Gemini Sun Pisces Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The sun enters Gemini on May 20 and comes out on June 22, which is a wonderful pattern. It is necessary to calculate the ingression of the planets according to the Ephemeris tables.

Those born on the border of Taurus and Gemini are not very pleasant to be torn apart by two signs: legs in Taurus, and Gemini pulls by the hands.

Gemini Sun – Meaning and Info

But on the border of two signs, the most mysterious, mysterious natures are always born, who manage to combine both in themselves.

And if in the journal “Science and Religion” you read the author’s publications about Stalin, then you had the opportunity to meet a person who was born on the verge of two signs.

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, then the structure of your personality will be formed by the primary manifestation of the element of Air. Gemini is the first air sign.

The air here is first-born, not yet settled, fluctuating, changeable.

The second important factor shaping the Gemini archetype is the vibrations of the planet Mercury.

The Element of Air in Gemini is, first of all, an irrepressible desire for communication, for connections with other people, for working with information.

Gemini needs information like bread. When they feel a lack of information, they begin to get bored, leave their faces and look for a new source of information, and until they find it, they feel uncomfortable.

So, Gemini’s sociability is their main archetypal sign. They tend to establish a connection, to receive information, so that later they can dispose of it.

From Mercury, Gemini has great mobility of the mind and the ability to grasp on the fly, which goes well with the manifestation of the element of Air in this sign.

Among Gemini, you will not find lonely people, introverts, and self-absorbed couch potatoes.

These are restless people who are constantly on the move, in search of new acquaintances and connections at all levels.

If we talk about the image of a person with connections, then this, of course, is a twin, a Mercurian. They are happy to engage in pedagogy.

Once they have received the information, then they must give it back. There are a lot of Gemini among journalists.

In general, journalism is under this sign. If you want to introduce your typical twin, then meet any typical journalist.

Among the figures of the artistic sense was A. Conan Doyle. Gemini is characterized by brilliance, and there is so much lightness and grace in the writer’s books, they are so easy to read. A.S. was also a twin. Pushkin. What a divine lightness in each of his verses!

This comes from the deep essence structures of the Gemini archetype. Gemini is characterized by the desire to arouse attention to themselves, but not in the way it is expressed, for example, in Aries.

Aries literally suffers from a lack of attention. Gemini, on the other hand, tend to draw attention to themselves in order to receive the necessary information or give it away.

This is a kind of mental intellectual concern. Therefore, Gemini is in constant communication. They are excellent businessmen, traveling salesmen, and advertising specialists.

The negative manifestation of the Gemini archetype is talkativeness (a low Gemini can talk to the point of stupidity), a tendency to gossip, and fussiness. They have such a huge flow of information and contacts that they are scattered in different directions and strive to embrace the immense mentally and intellectually.

Superficiality can also be attributed to the serious disadvantages of Gemini, since they are not able to assimilate the entire flow of information that falls on them.

A typical polymath is Gemini, knows a lot, but not deeply. Sometimes it even becomes uncomfortable in the company of Gemini; when dealing with such erudite, you may develop an inferiority complex. In love, Gemini are rather strange.

They often have many families (many wives or husbands), and even more often they do not even care about getting married. For the most part, they show an interest of the mental plane: they just want to communicate with a person.

Unfortunately, this often manifests itself in an ugly form in women – you want to communicate with a person, but he is not interested in anything, and then you have to resort to various female tricks, up to entering into close relationships.

Among the Gemini men there are many typical Don Juan’s, they are interested in communicating with all women, finding out what they are, what they think, and the more he gets to know them, the higher he values ​​himself. In a vulgar version, this is a sexual aggressor who makes a catalog and shows it to everyone.

If we talk about countries under the sign of Gemini, then this is the United States. There is no more mobile, more sociable, affable and easy-to-contact people in the world than the Americans.

Another example is Romania, where everything is done easily and quickly.

Pisces Moon – Meaning and Info

Moon in Pisces or ocean of emotions. People who live with this setting of the Moon have a pronounced gift for art, and creation in general.

The supernatural imagination is what sets them apart from others. Their intuition is very strong, so this Moon will unmistakably feel all your thoughts and intentions. They may not show you, but they will evaluate you very well at the first meeting and decide on you.

This kind of Moon is always in its world, in the world of fantasies, dreams, illusions. Everything there is fluttering and free from all worries and sufferings.

People with this Moon are very empathetic, they know how to feel everyone’s pain. They are also great as media.

They find reality very difficult, it hurts them. They are able to be truly in love with the image of the person they have created in their mind.

The tendency towards idealization is emphasized, so very often they experience a painful awakening from the world of dreams.

When that happens, they are able to survive each segment for a long time in solitude with the person who hurt them emotionally. They still idealize it, and blame themselves.

People with this Moon are the best when someone needs to be cared for, nurtured, put under protection. If one of the family members is ill, this person will be there to take care of the patient day and night.

