Part of Fortune in Gemini

When drawing up horoscopes, the calculation of Sade Sati is especially popular – the period when the strongest blows of fate should be expected.

However, there is such a concept in fate as the Pars of Fortune, and when it falls out in the natal chart, life, on the contrary, enters a state of magical luck.

Soul, material condition, thoughts, everything comes into harmony – you just need to catch this chance. Which, unlike Sade Sachi, drops out much more often.

Part of Fortune – Meaning and Symbolism

The expression “the stars converged” has a clear basis, since Providence assigns each person a chance to obtain ideal happiness. Nothing will fall from the sky; you need to build your own well-being.

However, many external influences in the world can both nullify all efforts to naught and plunge into the magical world of total luck.

It is the latter that explains what the Pars of Fortune is in the natal chart – it is the intersection of those very “stars” under which everything that is thought comes true.

There is no horoscope where this element is absent.

However, there is a chance not to seize the moment out of ignorance or your own inexperience. What does the Point of Happiness or the Lot of Fortune, as they also call pars of fortune, speak about?

That the time has come for: making an easy profit, expected or unexpected; remission after a long illness, until complete recovery; family harmony, home peace, reconciliation after quarrels; gaining personal freedom, harmony of the soul.

However, the real meaning of the point is no longer associated with material goods, but with a special state of mind. As if the portals of the Universe are opening, through which liberating wisdom enters the soul. Everything starts to bring joy.

Everything starts to work out by itself. All possibilities suddenly appear before the eyes, they become visible.

Although earlier they were in the same place, the weight of obsession prevented them from seeing them. It is not immediately possible to recognize this moment without preparation.

Often a person realizes that now is a special period. However, he cannot apply it correctly, since there are nuances.

However, you should not worry about lost sight – unlike Sade Sati, the Lot of Happiness returns every year, and enters its peak every 12 years. Therefore, it is useful to know and calculate it in advance.

Independent Calculation of the Pars of Fortune It is easy to independently calculate the Wheel of Fortune in the natal chart, knowing the degree of your Ascendant, natal Sun and natal Moon.

The formula is made up of the difference between the degrees of the Sun and the Moon, added with the degree of Ascendant.

Thus, the most successful years for cardinal changes in the life of the owner of the horoscope will be the years when he turns 12, 24, 36, 48, and so on, years. No wonder.

After all, exactly the same cycle has the happiest planet in astrology – Jupiter. Perhaps this is where the mystery of the brilliant Takeoff Point lies.

However, the astrological Wheel of Fortune is remarkable for the fact that it has not stood still for 12 years. It rolls through the Houses, overshadowing each zone with its grace.

Therefore, within a year, a person has an additional chance to improve some specific area of ​​his life. How do you know which one and when?

The first question will help to understand the interpretation. Having learned the location of the point of Luck at a particular moment, it is enough to read the ready-made description of the message that carries its position.

Gemini – Meaning and Symbolism

Young, usually slender, extremely tall or short, with graceful movements, even when he has a slightly boyish demeanor, he has beautiful hands and feet. He has a lighter complexion, mostly brown; he likes to paint in blue, often platinum blue or to pull out strands. Her goal is to look like a fatal woman, but she always, more or less, leaves the impression of an unprotected girl.

She is not persistent, but she is often capricious. It is easy to influence. She is very adaptable and resourceful. If she forces a youthful appearance, she can be very sensible and calculated, and when she “plays” a cold businessperson, a vulnerable person eager for attention hides under that mask.

When she does not know how to deal with problems, she resorts to reasonable solutions to make sure she does not make mistakes. She is talkative, but not open. She is cordial, she likes to flatter, but she is not always honest. He never tries to grow up completely, because he always finds a protector – parents, wife, partner or friends.

If she is engaged in art, she can mostly be capricious, but she is always great. If she is engaged in some more specific business, such as banking and finance, she is extremely precise; she can be quite a despot as a boss. He often works as a journalist or works in the media. She is extremely resourceful and is able to gather information that is not available to anyone.

She is professional if she is motivated, but she is constantly dissatisfied. He prefers to spend money than to earn it himself, however, when he stumbles and decides to create wealth; he will create it from nothing.

She enters into emotional relationships early and marries very young, often for first love. As she gets older, she becomes more and more attached to much older and successful men who impress her. As a mistress, she is very bad.

She is often frustrated or obsessive when it comes to sex, because she uses the sphere of sexuality to manipulate others. She tries to rule a man in a nice way, she imposes herself smoothly, and in fact, she is very calculated.

