Gemini Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The Sun in Gemini enters as a giver of energy offering us the right words for communication, and the intellect to develop it.

Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac and the first of air. Like his ruler Mercury, he is the enfant terrible of the Zodiac.

The Zodiac begins in fire with Aries, then it calms down a little in Taurus and then Gemini comes, who already begins with the thought of using the air, using the head and thus begins to question everything. They are people who talk a lot and question everything. They like to express themselves and share words with other people, they are very sociable, like all air signs.

Gemini Sun – Meaning and Info

With the Sun in Gemini, all other signs of the Zodiac will turn their attention to this sign. Gemini, it is information, it is sharing, it is this “I have an opinion for everything.”

He does not remain silent about anything, for everything he has to have an opinion and if he does not, he invents it and then he listens to other opinions and changes his mind because he liked the other one more, he takes it as his own and throws it into the Universe.

It is the shallowest energy in the Zodiac. If there is something that Geminis likes, it is to know a little about everything and it will take horrors to delve into a subject. Then he will try to learn a little about everything.

The Gemini is the brother of the planet. He has a brotherly relationship with everyone, he considers everyone a pair, not only does him like to give his opinion but also ask others for their opinion and share it.

The Gemini keyword is insecurity or doubt. These “twins” sometimes feel as if they have two voices in their heads, one says yes and the other says no and they are fighting each other.

So they need to check with the outside to see which of the two voices they stick with because if not, the talk is constant.

People born under the signs of air, stand out more for their gifts of contemplation and reflection and not so much of action and movement, observing things from different perspectives. They know how to put themselves in the place of the other without imposing themselves, they are only interested in reaching a consensus and they give in.

“When there is only one option, less terrible things happen than when there are many options. When there is only one option, it is that and I try to accommodate myself, accept it and that’s it.

But when there are many options it is a problem, it is very stressful and if there are 3 that are valid it is already super stressful”.

The key issue is to adapt or accept. Gemini is an energy that adapts to everything then, as it is made of air and is also mutable, compared to Aquarius and Libra (the other air signs), Gemini adapts, likes to renew and change.

If there is someone to guide, Gemini is happy. The issue is when he reaches the fork and finds two paths… hold on! He may be debating for a long time if he doesn’t have someone to follow.

He needs to be with a very strong personality as a partner or as a partner because otherwise it is impossible.

It is good to look for energies that help you not to spend so much time thinking about the same thing because Gemini has this question not to make a decision.

They can adapt and change their minds, but this also generates guilt, because they are very self-demanding. They blame themselves because they changed their mind or they blame themselves because they feel that they made a bad decision and they are all the time with that mental chatter.

But you have to be careful because one of the two heads is the bad one, the one that confuses because “what happens if I decide on something and let go of what already was, what I no longer decided”.

It is a good learning because in reality, life is change and movement and you have to surf the wave all the time and the Gemini suffers it more because he thinks about it more, instead of living it.

A great ability of Geminis is to learn things much faster than the rest, whether it is a language (they are experts in languages) or music that is another language so surely, they will want to learn to play more than one instrument and speak more than one idiom.

Beyond their eternal doubt and this continuous philosophizing that characterizes Geminis, this enormous capacity for learning is their greatest talent. Gemini is called the “eternal student” because they are learning something all the time.

That is a great quality but they also have to be careful with excess knowledge because sometimes that confuses but it is a great talent to be able to learn so much and also to be able to transmit it.

Taurus Moon – Meaning and Info

In many calendar systems of antiquity, which are still used in the religious field today, the moon was at the center of the action.

In contrast to the sun, our Trabant makes the change of time immediately visible and sometimes even tangible for everyone.

Astrologically, the moon stays in the same zodiac sign for about two days. This has an effect not only at birth, but also in very specific everyday life.

The ebb and flow of tides are scientifically visible evidence of the effects of the moon on our planet.

But people are also influenced by their course – and not just at night. The waxing moon accelerates almost all activity, while the waning moon tends to favor internal processes.

Full moon and new moon traditionally have particularly important time qualities: While our energy is particularly pronounced on the former, we should rather keep our hands off important projects at a new moon.

According to Egyptian myths, the moon is the left eye of the falcon-shaped sky god. His cycle has been associated with cyclical injury and subsequent healing of the eye by the miraculous god Thoth.

In astrology the changeable moon stands for the female-soul principle, in men’s horoscopes occasionally also for the role of the wife.

As a sign of the emotional, the stomach is assigned to it, but also the lymph, the breasts, the fluid balance and the vegetative nervous system.

The day of the week is – not difficult to recognize – the Monday (d) day. The following “gemstones” are associated with him: moonstone and pearls.

