Mars in Aries – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Mars, the red planet, is next in orbit after our Earth. It is named after the Roman god of war – the “analogue” of the warlike Greek Ares.

In astrology, it is believed that Mars governs actions and impulses, being a vital force for human development, self-improvement and movement forward. Its placement and influence can give additional energy to our lives.

However, it can become quite dangerous due to its flammable nature.

Its energy can be both constructive and destructive, depending on how it is used and where Mars is in the horoscope.

Mars rules over the signs of Aries and Scorpio and is responsible for 1 house in the natal chart. Knives, weapons and sharp tools are under the control of this planet, as is the art of using them.

Mars – Meaning and Info

Thus, the red planet rules surgeons and doctors. Mars is the inner strength that will make you play sports and fight for your dreams.

Sports and recreational activities, which include physical activity and of course all martial arts fall under its management. The planet has a strong masculine energy, so it also governs masculine sex drive, ambition and competition.

The power and influence of Mars in your life can be enhanced with the help of red gems: Ruby, Garnet and Jasper. Mars in Vedic astrology Mars in Vedic astrology is a masculine planet, symbolizing strength and superiority.

In the horoscope, it can be both positive and harmful, depending on its location.

The positive influence of this fiery planet is associated with courage, enthusiasm, activity, youth, vitality, confidence, innovation and originality. Its negative effects are associated with arrogance, selfishness, anger, stubbornness, selfish disposition, and recklessness.

People with Mars in the Ascendant are usually attractive and younger than their age. Mars makes a full circle around the zodiac in about 2 years. He spends about 2 months staying in each sign and participates in retrograde motion for about 2.5-3 months every 2 years.

Mars is exalted when in Capricorn and weakened when in Pisces. Since Mars is a fast moving planet, its passage through the sign gives additional strength to all people born under it.

Aries Mars in Aries is a very powerful place in the natal chart, as the fiery planet works with extraordinary power. Aries is the natural ruler of the first house, which rules our Ego as well as our body. This placement creates the archetype of the warrior and the victor.

People with Mars in Aries can be very temperamental, they can get angry quickly, but their anger can pass as quickly as it started. They should beware of the tendency to release their anger when it appears.

Taurus Mars is a very dynamic planet, while Taurus is known as a sign that takes its time. “Slow and steady race victories” can easily become the motto of people with this positioning of Mars in the natal chart.

Most of them have clearly defined long-term goals and a determination to achieve them.

If it takes them several years to achieve their goals, so be it. The negative aspect of such placement can be delayed aggressive reactions, especially in relation to jealousy and other such negative emotions.

Such people can keep them inside for a long time without expressing them – but in the end they can end up with an angry and furious bull, which has been accumulating aggression in itself for a long time.

In this case, it is worth learning how to smooth out emotions and react to the situation immediately.

In the fluid air sign of Gemini, Mars is a little scattered and out of focus. The energies of Mars require a lot of communication, perhaps even very heated friendly disputes. Debate is a specialty of people who have Mars in the sign of Gemini.

In addition, many people with this placement channel the energy of Mars through their hands, for which the sign of Gemini is responsible. They love doing something with their hands: knitting, playing musical instruments and the like.

Cancer in Cancer, Mars is in decline. Cancer is located directly opposite the sign of Capricorn, where Mars is considered exalted. Cancer redirects the energy of the red planet. In this constellation, Mars simply does not feel at home and prefers to be defensive and wary.

As a natural result, a person with Mars in Cancer is under constant stress from possible attacks. People with Mars in Cancer should be very careful about showing their anger towards home and family.

Leo is a fiery sign and strengthens Mars by encouraging it to shine and excel in all leadership. Leo is the most theatrical sign.

Usually such a person prefers to demonstrate exactly those traits that are associated with Mars: his physical strength, victories and izheniya. This placement is suitable for people performing in public.

They are very creative and always ready to improvise. In addition, when they win competitions, they have a strong tendency to deliberately demonstrate their victory.

In ancient times, they probably carried the severed head of their opponent with them. Mars in Leo helps to deal with any possible anger in a healthy way, as Leo does not interfere with the transfer of Mars energy.

Virgo Mars, located in the sign of Virgo, says that such people have a very fast pace of life, they are involved in many activities. Laziness and boredom are what they despise both in themselves and in other people.

One of the most common characteristics that Mars gives in Virgo is the approach to most questions through criticism.

Such people tend to identify both their own shortcomings and the shortcomings of others – and feel free to talk about it. This can lead to quarrels, since not everyone is ready to hear the truth. However, in many cases, their objective comments can be beneficial to people.

Libra: Libra is a gentle and balanced air sign that blurs the sharpest sides of the red planet. This placement encourages Mars to function in a balanced manner. Mars in Libra can be very beneficial for people whose goal is a stable marriage.

An important characteristic this placement creates is indecision, especially when someone has to act quickly. These people need time to weigh all the possible options and their results.

Scorpio Mars is a co-ruler of Scorpio. This placement will give a strong desire to dominate and control a lust for power and a strong sex drive.

Due to the fact that Scorpio is a sign that seeks to hold energy inside, and not expel it, a person with such an arrangement of planets in a horoscope may have problems with suppressed anger. It is necessary to learn to direct it outward; otherwise, it can lead to psychosomatic problems.

Sagittarius Mars, placed in the sign of Sagittarius, says that sport will play a vital role in human life.

However, as a rule, they do not become professionals, keeping sports as a hobby that they enjoy. Mars in Sagittarius gives a person a strong impetus to search for something new.

Such people have many parallel projects; however, it is difficult for them to complete them. They are too carried away by everything new and unknown to them.