It is her only way to deal with herself, because she is afraid to indulge in emotions. She can be very possessive and jealous, and even when she is no longer with her partner; she likes to interfere in his life.

She does not like her family to interfere in her life. He leaves home early and lives independently. There are not always great relationships with siblings. If her parents or relatives need her help, she does as much as she can.

When she starts her family, she is great as a mother. He maintains a friendly relationship with the children and tries to make them independent as soon as possible. As a homemaker, she is very practical in furnishing the apartment, a little eccentric; she likes to have modern appliances.

Her lungs, bronchi, hands are sensitive; she has rheumatism, stomach problems based on nerves and nervous crises. As a driver, she is much better than a man born in the sign of Gemini is.

Part of Fortune in Gemini – Meaning and Symbolism

A person with such a position of the Part of Fortune strives for everything permanent and lasting and is not interested in superficial and fleeting pleasures. He wants to know the meaning and benefits of all things so that he can build a lasting future.

His joy is based on his ability to support and develop the essence of life. This is an example of the positive energies of the Part of Impartial Consciousness in Scorpio directed into matter and the way this is expressed through the Part of Fortune.

If the powers of Scorpio are viewed negatively, a person sees only the destruction, decay and chaos of the world.

A person with a Part of Fortune in Taurus knows that people can be defeated by a lack of patience arising from the fact that things do not materialize instantly. He observes the unstable and unpredictable situations that a person encounters in life.

Identifying with them means losing your own sense of stability. Taurus energy represents cohesion and support, while Scorpio’s negative expression can represent destruction instead of transmutation.

This person must understand that there is a need for destruction, that destruction and completion are part of the process of creation. If he wants to be happy, then his role in this process is to forge a powerful and meaningful foundation. Destruction must be seen as transformation.

This person likes to take a break, but while resting, he does not feel happy. He would be more comfortable working towards progress, no matter how slow. It must be firm enough to guarantee that distant day when he can truly rest in the reliability he has created.

Here rest and slow progress are examples of the Piece of Impartial Consciousness in Scorpio – rebirth and growth.

One of the greatest joys of the Taurus Portion of Fortune is achieving personal love and expressing it on the physical plane.

However, there is a big difference between the sexuality of Taurus and Scorpio. With the Taurus Part of Fortune, a person does not share sexuality and love. This artificial division causes the experience of the lower levels of Scorpio, which is detrimental to the true purpose of Taurus.

Taurus sexuality is always about building a meaningful union based on warmth, sincerity, and commitment.

Through the Piece of Impartial Consciousness in Scorpio, a person can become an observer of what is viewed and perceived as a misuse of sexuality.

Scorpio seeks to allow relationship and love to be a well from which the warm waters of pure emotion are drawn to nourish the inner life of a person, making it possible for its transformation.

This is one of the functions of Mars and Pluto, acting from the position of managing the water sign.

A person with a Part of Fortune in Taurus is happy when he knows where he is going.

Hindering external conditions and people must be considered impartially. One of their weaknesses is their tendency to feel like a target and then react negatively to it.

A clear look at this sensation, supported by the ability to understand emotions (which is given by the Part of Impartial Consciousness in Scorpio), will show him that this is not so.

Perhaps he just happened to be in this position, and that is all. While one of the greatest strengths of a person is the ability to hold on to something or to retain something, negative identification with a Piece of Impartial Consciousness in Scorpio can waste his energy by remaining dissatisfied with what happened in the past.

In order for the energy of Taurus to work in the best possible way, a person must learn not to block the energy of Scorpio, which tends to destroy and transform what is done. He must learn to preserve without losing sight of what he seeks to build.

This person is extremely slow in making changes in life patterns.

However, his ability to establish and maintain long-term and meaningful patterns will bring him great happiness. He takes pleasure in understanding, which creates an inner reliability that everyone can rely on.


The energy of Taurus is the energy of peaceful existence in harmony with the forces of nature. This is one of the few signs of the zodiac, thanks to which a person can experience satisfaction.

Taurus is a very “giving” sign. The more a person tries to console and calm dissatisfied people, the more he will disturb his own peace of mind when negatively identified with a Part of Impartial Consciousness in Scorpio.

A person can best interact with the energy of Taurus, learning to live and allowing others to live and appreciating all the completeness that exists in life.

While Scorpio’s intensity has a place in life, it should not be negative.

When one remembers that this basic power is beneficial, if it is directed towards exploration, study, spiritual search and growth through generation and rebirth, an important expression of this intensity can be found.

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