

He is very spiritual and is guided by the higher powers. He is comfortable exploring the full potential of his mind and believes in his power as a spiritual being. Nothing can shake his faith, the experiences that he has had with the spiritual world is enough for him to believe.

The Pisces Neptune man is open to learning more about who he is. The questions, ‘what is my purpose?’ and ‘where am I going?’ are typical for him to entertain. To those who are more logical, he may come across as dreamy and skittish.

Self and spiritual development are important to him. The growth that he receives through introspection and outside council is something that he aspires to improve upon.

There is so much out there that he is yet to come across and understand, he is hungry to fill these gaps in his knowledge.

He is extremely deep and uses his mind in ways that others don’t. He is not distracted by material items and is not concerned by his earthly value. To him, building upon his spiritual connection is one of the most important things that he can do.

The metaphysical world intrigues him. He looks toward the spirits and higher power with awe.

However he does not see them as outside of him, he knows that everything in this world is reflected inside of him.

He enjoys tapping into his extrasensory gifts and connects with the Universe through the portal in his mind. He can be transported to other dimensions and through the gates of the spiritual work by using his imagination. To him, there is no difference between what occurs in his fantasies and what exists in the invisible realm.

The Pisces Neptune man will stand by people when they are going through a hard time. He is self-sacrificing, considerate, and compassionate. He can feel what others feel and help them to heal their pain.

His feelings and fantasies make him the dream lover. He is affectionate, warm, and inviting. By using his powers he can tell if his partner is unhappy and will quickly remedy any issues between them. Being in touch with emotions makes him a dream come true in the relationship department.

He enjoys surprising his partner and will thoughtfully pick out gifts for them, knowing that they will love what they receive. He is always respectful of his partner’s needs and will do what it takes to make sure that they are on the same page.

Whether he is someone’s lover, friend, sibling, or child, he is loving to all. His caring personality and feelings toward those that he is closest to are recognized and appreciated. Having a Pisces Neptune man around is a blessing.

The Pisces Neptune man is a delight to behold. He opens doors to new perspectives for those around him. In his presence and under his guidance one can ascend from 3-dimensional thinking to the higher planes.

Famous Pisces Neptune Men:

Nikola Tesla, Vincent Van Gogh, Sigmund Freud, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Oscar Wilde.

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