Pallas in Aquarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

The real gems of our birth charts are the ones that tell details and tie all parts together into a meaningful analysis that gives a whole picture of our lives.

Planets, comets, and asteroids are among these, often overlooked, elements.

Each of them helps us gain insights into why we are the way we are and how to use our strengths and weaknesses.

Thanks to that, we can improve ourselves, leverage what makes us unique, and address what causes challenges in our lives.

Pallas is one of these placements that provide us with details and accurate roadmaps of ourselves.

Pallas – History and meaning

Like Ceres, Juno, and Vesta, with who it shares the asteroid belt, Pallas carries the name that originates from mythology. Pallas Athena was Jupiter’s daughter (known as Zeus in Greek myths).

Pallas became the goddess of war, but she was also the ruler of poetry, artisans, wisdom, intellect, and crafts. She was strong, opinionated, and determined.

Pallas never lost any battle, and she was intelligent, clever, and competitive. Because of that, this asteroid represents the ability to negotiate without hurting or sacrificing anyone.

Overall, Pallas stands for strong-willed women in one’s life and their capacity of teaching others how to stand up for themselves. She represents the left side of the brain, calculations, strategy, and logic.

Pallas is about how we make complicated decisions that affect our relationships.

This asteroid is also about how we calm ourselves when something makes us lose our temper.

Thus, it shows how we adapt to new environments and how we leverage our logic in the process.

What does that mean for the horoscope sign Aquarius?

Aquarius – Freedom-loving, friendly, futuristic

Aquarius natives are intelligent, visionaries, and talented. They are forward-thinking and always look to the future instead of looking back.

These individuals typically have pure hearts and a desire to improve the world. They dream about giving power to the people and building a utopia without governments, terrorism, and corruption.

They have revolutionary minds and innovative ideas. These natives often can’t sleep at night because various projects keep them awake. They are restless and don’t like sitting still.

Instead, these natives enjoy being on the move, exploring, testing, and being active. But more than anything, these natives love to keep their brains in shape. They are not that passionate about physical activity and prefer mental stimulation.

Aquarius is terrified of falling in love and losing the one they love. It is why they prefer to be alone and not let anyone enter their heart.

But these natives can rarely fight their hearts when they meet like-minded people who share their values and ideas. When they fall in love, they are loyal and devoted.

Overall, Aquarius is nonconformist, unconventional, and future-oriented. They love breaking the rules and dream about living in a world where regular people have control. These natives are sincere, visionaries, and logical.

What happens when Pallas finds itself in a visionary sun sign like Aquarius?

Pallas in Aquarius – General traits and personality

People born with Pallas in Aquarius are passionate about possibilities, how the future might look, and what course the world could take. They spend hours imagining other galaxies and whether there could be another reality.

These individuals rarely think about mundane things. They prefer to be in the clouds than surrounded by walls of ordinary life.

They are imaginative and intelligent. These natives believe humans should dedicate themselves to exploring space, seeking outer worlds, and finding other species. They rarely think in the here-and-now direction.

Instead, these individuals already left Earth a long time ago and live in the future in their minds.

That isn’t to say that they can’t cope with reality. Those born with this placement function perfectly in day-to-day life, but they’re never genuinely present. They are often anxious about the future and how their lives will turn out to be. B

ut even more, these natives are curious to know how humanity will look in a few decades or hundreds of years.

Although they love their freedom and spending time on their own, they aren’t individualistic.

These individuals often have a tribal mindset and wish all people could work together and contribute to the same goal. They believe the world lacks collaboration, understanding, and compassion.

Altruistic and compassionate

These natives have altruistic personalities and believe humanity could get far if people could end the violence and wars. The cruelty and selfishness disappoint them and break their spirits.

These individuals are sensitive and feel the pain of other people. They suffer when they see how many persons live on the margins of society, dying from hunger.

These individuals are also affected by animal cruelty and find it hard to believe people are capable of such barbarism.

Even though they would love to unsee the violence, they’re well aware of everything going on in the world. Because of that, these natives tend to be inherently depressed, thinking that fighting for a better world is hopeless.

