Leo Sun Leo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The SUN waited impatiently for the sign of the LION, his kingdom, to enter, to take precedence, the reign of the Sun in Cancer; “But you have sunk into yourself and this world, you are exaggerating, why are you torturing yourself and others so much,” while you are in Cancer, said the Sun to Leo, “relax, look at yourself and others with pink glasses, let’s move on;

In astrology, but also in general, the Sun primarily has a strong effect on cell division in the newborn, and the internal course of the cells moves towards the course of the Sun.

The sun is the central body around which the other planets of our constellation.

Leo Sun – Meaning and Info

They turn the solar system. The ego, the radiance, the light, the warmth, the impulse of life, is the giver of all this to others, and without it we would not have life.

The transiting Sun has entered the fixed fiery zodiac sign of Leo. Lions have a strong willpower and self-confidence in whatever you reach for in life.

Great courage, fearlessness and energy drives them to walk proudly and with dignity through life in the desire to organize their lives in a dramatic way, drawing attention to themselves with their successes. They are very ambitious and have a strong drive for success, power and prominence.

They are extremely persistent and persistent in their endeavors in life. Strong will and stability of spirit are a great motivation on their path of self-realization.

As Leo moves through life bravely fighting to reach some central and main place, he will always be generously ready to help others very generously, openly and sincerely.

He will cordially and with a lot of theatricality nobly meet all those who need help, and for that reason they often become favorites among others.

An emphasized desire for leadership, with an extremely emphasized authority for others, motivates Leos to always be the center of attention throughout their lives, standing out in a theatrical way.

They are not afraid of anything in life, but their great courage and fearless determination to succeed in life, achieve a great position and achieve motivation are motivated to move towards ever higher heights, fame and personal achievement. They are excellent organizers and have the talent to lead a powerful, respectable and important position in life.

They never doubt their abilities and what they are capable of achieving. They simply have a high opinion of themselves, their innate values ​​and personal integrity, often refusing to face the modest and ordinary. They value and value themselves very much and are aware that they deserve the best in life.

Precisely because of their self-confident attitude, Leos almost always achieve reputation, success and self-realization in life. They are focused on acknowledging their own authority and like to be praised for their exceptional qualities for which they are often rewarded in life and ascend to a high throne.

The zodiac sign Leo knows that he is worthwhile because of his creative talents and ability to lead from some high functions and positions. He loves the audience, to be patted on the shoulder for some of his own achievement and praised and receive recognition that he did something best.

He is most proud when he manages to achieve, never deviating from his principles, that he deserves the best and the best for himself in life.

With a dignified and aristocratic attitude, they will always be ambitious and confident to connect and achieve important connections with successful, powerful, accomplished, famous and strong people through various life situations and circumstances.

They like to shine and opt for great and big opportunities throughout their career and profession. They are able to make decisions and be leaders in high positions and are good and successful as managers of large companies.

The zodiac sign Leo is extremely important for a sense of stability, security and safety, and they are fulfilled when they have a sense of power, greatness and fulfillment.

They will always take life into their own hands and rule over the situations and circumstances they encounter in life. They often want to dominate their path of self-opening, and if you hurt their pride, they can show pride, arrogance, arrogance and vanity.

If the Sun in the horoscope is endangered by malefic, they can show arrogance, boastfulness, conceit and boasting in a very wayward way and overestimating their own possibilities. They have an extremely pronounced desire for pleasures, pleasures, competitions, hobbies and expressed creative talent.

Lions have the courage and audacity to realize and realize their power and their own integrity and to organize life in the way they want and that will make them successful and accomplished.

They possess creative and creative ideas and potentials that can be expressed through art, show business, acting, the public scene, in high positions and central positions as directors, managers and the like.

Lions have style, they love and appreciate luxurious things with which they stand out and draw attention to themselves.

Leo Moon – Meaning and Info

When the moon is in Leo, it is in one of the most expansive signs there is. Do you want to know what these natives are like and what is favored when the moon occupies Leo. Now I’ll tell you…

The masters of drama, so are the natives with a moon in Leo. Leo lives with passion every moment of his life, while the moon governs all our emotions, so their combination results in expressive and striking people. The emotional part of someone with the moon in Leo takes a leading role.

