Uranus in Aquarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Mythological meaning. In Roman mythology, there is no such deity, therefore, unlike other planets, this one has a Greek name.

Uranus – the god of the sky, the husband of Gaia, the head of the first generation of gods – was overthrown and emasculated by his son Cronus (among the Romans – Saturn).

Uranus comes from nothing and creates from nothing.

Uranus – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Occult meaning – patron of astrology, father of gods, creator of earthly forms, generator of ideas, anarchist and transformer of spiritual knowledge. Astrological significance.

The discovery of Uranus sparked debate among astrologers about its place in astrology.

On the one hand, it looked like a blow to astrology, since it turned out that there are planets that astrology did not take into account for many centuries and thus seemed to be mistaken; on the other hand, it became possible to explain errors in astrological forecasts by the existence of planets not yet discovered.

This gave astrologers a reason to substantiate their theories to introduce hypothetical planets, claiming that they exist, but have not yet been discovered.

Most astrologers agreed that Uranus is responsible for the latent and unexpected blows of fate (which, perhaps, reflects their own moods after the discovery of this planet). According to the most common modern views, Uranus is the highest octave of Mercury.

It symbolizes the ability of a person to interact with the energy of the Cosmos, to be included in its energy-information flows.

Also indicates the destruction of the old, reforms, revolutionary transformations.

He is subject to such concepts as suddenness, unforeseen excitement, unexpected tension, unexpected events, nervousness, restlessness, and spontaneous abrupt changes.

This is the planet of astronomers, astrologers, scientists in general. Revolutionary and extremist of the Zodiac, planet of surprises. He finds a kindred energy in Aquarius.

The position of Uranus in the signs of the Zodiac shows how a person manifests a desire for freedom, for the disclosure of individuality, for the awareness of his life as a kind of integrity.

Due to the slow speed of movement, Uranus affects an entire generation, for it stays in each sign for a rather long time.

Uranus, which was only discovered in 1781, consists – like Jupiter and Saturn – for the most part of gas.

As with Neptune, much of this gas is frozen, which is why it is also known as the ice giant. Its discoverer Wilhelm Herschel initially called it “Georg stern”;

It was not until 1850 that the name proposed by Johann Elert Bode based on the Greek god Uranus prevailed. In astrology, this first planet discovered “post-ancient” represents the ideals of the French Revolution, which began almost at the same time: freedom, equality, fraternity.

Mythology – Uranus (“heaven”) is one of the oldest gods in Greece. He is considered the son of the still virgin Gaia (“earth”) and the beginning of the male element in the world. As the progenitor of all life, gods like Cyclops go back to him.

According to the myth, however, he could do very little with his own offspring: His children eke out joyless existence in the body of Gaia. It was not until his son Kronos ended his father’s ambivalent activities by emasculating his father and succeeded him on the throne of the gods.

Symbolism – As in myth, Uranus is also active in astrology as an annihilator in order to create something new.

The events assigned to him are usually characterized by the elements spontaneity and surprise.

At the same time, he is considered a great reformer who turns everything around. As a guarantor of spiritual fertility and creative impulses, he not only embodies the striving for independence, but also the creative potential of the human being.

Uranus gives you the necessary joy in experimenting in order to solve old structures and to overcome conventions such as the prohibition of thinking. His home sign is Aquarius; together with Saturn, he also rules over Capricorn.

Astrological meaning – A favorable Uranus position in the horoscope is progressive, idealistic and idiosyncratic. Borders are experienced as challenges and not as barriers. Typical representatives of the Uranus topic are inventors and social workers.

In a difficult position, it gives people an erratic, unreliable component. Here the emphasis is on the desire for contradiction, everything binding is felt as a restriction of personal freedom.

Astrologically, Uranus stands for the difficult balance between stability and renewal.

Uranus in the signs – The period of rotation of Uranus through the entire zodiac is around 84 years. The long dwell time of around 7 years per character makes its position a generational characteristic.

In Aries, his power has an inventive effect and leads to an impulsive way of acting, but also a certain dispute and stubbornness.

In Taurus, Uranus provides unusual views, but also exceptional sources of income. This constellation also likes to play at high risk.

Those who have Uranus in Gemini have original thinking and a great interest in border areas. To put it negatively, the uranic volatility and restlessness are particularly evident here.

In Cancer, Uranus gives a good intuition and a lively imagination. Often his unpredictability in this position is also noticeable in family ties.

Leo gives Uranus a strong spirit of enterprise. His self-confidence occasionally turns into tactlessness and arrogance.

If Uranus is in Virgo, you are dealing with an astute, technically adept person – unfortunately not infrequently in connection with a certain nervousness and inconsistency.

People with Uranus in Libra are shaped by imagination and originality. Their unrest sometimes also has anarchic features. The fiery Scorpio turns Uranus into a combat-ready, astute contemporary. His love of freedom often leads to rebellion and ruthlessness.

In Sagittarius, Uranus makes you optimistic and promotes intuition. A certain fanaticism is the dark side of this interesting constellation.

If Uranus falls into the clutches of Capricorn, it gives people a good dose of seriousness and thoughtfulness. Such a person should beware of blind zeal and domination.

In Aquarius, Uranus feels like a fish in water: Its typical qualities – enthusiasm for reform, inventiveness and independence – come to light here as well as its notorious aimlessness.

If, on the other hand, Uranus is in Pisces, the signs point to introspection and pleasure in everything mysterious, even if morality and reliability sometimes suffer as a result.

Aquarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

In Aquarius, Uranus is in his ruler. Since this sign corresponds to the actual nature of the planet, it feels particularly comfortable here and finds sufficient development.

Those with Uranus in Aquarius have keen minds and a good understanding of people. Their psychological empathy gives them the intuitive understanding of recognizing hidden connections. You have a strong will and attach particular importance to intellectual independence.

Therefore, they have many different interests and goals and are very progressive in their thinking. These people make their own decisions and draw their own conclusions, without allowing others to lead them in.

Through their free spirit they can get to the bottom of the truth without bias, while for them practical experience is the only valid evidence.

Therefore, they are considered a talented scientist and inventor. If previous ideas and methods cannot be substantiated or deviate from the actual situation, discard them immediately.

Due to their good powers of observation and their intuitive intuition, they sometimes make clairvoyant statements that are often even correct.

In a challenging uranium exhibition, their drive for independence manifests itself more as licentiousness, coupled with impractical eccentricity. They may have a negative attitude towards discipline and any order and routine. In doing so, they can react very stubbornly and stubbornly, which results in a lack of adaptability.

Generally, such individuals focus on the good of all humanity. Above all, fraternity and human dignity are very important to them. Their humanitarian streak shows that they are open to new ideas. Such people want a reform of society, which is why they prefer working in groups or organizations.

With the Aquarius-Uranus generation (1995-2003), the Internet and the age of digitization broke through. Many borders disappear completely and taboos are broken.

Technical progress makes the world seem limitless and represents the beginning of globalization, bringing people of different cultures, religions, languages ​​and ways of thinking together.

Especially for those who think differently, more understanding is now being applied. The departure to new shores begins, with the focus increasingly turning to team spirit, humanism and tolerance.

The Uranus in Aquarius also ushers in the Aquarian Age at the turn of the millennium, the hour of which is already mentioned in 1968 in the musical “Hair”, under the title “Aquarius”.

In this special “Aquarius Age” new ideals are striven for, which should lead to a higher, united consciousness of the population.

However, this includes permanent conflicts that Uranus initially brings with it in Aquarius in order to really be able to overcome old power structures.

Uranus is a slow moving planet and it takes 7 years for a zodiac sign.

Therefore, the Uranus in the zodiac rather describes the “specific change and change process” of an entire generation. The interpretation of Uranus in a sign of the zodiac is mainly used in oral astrology.

Uranus in Aquarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

The interpretation of Uranus in a zodiac sign for an individual person is not necessarily negligible, but it does not play the most important role. The interpretation of Uranus in the respective house has a much higher priority and is much more meaningful for an individual person.

Getting into the sign of Aquarius, Uranus acquires maximum strength, because here the planet is in its constellation (Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius).

All those people who were born in the period from 1995 to 2003 have Uranus in Aquarius. What character traits do they differ in? High perseverance, ingenuity, originality, independence and love of freedom.

This generation is interested in science, enjoys studying various modern trends and trends emerging in society. For the most part, such individuals do not remember the past too often (the exception is when the Sun is in Cancer), they hate old, proven methods, old books, films, and so on.

These individuals have an acute inner need to update everything that they meet on their way. They crave changes, and not only of a personal nature, but global ones that benefit all of humanity. Their shocking actions and behavior often plunge others into shock, and sometimes cause a feeling of strong irritation.

Uranus in Aquarius is very interested in science, strives to make scientific achievements. And most often they succeed – they become geniuses of science and modern technology.

Just take a look at modern schoolchildren and students, in the blink of an eye mastering all the wonders of modern technology. But for people of the older generation it is already much more difficult.

Representatives of the fair sex with this aspect of Uranus strive for a luxurious life, they cannot imagine themselves without beautiful, expensive things and jewelry.

Therefore, they can decide on a marriage of convenience, just not to live in poverty.

They also have excellent organizational skills, they will be able to negotiate with any person. Such ladies are active, punchy, and incredibly purposeful.

Whatever happens to them, they will definitely get out of it.

They have a sharp mind, strong intuition and developed logical thinking. Professionally, they are perfectly suited to the sphere of fashion, because they have a strong flair for new items, they carefully follow the latest fashion trends.

Girls with Uranus in Aquarius take care of themselves, you will never see them disheveled in an old, shabby dressing gown.

At the same time, they are simply crazy about their independence and will not allow anyone to limit themselves in something. But in a relationship they show loyalty, they will never commit treason.

Representatives of the stronger sex with Uranus in Aquarius are calm, self-possessed, and unusually patient and disciplined by nature. Such a man will endure the antics of his beloved girl until the last drop of his patience runs out.

Thanks to his character, he will come out dry from the water, no matter what happens in his life. Uranus has a strong influence on fate, giving the ability to amazingly adapt to unstable world conditions.

These men can be called real geniuses: they have a deep intellect, a developed imagination. They can achieve success in literature, engineering. They are also interested in technology, are well versed in technical know-how, constantly monitor changes in this area.

True, in labor activity they sometimes show passivity, because they spend too much energy on complex tasks.

Both at work and in family life, they are more likely to hide their real experiences so as not to show others their weaknesses.


Individuals who have Uranus in Aquarius may well become successful, the main thing is that their parents do not try to fight the heightened love of freedom and does not seek to tell them what and how to do.

Such a girl can be a research assistant, work in a laboratory, but you will not even guess about it.

Here the secrecy of the nature of Uranus in Aquarius manifests itself: the difficulty in expressing their emotions, they prefer to keep them to themselves. It is important not to get stuck only at work, paying enough attention to your loved one and children.

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