The color of its metal – silver – is considered the color assigned to it, along with white. Its archetype is the mother and the child. Its dark side is the all-devouring monster.

Professions that reflect the principle of the moon are doctors, healers, nurses, pastors, therapists, writers, circus performers and theater actors. Its home sign is cancer.

Just because the sun embodies the “masculine” principle and the moon embodies the “feminine” principle, it would be of little help when looking at the horoscope to equate the celestial bodies with one of the two sexes.

Because every person unites feminine and masculine energies in himself, even if the rational-active behavior predominates in many men and the emotional-passive behavior in many women.

This means that women in particular can often identify more with their own moon sign than with the sun sign, as the former indicates the nature of the mind and the unconscious, spontaneous instincts and reaction patterns – keyword “female intuition”.

It is due to the cyclical behavior of the moon that these psychological qualities are definitely changeable and that they are more or less pronounced according to the respective “mood of the day”.

In general, the moon stands for emotionality, the longing for security, home, memories and (emotion-based) contact skills.

Gemini Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Nerves are your trouble, your curse, as if a current is constantly passing through you, constantly exciting your mind and feelings. You fall in love quickly and cool off just as quickly, and even before you get married, you know from your own experience what you are capable of.

At least no one can say that you took the first opportunity that came your way. You never directly admit that you are fickle, and you always have a suitable explanation ready for the next changes in your love life.

What is the real reason, you know, you alone may be to blame for the critical approach to people, which makes you immediately see all their shortcomings, and therefore you get bored or disappointed in them. You quickly exhaust the possibilities of people, and since your desire for diversity is endless, while they are still trying to catch you, you have long since flew away to another place or to another person.

You read whatever comes across, even if you like to study hard. You are also a big chatterbox, you have a lively, light and sharp tongue, but if any of the above aspects are not present, you will remain at the level of superficial chatter. Also, you love to gossip.

You have excellent mental and artistic abilities that will undoubtedly show up as soon as you learn to concentrate, and this is the main lesson that you must learn, and if you can do it, you can be very successful in business, because you are very good adaptability.

You are sociable and love to travel, strive to always be surrounded by people. You prefer to be in the company of even strangers than to be alone, since you are not very self-sufficient and you need people around.

Since you have a lot of friends and also probably a lot of relatives, this is not a problem for you, but you should be careful that people, all these crowds, evenings and meetings, do not tire you, even if you think that you are having a great time.

You need rest, relaxation and silence, and you must accustom yourself to have all this in abundance, despite your desire to always be on the move.

But on the border of two signs, the most mysterious, mysterious natures are always born, who manage to combine both in themselves.

And if in the magazine “Science and Religion” you read the author’s publications about Stalin, then you had the opportunity to meet a person who was born on the verge of two signs.

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, then the structure of your personality will be formed by the primary manifestation of the element of Air. Gemini is the first air sign.

The air here is first-born, not yet settled, fluctuating, changeable. The second important factor shaping the Gemini archetype is the vibrations of the planet Mercury.

The Element of Air in Gemini is, first of all, an irrepressible desire for communication, for connections with other people, for working with information. Gemini needs information like bread.

When they feel a lack of information, they begin to get bored, leave their faces and look for a new source of information, and until they find it, they feel uncomfortable.

So, Gemini’s sociability is their main archetypal sign. They tend to establish a connection, to receive information, so that they can then dispose of it.

From Mercury, Gemini has great mobility of the mind and the ability to grasp on the fly, which goes well with the manifestation of the element of Air in this sign.

Among Gemini, you will not find lonely people, introverts, and self-absorbed couch potatoes.

These are restless people who are constantly on the move, in search of new acquaintances and connections at all levels.

If we talk about the image of a person with connections, then this is, of course, a twin, a Mercurian. They are happy to engage in pedagogy. Once they have received the information, then they must give it back.

There are a lot of Gemini among journalists. In general, journalism is under this sign. If you want to introduce your typical twin, then meet any typical journalist.

Among the figures of the artistic sense was A. Conan Doyle. Gemini is characterized by brilliance, and there is so much lightness and grace in the writer’s books, they are so easy to read.


What a divine lightness in each of his verses! This comes from the deep essence structures of the Gemini archetype. Gemini is characterized by the desire to arouse attention to themselves, but not in the way it is expressed, for example, in Aries. Aries literally suffers from a lack of attention.

Gemini, on the other hand, tend to draw attention to themselves in order to get the necessary information or give it away. This is a kind of mental intellectual concern.

Therefore, Gemini is in constant communication. They are excellent businessmen, traveling salesmen, and advertising specialists.

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