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In mythology, Ceres is an ancient Roman and Greek deity, known as Demeter in Greek legends and Ceres in Roman.

Ceres was the goddess of grain crops, maternal nurture, fertility, and agriculture. Many believe that she discovered wheat.

Because it has mythological connections with motherhood, Ceres represents nourishment, and it’s the archetype of Mother Nature.

Ceres brought peace and order, and before her, people were living in a lawless society.

The legend says that Hades, the god of the Underworld, fell in love with Persephone, daughter of Ceres. He took Persephone to his grim world and made her his queen.

That left Ceres in anguish and unbearable pain, so she eliminated blessings that Persephone gave to the world.

The Earth became cold, bleak, and empty. The lands were barren, people were dying from hunger, and humanity was on the brink of extinction.

Ceres and Hades had to make a compromise that would solve Persephone’s fate and bring life to Earth again.

As a result, Persephone would spend time both with her husband and mother. When she was with Hades, all vegetation would stop, and the winter reigned.

But when she was with Ceres, life would flourish, and vegetation would begin. It is how the myth explains the change of seasons.

But astrology doesn’t use Ceres to explain nurture only. By telling Persephone’s misfortunes, it shows how one matures through life struggles, difficulties, and trauma.

Ceres in astrology: Origins and meaning

Ceres is the largest asteroid orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, but thanks to its size and other significant features, astronomers classify it as a Dwarf planet.

Even though Ceres has fascinating traits, it is an underrated placement that should have more attention.

Ceres shows our mothering capacities and nature. As the mother of Earth, she is an indicator of everything that matters to us. Ceres speaks of one’s nurture, well-being, and self-care.

As the ruler of cooking, food, and nourishment, Ceres represents nurture, and according to the modern astrologers, it is the ruler of Virgo.

Due to its characteristics, Ceres also has strong connections with the Moon. Many find it hard to make a difference between these two.

But Moon is the symbol of a relationship between a mother and child. Ceres shows what we need from others to feel nurtured and how we demonstrate our care.

Thus, it is an indicator of our unconditional love and where it lies.

Ceres explains how we get and give care, attention, and affection. It speaks of one’s childhood, how they grew up, and the consequences of that environment on self-care. It is what makes the connection between Ceres and Virgo.

Ceres can point to what one lacked while growing up and how that shortage determined how they nurture themselves and others.

Ceres’s placement in a natal chart answers those questions, and it shows how one compensates for what one didn’t have as a child.

The negative placement of Ceres speaks of abandonment issues, eating disorders, and anguish.

It also shows how one shows affection to their family, friends, and pets. Individuals with a good Ceres’s position are warm, caring, and supportive parents.

But an unfavorable placement gives overprotective parents who control and micromanage their kids.

Those kids usually become hypersensitive adults who are too dependant on others. What drives both types of parents is the fear of not being good enough.

Ceres helps us overcome our misfortunes, learn how to care about ourselves and others, and become more mature.

Ceres in Cancer (House IV): Personality and general traits

Ceres’s placement shows our self-confidence, nurturing capacities, and how we express our affection.

In Cancer, it feels a bit conflicted, even though it gives sensitive people and welcoming hosts. They are emotional, like to be of service to people, and have an open heart.

Yet, individuals with Ceres in Cancer get offended easily, and they take things personally.

Being that caring and affectionate, they often give too much. If others don’t behave in the same manner, they will hurt Ceres Cancer. They like to make people feel at home, and they are warmhearted and sincere.

People with Ceres in Cancer use words, actions, and gestures to express their care.

Ceres Cancer individuals often care too much, and they will go above and beyond to help others. Yet, when someone shows the same level of care, helpfulness, and affection, they feel uncomfortable.

Paradoxically, they still expect others to treat them the same way: with a lot of care and attention.

Individuals with Ceres in Cancer are hypersensitive but likely to have self-esteem issues and to question their worth. That results in inner conflictions that reflect in their relationships.

Sometimes they tend to behave childishly. They want to have other people’s attention, but not to seem like they asked for it. And if they don’t get it, they will feel irritated.

If others don’t give them enough affection, they can feel depressed, insulted, and undeserving of love.

Persons with Ceres in Cancer have a task to learn how to manage their emotions and expectations.

They are nostalgic and sentimental. Ceres Cancer also needs praise for its accomplishments.

Otherwise, self-doubts arise, and they start believing no one likes or understands them.

People with Ceres in Cancer experience food emotionally, and they use it to find solace and an escape from what troubles them. They are often demanding and need validation to feel confident.

Ceres in Cancer and childhood

Individuals with Ceres in Cancer likely had a complicated relationship with their parents or caregiver, usually with the mother figure.

Well-positioned Ceres speaks about a highly caring mother that was beneficial for the child.

But an afflicted Ceres Cancer indicates a lack of maternal figure and that a person was without the affection, love, and care they needed so much.

Unfavorable Ceres placements perhaps mean that one had younger siblings and that a mother made them her priority. A person with afflicted Ceres in Cancer couldn’t rely on their parents.

On the other side, perhaps individuals with Ceres in Cancers had overprotective parents who failed to teach their child how to be self-reliable and independent.

The afflicted placement also indicates that one had to relocate many times as a child, which caused a lack of safety and stability.

But a favorable Ceres in Cancer placement means that a person grew up in a warm, safe, and nurturing environment.

Caregivers protected them from the world, and they had a strong connection with their families.

Woman with Ceres in Cancer

Females with Ceres in Cancer are highly emotional, sensitive, and delicate. Not everyone can handle their moodiness because Ceres Cancer women can go from extremely happy to sad.

Due to being easily irritable, they get hurt over things many would consider insignificant.

A woman with Ceres in Cancer falls in love with ease, and she feels everything profoundly. But if she thinks that her partner doesn’t give back equally, they fall out of love just as fast.

As mothers, women with Ceres in Cancer are caring, devoted, and put their kids first. They will do everything in their power to provide their children with what they need to be happy. They will express their affection through words and actions, making sure that their offspring feels loved.

It is a woman who sacrifices for the family. She wants to satisfy the needs of everyone she loves and will even neglect herself to do it. Women with Ceres in Cancer are also great cooks, and they will make tasty meals to make their partner feel special.

Yet, due to putting their family first, they often don’t accomplish their career goals.

Man with Ceres in Cancer

Males with Ceres in Cancer are affectionate, emotional, and shower their loved ones with lovely gestures. They value family. They are traditional and enjoy being at home.

A man with Ceres in Cancer can fix anything around the house, and they feel good cooking, cleaning, or helping their partner. Their partner and children come first, while career is not as essential for their happiness.

But they can be emotionally and acting almost childish if they believe someone is not giving them enough love and attention. What they need in those moments are cuddles, hugs, and their partner spending time with them.

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People with Ceres in Cancer are sentimental, helpful, and like to serve others.

But they expect the same, and they need people to be grateful for everything they did. If they don’t get praise for their gestures, actions, and devotion, they can feel hurt.

But it’s difficult for Ceres Cancer to receive affection, and they don’t want it to seem as if they asked for it.

Due to their conflicted feelings and often lack of confidence, they feel uneasy when others show love.

Individuals with Ceres in Cancer put their loved ones first. They have traditional values and will give help to those in need. They should, however, work on their self-esteem and confidence.

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