Neptune in Sagittarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Most of us know our sun sign, our moon, and our ascendant, but how many are familiar with their sign under Neptune? This incredible and mysterious planet has deep meaning. It aids in the understanding of who we are as people.

This feminine planet is a crafty one. Its influence is a small piece in the bigger picture of who we are, but it is significant nonetheless. When reading about Neptune it’s easy to understand why we feel the way that we do at certain moments in our lives.

This icy cold planet intrigues many who try to understand it. The traits of Neptune are what makes it remarkable and one of the most amazing planets in our solar system. Getting to know this planet can change the way that we view life as well as ourselves.

What lies below the surface is simply magical and the promise that it brings is exciting.

This otherworldly planet can affect us in different ways depending on which zodiac sign it is in during our birth. Neptune gives us a glimpse into why we think and feel the way that we do.

Neptune Influence

Everything from your dreams and fantasies to your intuition is controlled by Neptune. It governs your psychic experiences and your connection to everything in the invisible world. Neptune is a mystical planet that holds incredible powers over us.

Its influence can affect our reality if we let our fantasies and visions mix with our life on earth. Neptune can blur the lines between our dreams and our actual life. This can leave us feeling deceived when things don’t pan out the way that we want them to.

Neptune is referred to as a transcendental planet. It is connected to the subconscious mind and idealism. It can project our deepest desires and can also aid us in manifesting our desires.

It is the ruler of the 12th house and it is related to the zodiac sign, Pisces. This zodiac sign is known for its artistic ways and creative streak.

It is compassionate, sensitive, and intuitive. Of all the signs in the zodiac, Pisces is the most spiritual and disconnected from the physical world.

Neptune is enlightened and is one of the modernistic planets. It can bring us marvelous experiences. It frees the mind of the ego and helps us to look at life in a less materialistic way. If we let it take control we can feel ourselves floating away to the spiritual world.

There is an innocent and childlike energy surrounding Neptune. It is hopeful, faithful, and is generally optimistic. The aura of the planet Neptune can help us to find our purpose and fulfill our soul’s mission.

When our mind wanders and we suddenly return back into our bodies this is Neptune working its magic on us. Its influence is undeniable. Daydreaming is such a fun activity to do as it unleashes our inner child.

The planet Neptune resides under a zodiac sign for approximately 14 years.

The planet, therefore, affects generations of people. The last group of people who were under Neptune in Sagittarius was born between the years 1970 to 1984.

It takes approximately 165 years for Neptune to move through the zodiac sign. As a slow-moving planet, it’s effect is subtle and can take a while to show. However, when it does it is impactful.

Sagittarius Neptune Personality

The adventurous spirit of Sagittarius has an immense impact on the hopes and dreams of Sagittarius Neptune. Their free-spirited approach to what exists beyond the physical world is evident. They are open to exploring the spirit world and learning about religion.

One of the best traits of Sagittarius Neptune is their open-minded approach to life. They dream big and are not afraid of exploring different possibilities. Nothing is unachievable and they understand that nothing is ever black and white.

However, their need for mental and imaginative exploration can mean that they never feel fulfilled. They are always searching for meaning everywhere they go. The result of this is that they struggle to feel satisfied.

People under this placement are deeply intuitive. They have a strong connection to the spirit world and can recognize the call from their higher self. Their inner wisdom is important to them and they will treasure what it has to offer with every ounce of their being.

Spirituality is a concept that interested Sagittarius Neptune. They have had many experiences with the unknown forces throughout their life. As a child, Sagittarius Neptune may have had psychic experiences that they couldn’t explain.

Sagittarius Neptune is more prone to feelings of depression as they try to find out more about themselves. Unless they are ready to look deep into their soul and face the good and the bad this could be detrimental. They need to learn to take one moment at a time.

Activities that make Sagittarius Neptune are those that give them the opportunity to explore their mind. Yoga and meditation are particularly favorable. Creative visualization is incredible for Sagittarius Neptune, they can go where they want and let their daydreams carry them away.

Sagittarius Neptune has a keen interest in the arts and is stimulated by visual activities. Reading, writing, watching films, creating pottery… the list is endless. If it sparks their creative mind then they will happily get involved in it.

The mind of Sagittarius Neptune is intelligent. They like to be mentally stimulated and happily engage in conversations that challenge their way of thinking. Debates around travel, spirituality, and religion are welcomed with open arms.

They like to learn new things and will get stuck into anything that gets their brain turning over. The idea of jumping on a plane and seeing the world gets their hearts racing. Sagittarius Neptune likes to imagine all the sights that they will see and the mysteries that have yet to be uncovered,

Sagittarius Neptune can find inspiration in the smallest of things. Everything is an opportunity that will open doors for them. Their insight into the world is unique and very special.

They thrive on excitement and anything that keeps their mind sharp. If something comes too easily they might not appreciate it as much. Sagittarius Neptune is known for being spontaneous, at the click of their fingers they’re off and onto the next big thing.

As a perfectionist they expect everything to be exactly how they want it to be. If not they become unhappy with their surroundings and can kick up a fuss. Instead of focusing on what has gone right, one small flaw can make them blow something out of proportion.

Their expectations can be unrealistic and this may serve as a problem in their lives. Sagittarius Neptune has issues with grounding themselves and accepting both their wins and losses. They could avoid a lot of disappointment if they learned to relax and be a bit more easy-going.

Sagittarius Neptune has an abundance of energy. Their vision of life is full of movement, color, and pleasure. They seek adrenaline and look for sources of entertainment to keep them happy.