You will see them cry uncontrollably or laugh out loud and exude happiness, they never hide what they feel … and they really feel it, deeply, from the bottom of their heart. Their emotions are sincere and deep, they just can’t help but express them and sometimes seem much exaggerated.

They are the perfect company if you have had a bad day, since their joy is contagious. Leo’s enthusiasm will envelop you like a ray of sunshine and you will forget all the reasons you had to be sad.

The most positive vibration of the lion consists of radiating all that light that they carry within to help others.

On their dark side, Leos become extremely self-centered and want to take center stage.

If you have a friend with the moon in Leo, trust that he will do everything in his power to make you feel better, they are very generous with their time and understanding.

Although it may not seem like it sometimes, they are also very sensitive people. They have great pride and if someone hurts them they will feel hurt. They offer you unconditional support no matter the circumstances, all they want in return is for you to recognize their worth and loyalty and never ever offend them.

When the Moon – a symbol of emotion, tears, rivers, change – passes through the fiery sign of Leo, it adapts to the environment that does not correspond to its nature.

The dominance, centering and importance that the planets have in this sign are contrary to the basic nature of the Moon.

As he symbolizes mothers or women, with this setting in the natal chart he describes a strong person, a leader, someone who is the main axis around which everything revolves – certainly a fighter…

The position of the Moon in Leo is an indicator of the circumstances in which the person he represents will be – the fight for offspring, children’s behavior in serious situations or a leading position in the workplace are just some of the possibilities.

Independence and individuality are certain – as opposed to a woman’s natural need to be protected and in a safe environment…

In good aspects, this position speaks of a person’s desire to dominate the environment with his attitude and determination, where there are certainly conditions for such a thing – favorable aspects allow a person to achieve the way he wants – in other words, he is surrounded by weaker than himself bad aspects, her attitude will be interpreted as arrogant and arrogant and she will not have supporters in the environment.

The moon in Leo may or may not represent someone who is loved and cherished…

Leo Sun Leo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

If you want to keep them happy, remind them how wonderful they are and how much you love them. Vanity is their weak point, but what difference does it make when they are wholehearted?

Its party time, baby! When the moon is in Leo it is time to have fun. It is time for leisure, fun, luxury and creativity.

Little lions spare no expense to indulge themselves and the people they love. Let yourself be pampered these days, which from time to time does not hurt anyone.

It is also an ideal time to express yourself creatively. Bring out your talents and show everything you have inside.

Dare to shine with your own light! Leo rules over children. If you have children this weekend will be perfect to spend more time with them and rescue the lost childhood by playing again.

If you have the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Leo, you are a proud, generous person with a strong sense of self-esteem.

Some with such a position and favorable life opportunities can be very arrogant. Do not tolerate a command tone, get annoyed when someone demands a lot from you, and want to live in a big way and at the call of your heart.

Emotions are not always subject to the mind, you can act under your own impression. You have a very strong need for recognition.

You are very ambitious, persistent and strive for success with a persistence that will certainly lead you to your goal.

There is a certain rigidity in you, it is not clearly visible, because at first impression you seem to be a cheerful, radiant person, full of health, energy and good mood. You look condescending, but behind this is ruthlessness: you will never forgive or forget the hurt or blow inflicted on your pride or vanity.

Your methods of dealing with enemies are simply great: you destroy them with contempt, without showing your anger.

Even then, your revenge will be somewhat impersonal and detached: after all, you are a broad-minded thinker, you fight with ideas, not with people.

Even when you show dislike for people, this is not a reaction to their actions, but rather to the reasons that made them do that.

These reasons take on an abstract character in your mind, and thus you separate your dislike for a particular person even when you are taking revenge on him.

You are not prone to introspection. The outside world is more important to you than your inner world and your affection, dislike, ambition and loyalty – all of which have a tinge of impersonal passion that gives you wonderful control over yourself and other people.

In love, you are faithful, jealous, and passionate and although, on the one hand, you are warm and attentive enough, on the other hand, you are somewhat cold and aloof.


Your pride and vanity are great, and at first they can be satisfied with such personality-oriented means as flattery, admiration, beautiful clothes.

However, as you grow older and more purposeful, you begin to require much stronger evidence of your merits, and the weightier they are, the more success you will achieve in life.

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