Pallas in Libra – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Every aspect of astrology has its place. Whether it’s big or small, the influence that they all have on our birth chart is hard to miss. They make us who we are, from the good to the bad – and we should celebrate and understand every angel of it.

Astrology is remarkable and so much can be learned by looking into our birth chart.

In particular, The influence of Pallas stands out as an underestimated part of our personality. It can give us a detailed view of various elements of ourselves.


The mighty asteroid Pallas is the embodiment of the Greek Goddess of war and creative intelligence.

Through the energy of Pallas Athena, who it was named after, we are given the powers that we need to win wars and beat battles.

Pallas determines how we solve conflicts and deal with problems. From the gentle souls to the abrasive brutes, it can tell us the steps that we take in this area.

Everything from what we do when we encounter a dispute to finding a common ground is controlled by this astrological body.

It also stands for how we fight against injustice. Some of us may act as humanitarians, Pallas can show us who we are and how deeply we care about the plight of others. It can also indicate our response to legal issues.

Pallas is multifaceted and is also related to the arts, wisdom, and defense. It is also said to explain how our immune system fights against disease.

The impact of Pallas is never straightforward, it is full of many factors and can affect different areas of our lives.

It is also said to control how we respond to authority figures. For women, this is especially true as it can determine how their relationship is with their father.

If they have strained relations with them, this could be due to Pallas.

Libra Pallas Personality

Finding balance is a fundamental element to Libra Pallas’ strategic thinking. If there is instability between others they will work to find a happy medium. They strive to create solutions that act in the favor of all involved.

Libra Pallas is an active seeker of justice. They are the symbol of egalitarianism and uphold their principles in all that they do. The symbol for the Libra Zodiac sign is the scales of justice, depicting their need for virtue.

The fight for equality is one that they are firmly invested in. It is a topic that they are passionate about and are working on. Any kind of discrimination to them is abhorrent and they will do everything in their power to create a kinder world.

If there is a way that peace can be achieved, Libra Pallas knows how to achieve it. They will exhaust all options until everyone is satisfied. In the midst of conflict, they are the referee and the person who is trying to break up the fight.

Achieving fairness is their objective. Libra Pallas will try to understand what everybody needs to move forward and will then work out a plan. Unless everyone is happy and satisfied, they believe that they haven’t done their job to the highest standard.

For Libra Pallas, the best option to solve problems is through mediation or taking the legal route. They think that the professional route can help everyone to work through their problems. They believe in the system and advocate for its use to heal issues between those who are aggrieved.

No matter how extreme or different the opposing views are, Libra Pallas can heal any rift. They know how to bring people together and help them to see eye to eye. They are diplomats and are always neutral.

To this end, they can benefit from activities such as Tai Chi and polarity therapy. They also make excellent counselors and perform well in this area as a career choice. Through their work, they can create harmony and serenity.

Libra Pallas Woman
The Libra Pallas woman is tactful in her approach to resolving conflict. Her sensitivity to everyone’s problems means that she does not want to cause upset. She is respectful and gentle in the manner that she conducts herself.

She is an excellent communicator and prefers to solve problems through talking. This way, everyone can get their point across and she can offer her pearls of wisdom that will help to solve the problem.

She is both logical and emotional in her strategy, feigning both passion for the situation at hand and a need for rationale. She cares deeply about injustice and is invested in the outcome of resolving conflicts. Working with common sense is important to her.

She has a charm about her. There’s something about the way that she presents herself that settles tensions. They are very honest and will share their thoughts on any issues, however they will do so in a conscientious way.

When tempers flare, she is the cooling and calming influence. The Libra Pallas woman is always supportive of others and considerate. She has her unique way of dealing with problems.

Her outlook on life is idealistic. She likes to see the positives in everything and will give people the benefit of the doubt.

The Libra Pallas woman has high hopes that conflicts and problems can be easily resolved.

The Libra Pallas woman likes to learn in a social setting. She enjoys having the opportunity to discuss the topics and gain an objective view. Interactive learning is ideal for her, she likes to ask questions and hear different viewpoints.

Unfortunately, indecisiveness is an inner conflict that she faces. She can change her mind quite swiftly with each point of view that she comes across.

Although she is always fair and balanced, in her mind she may sway from one side to the next in her personal opinion.

However, to maintain peace she may not vocalize this. If she did speak her mind this would contradict her efforts to resolve her and other people’s problems.

Instead, she may internalize this and bear the brunt of her emotions.

When things don’t go her way it can seem as if the world is ending to her.

As much as she wants to restore peace and order, she can struggle to see the bigger picture. Her downfall is the self-pitying attitude that she sometimes finds herself in.

The Libra Pallas woman may also have unresolved issues with her father. She is potentially a daddy’s girl, but she can struggle with unrequited feelings or problems with attachment.

Libra Pallas Man

The Libra Pallas man is the prince that comes to rescue the damsel (or dude!) in distress. He is charming and uses this trait to create a warmer and friendly environment. In the midst of a dispute, he is the peacemaker.

He is committed to helping others, however this can become a conflict as he does not like confrontation with others. As his Pallas is ruled by Venus, he has an appreciation for love and pleasure over anger and hate.

His non-threatening vibe can reduce animosity and resentment in even the most dramatic of situations. He has a balanced temperament and is affectionate toward those in need.

The Libra Pallas man is cool, calm, and collected in any scenario.

The Libra Pallas man will weigh up every option before making a decision. He will solidify his thoughts and come to a conclusion once he is confident that it will work for all that are involved. His sympathetic outlook and sensitivity help him to resolve conflicts.

When he is in the middle of a conflict, he knows the right thing to say. The power of his words has a deep effect on everyone and can help everyone to understand each other. This is an amazing talent that he possesses.

His silver tongue can get him out of arguments. He can also change his mannerisms and views to be liked by the people around him.

Although he is sincere with his intentions, this can come across as being sly.

He is intelligent and can come up with wonderful, creative ideas. He appreciates the beauty that the world has to offer and likes to have class. He is an easygoing man whose creative talents are overshadowed by his laid-back attitude toward life.

The Libra Pallas man is one who will stand up and fight against injustice. He would work well as a politician or diplomat. He likes to operate within the law and will be the first one to start peace negotiations.

He is happy to work under the guidance of a figure of authority. He will choose employers based on how fair they are to their employees and the equal treatment of staff members.

However, if the scales are tipped and unbalanced he will look elsewhere.

When studying and learning, the Libra Pallas man is the type to do well in group projects. He will be organized and expect everyone to contribute. To him, this is a fun way to develop his intellectual abilities.

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