Even when you insist that you are well, if the Moon in Pisces feels that you are sick, it will not go away, even if you force it. At least secretly, one eye will always be turned towards you.

If you need a shoulder to cry on, or someone for long conversations and a confession of emotions, you will find the perfect listener in this person. He will embrace you and soak up all your sorrow, like a sponge.

So much empathy can leave a mark on their health, so the stomach often suffers.

Do not be angry with these people, because openly showing anger, rage can also physically make them sick. They can’t stand shouting and attacks, so they just walk away and survive the whole event somewhere in the corner.

These people can often be victims of their friends and family, and they accept that sacrifice voluntarily.

The moon in Pisces is a great believer. This is a dreamer, a look lost in the fog. Sad eyes, usually blue, that look at you like a child. These people love silence, fog, night.

They are attracted by everything that is incomprehensible to the raid. Very often people abuse them and drag them into intrigues, and neither the guilty nor the guilty become the object of attack.

If that happens, they will know everything and who is accommodating them and why.

Intuition will not deceive them. They won’t complain to you, God forbid! They will just walk away, without much pomp. It will leave you thinking and figuring out for yourself why.

Since they are very intuitive, they believe that they are others, so they think that words are not necessary to say much.

The mother of these people may be in poorer health. He can stay longer in a hospital or other closed institution. This is a picture of a house by the ocean or some other big water.

The water calms them and restores lean. This is the position of the Moon, which gives eternal “wanderers” in search of a place under the Sun.

Gemini Sun Pisces Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Intuition is your best friend and worst enemy. Best friend is when she is accurate, and worst enemy is when she is wrong, because you are sure that you are right anyway, and this can at times lead you to a dead end and create big problems. You are sensitive and impressionable and usually hide your feelings for fear that people will hurt them.

This makes you sometimes more zealously than necessary to defend your rights, your love or your opinion. You tend to explain the motives of your actions for a long time, as if everyone is so interested in the course of your thoughts and feelings.

You are supremely prone to introspection and are able to get stuck for a long time in some obsessions about yourself, which may not correspond to reality at all! You consider yourself misunderstood and cherish in your soul your own image of yourself, adhering to a firm, even painfully firm, conviction that people do not see and do not value your real personality.

You torment your feelings with your thoughts, because you are not only affectionate, but also very critical, and it is very difficult for you to reconcile these two qualities.

You crave sympathy, understanding, and love, but you allow annoying hindrances to interfere with your feelings and turn you away from love. In a partner, you are looking for an intellectual or aesthetic similarity and do not consider or completely ignore the considerations that reality dictates.

You have a quick, receptive mind when you are not in the clouds and absorbed in your own misfortunes. You make a good, shrewd business person, able to separate your ideal ideas from reality and act according to the established rules.

You are inclined for a long time or not, but constantly fall into these states under any circumstances, your constant goal should be optimism and objectivity, the ability to look at your problems and sorrows from the outside. Most of these troubles you only imagine, and very vividly, and even worry about them.

Cultivate the confidence that you are worth something in this life, get into the thick of it, and your imaginary troubles will go away on their own.

This is about hypersensitivity, empathy, concern, vulnerability, mission, ecstasy, faith, prayer, and divine love.

The owners of this Month feel every hidden emotion, need and desire of other people. Why? For these are souls who have seen all the suffering of the world, and know all the pitfalls and tricks of the human psyche.

The moon in Pisces brings a strong connection with the subconscious, dreams. This is secret, intuition, modality, mysticism, the invisible, the unexplored, the distant, the idealistic and the utopian.

It is a chaotic Moon that often brings intricate genetics, various secrets, intrigues and scandals in the family.

This is a search for a home full of attention, tenderness and unconditional love, which is often difficult to reach, so this picture is constantly dreamed of.

Due to the aforementioned daydreaming, huge imagination and various illusions it cultivates, Pisces is often present with disappointment and the effect of a ‘punctured balloon’.

People who are born with this position of the Moon in the natal chart, often become very self-sacrificing, pray for their loved ones, constantly fear over everyone, worry, and beg.

In the case of an afflicted, attacked Moon, things get complicated, one resorts to other worlds, one consumes pills, drugs, alcohol, one escapes in any way; through movies, music, poetry, literature, games.

The enormous imagination of this sign is enough in itself, so it can wander wherever you want.

People with the Moon in Pisces want to be invisible, use false names, pseudonyms, hide their intimacy and emotions, and many times do not even understand their own emotional and mental state.

They are confused and executed (to avoid confusion; it all depends on the aspects and the overall map of the individual).

This position of the Moon brings the inevitability of wandering souls, searching for oneself, universal chaos and elementally.


People with this position of the Moon would prefer to be in a thousand different places at the same time, which is impossible, so they often fantasize, idealize, beautify, deceive themselves and others, fall into traps, live in illusions, want the impossible, fairy tale, unattainable, strive for the purest a love ideal.

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