Sagittarius Nepture Woman

The Sagittarius Neptune woman expects life to play out exactly how it is in her dreams. Every whimsical idea and thought that she has is part of her view of what life should be like. There is a playfulness air and light heartened nature about her expectations.

She dreams of freedom where she can live without limitations or baggage. The thought of being mentally constrained is exhausting. She loves her independent mind and carries herself like the leader she is.

It is impossible to catch her changing her opinions or views because of someone else’s influence. Her beliefs are her own and there is nothing anyone can do to change that. Her views on life can often be pioneering.

On the flip side, she also has a gullible side. If a concept is presented to her in a way that appeals to her adventurous side she will jump on board. This side of her demonstrates how unreliable she can be.

The Sagittarius Neptune woman is curious, her mind is constantly active and her imagination is full of life. In the privacy of her mind, she is free to be as wild and crazy as she wants to be. Any opportunity where she can close her eyes and go into her own world of joy is perfect.

If she can harness her imaginative side she can create the life that she wants. It is not hard for her to manifest the things that she wants, however she is impatient. Once she puts her intentions out into the Universe she expects it to come fast!

The Sagittarius Neptune woman can be indecisive at times. Her ambitions and dreams can flit from one idea to the next. As her mind shifts and changes, her thoughts and ideas will become bigger and grander.

When the Sagittarius Neptune woman’s intuition speaks to her she will listen intensely. She follows her gut and is a good judge of character. Her strong mind means that she is in tune with the Universe.

This may get her into trouble throughout her life. Though she is open-minded to new opportunities she can close herself off if anything stands in her way. The interesting mix of her stubbornness and free-spirited nature makes her hard to pin down.

Generally speaking, the Sagittarius Neptune woman is like a hippy. Peace and love is her motto. She can look beyond the egotistical ways of the world and understands that we are more than our physical bodies. The rules of society do not apply to her way of thinking.

The Sagittarius Neptune woman is deeply philosophical and is always questioning life. She is passionate about exploring life and finding out the secrets of the Universe. She is an avid learner and an excellent student.

In love and friendship, the Sagittarius Neptune woman will connect with someone on a spiritual level first. They try to decipher whether someone is who they should invest their time in. Though they do this with a good-natured attitude.

She enjoys soul connections and her relationships are important to her. She enjoys meeting people who are as free-spirited as she is. Anyone that can tell her stories and get her to use her imagination is someone she can get on board with.

The Sagittarius Neptune woman can get carried away with her dreamy thoughts. It’s not uncommon to find her with her head in the clouds. She will dream in detail and have a vivid picture in her mind.

Trying to catch the Sagittarius Neptune woman’s attention while she is fantasizing can prove to be difficult. Interrupting her daydreams will be met with annoyance as she is pulled away from her ideal world. If she could live in her technicolored mind, she absolutely would.

Sagittarius Nepture Man

The Sagittarius Neptune man knows exactly when something is going to happen before it does. He will get an inkling and will turn his attention toward his higher power. The voice that speaks from within is one that he is familiar with and he will always listen.

He has a creative mind and everything in his imagination is like his kingdom. Whatever he says goes, and that’s just how he likes it. He likes to escape reality and will intentionally dream away.

His imagination makes him an amazing lover. He will think up new and exciting ways to make his lover happy. The Sagittarius Neptune man likes to come up with new ideas that his partner has not experienced before.

The wild and adventurous side of his mind is sometimes incompatible with everyday life. The reality is that some thoughts and ideas are just better suited to staying in his imagination. However, he will persist if he wants to make something happen.

Outlandish is the best way to describe how far the Sagittarius Neptune man’s imagination goes. There are no limits and no boundaries to what goes on in his mind. His secretive side makes sure that people do not know how bizarre his thoughts can be.

Quite often he will fantasize about sexual fantasies. Can sometimes be more than the average man (excluding Scorpios of course). They may involve frequently changing partners and in exotic locations.

His dreams are always fun. If anyone were to open up his mind they would find it hard to leave. It’s like a party for one in his head. This is also reflected in his view of the world.

His outlook on life is enthusiastic and optimistic. He has a childlike wonder when considers the possibilities that life can bring. If he wants to make his thoughts part of his reality he has the energy to make it happen.

His mind is always on the go, there’s no stopping him. Once a thought comes into his mind and it tickles his fancy he will hold on to it. The Sagittarius Neptune man has an overactive imagination that just won’t quit.

This is part of his charm, and he has many. The way that he thinks is a strong trait in the Sagittarius Neptune man. To him, using his creative mind is what makes life interesting and adventurous.

If he were stranded on a desert island his imagination could keep him occupied and entertained for years to come. The Sagittarius Neptune man is incredibly passionate about life and will give all to any activity,

The Sagittarius Neptune man can appreciate a good book or movie as it pushes him to explore the boundaries of his mind. These activities satisfy his need for mental and creative stimulation. Anything that is fiction or nonfiction can put him in a good mood.

He likes to grab life by the horns and is spiritually guided to seek out knowledge. He abhors ignorance and likes to be kept up to date with current events and news. Every time he learns something new it is like he is discovering a new side to himself.

The Sagittarius Neptune man is poetic. No one is quite like him. His individuality should be celebrated and is praised by the people that he meets.

He enjoys seeing the world and is the first in line when it comes to adventure. The time that he spends traveling is like therapy for him. There is never a dull moment when he is around, especially when he is on the go.

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