They are dreamers and believe most people leave the world with unused potential. These individuals dream from an early age about helping persons become the best versions of themselves. They usually choose professions in the humanitarian field.

Despite their desire for improving society, these natives can predict what events are the most likelier to happen.

In a way, they can forecast the future, relying on their knowledge, previous experiences, and intuition. These natives could also be stellar futurists due to their ability to connect the dots and identify domino effects of global events.

Moreover, they’re ideal for futuristic professions, including drone technologies, 3D printing, space tourism, and social media.

These individuals can predict trends and analyze potential scenarios and possibilities. They often have an edgy aura, and people might perceive them as intimidating.

Future-oriented and intelligent

These natives are open-minded and can adapt their communicational style to their interlocutor, but they’re at their best when with like-minded people. They feel more comfortable with persons who see things how they could be instead of how they are.

These individuals usually use their enthusiasm for the future and intelligence to create new devices, technologies, or trends.

Even though they’re interested in contemporary things, they’re rarely mainstream-oriented.

Moreover, these individuals tend to feel lonely as not many people can understand their way of thinking. They are prone to mood swings, anxiety, and depression.

These natives could have the most fulfilling lives possible, but external circumstances and events could easily make them feel hopeless.

Despite being curious about the future, they are also highly nostalgic and miss the way things used to be.

People born with Pallas in Aquarius are complex beings and rarely feel comfortable in their own skin. They often believe they’re not good enough and they’re not doing everything in their power to improve the world.

These individuals are terrified of not leaving their legacy and being forgotten. They would love to do or create something that generations after them would remember.

These natives tend to believe the time is their worst enemy and life is too short to do everything they want.

They are not overly romantic nor interested in relationships. These natives would love to focus on their projects, discoveries, and undertakings.

Hence, they often see love as a distraction that prevents them from accomplishing what they want. But when they start a relationship with someone, they are devoted and loyal.

Overall, those born with this placement are intelligent, visionaries, and curious. But they find it challenging to live in the moment because they’re too anxious about the future.

Woman with Pallas in Aquarius

Women born with Pallas in Aquarius are determined and focused on contributing to society. They’re generous and care about other people’s well-being. These females often neglect themselves trying to help others or create something that could make a difference. They believe that living for themselves is not enough and they should do something more for the world to remember them.

Although these females aren’t selfish, they care about their legacy and what will stay after they’re gone. They are curious and see things for what they could be instead of what they are. These women are visionaries and unstoppable when it comes to their plans.

But they’re also emotional and sensitive. It’s easy to hurt these women or trigger them to act on their emotions due to their empathy and compassion. They often feel guilty for living in a particular way because others have less. These females struggle with a sense of hopelessness when they don’t find a solution to someone’s problem.

They feel heartbroken seeing their loved ones suffer. Because of that, these women tend to avoid forming profound connections because they’re terrified of losing those they love.

However, when they fall in love, they’re utterly loyal and never let go.

Man with Pallas in Aquarius

Men born with Pallas in Aquarius are nostalgic, intelligent, and visionaries. They enjoy helping others and feel broken when something prevents them from finding a solution. These males are honest and sensitive.

Despite being future-oriented, they’re often terrified of how fast everything changes.

Because of that, these males also struggle with intense nostalgia and looking back to the past. They often idealize what’s long gone and live in anxiety about what’s about to come.

However, these men can predict the trends and prepare their response, even though they might dislike it.

They often find comfort in their jobs or scientific projects and spend most of their time working. These males tend to avoid romantic relationships because they’re afraid of getting close to people. They don’t want to be hurt, abandoned, or lose their loved ones.

However, men born with Pallas in Aquarius are loyal and tend to spend their lives with one person without ever wanting anyone else. It takes a lot for them to fall in love, but once they do, it’s for a long time.


People born with Pallas in Aquarius are empathetic, intelligent and interested in what the future brings. They enjoy helping others, and it hurts them deeply when they’re not able to do so.

Despite their ability to predict future trends and events, these natives are also highly nostalgic and find it challenging how fast everything changes.

But they are adaptable and can handle transformations and evolve in the process.

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