Capricorn Mars in Capricorn has the same strong impulse as in Aries and Scorpio, but a person with such a horoscope is in no hurry to perform his actions, using logic instead of intuition.

Capricorn retains Martian energy for a long time, unlike Aries, which gives a huge surge of energy only at the beginning.

Capricorns with Mars do not go out of their way, even when things go wrong; they always find additional strength to achieve their goals.

Aquarius People with Mars in Aquarius are very inspired by teamwork. They do not like to work alone; they get bored when there are no people around them.

Such a placement of Mars in the natal chart often indicates an interest in new technologies, and is very useful for scientists and professions related to mechanics and electronics.

Pisces Mars is the planet of actions and statements, and Pisces is a passive sign, whose representatives rarely openly defend their interests and point of view.

Therefore, the placement of Mars in Pisces is an unusual combination.

They say about such people that they think with their hearts, they have a strongly developed sense of empathy. This placement speaks of creative inclinations.

Mars can provide endless energy for focusing on art and realizing creativity.

Aries – Meaning and Info

Today we will begin to study the Signs of the Zodiac. In addition, here we need everything that we have already learned with you from previous lectures.

We have already spoken with you about the fact that signs are combined into groups according to different indicators, in particular – according to the elements, crosses, zones.

And having in common some of the indicators, representatives of different Signs are somewhat similar – all Fiery ones are active and passionate, Water Signs are sensual and deep, fixed inert, and mutable ones are changeable.

However, it is obvious that each Sign should have something very own, deeply personal, which distinguishes it from all others, even if they are related in groups.

In addition, these individual qualities are the Planets that form the Sign. What does form mean? This means that each of the Planets, which occupies a special position in this Sign (see below), in one way or another, transfers its qualities to this Sign.

Later, in the course “astropsychology” we will place a special emphasis on these Planets. We will analyze what needs to be corrected and how. For now, the rulers of the Sign are important to us in order to understand WHY the Sign has certain characteristics.

The word “potential” in this case should be understood literally. This is some quality that is inherent in the Sign a priori, it is active, it definitely wants to manifest itself, and it will definitely manifest itself.

However, HOW it will manifest itself at an early stage is completely unclear. Those. When dealing with Aries – the depositor of which is Mars, we have strength as a potential.

However, UNTIL, when a child is born, we do not know what this power will pour out into – into a person who can protect the weak, or into a person who can take away from the weak.

So far, only one thing is clear – man is strong. Elevator is a Planet, developing the principle of which, a vector is set for the development of the Depositor.

The oppose is the sore spot of the Sign. Quality that is extremely sensitive to external evaluation. As a rule, a feeling is created that the Sign does not have this quality, although in most cases, the most serious complex is associated with this Planet, which is masked by a hypertrophied manifestation of the depositor.

However, a person often gets so used to not noticing most sore spot that he really begins to think that everything is fine with the qualities of this planet. It can be very difficult to see yourself from the outside, to understand your gap.

Humbler – the qualities of this Planet are constantly “itching”, they want to manifest themselves, but the depositor diligently stamps them on. Most often, these qualities are suppressed by the manifestation of the depositor, although for some Signs, on the contrary, the “protrusion” of the humbler’s qualities is characteristic, so that no one would guess that in fact, the Native does not objectively dispose of them.

The good thing is that regardless of whether we crush the qualities of this Planet or not, the external environment, we will still constantly and annoyingly remind us that you do not have this quality! Show this quality! Show this quality, or it will be worse! Etc.

So far, this explanation seems complicated. However, when analyzing the Signs, you will be surprised at how simple and logical everything is.

Knowing these Planets, one can very deeply understand the symbolism of the Sign, and therefore of a person with a pronounced Sign.

In addition, most importantly, you can understand what to do if you or your loved one is a pronounced representative of this or that Sign.

Before proceeding with the description of the Signs, I would like to immediately remind you that we are studying astrology, which means that we do not initially set ourselves the task of describing by the Sign or by the cross, or by the Planet or by some other SINGLE indicator YOU PERSONALLY !!! !

In order to describe a specific person, we need a specific map, with all the necessary data. So far, we are engaged in stringing another bead on the thread of our future lace necklace called “individual horoscope”. No more.

Mars in Aries – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

People born under the sign of Aries are used to realizing themselves in life in that energy flow, from which he does not reveal himself at all. The patron planet of this zodiac sign is Mars.

The maximum idea of ​​a particular sign of the architect can be made only if you initially learn about his planet. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars. This planet was named after the ancient Roman god of war. Translated, Mars is “burning” and “bright”.

The primary area of ​​responsibility of this planet is physical energy. Under the influence of Mars, each representative of the sign of Aries begins to show activity, dedication, determination, perseverance, an excellent ability from words to move quickly enough to actions.

In addition, in people whose zodiac sign is Aries, aggressiveness can wake up. The patronage of Mars instills courage and strength in Aries, and makes them ambitious personalities.

If in the horoscope of a person Mars has significant strength, then such people have a colossal supply of physical energy and endurance.

However, very often, Aries is not able to restrain their own emotions. They can be very angry people, constantly be tense and enter into conflict situations with others. They very quickly find a reason to quarrel with someone. Aries are quite bold and aggressive.

Very often, the people born under the sign of Aries are the instigators of any scandal. Under the influence of Mars, these people are very impulsive, quick-tempered and do not have the habit of waiting for something and enduring.

Aries are born to hold leadership positions, not obey anyone. They have more than enough energy, which allows them to solve the most difficult problems.

Thanks to Mars, Aries have good health, but very often, they become hostages of accidents. If a person is born under the sign of Aries, then in this case, Mars endows him with increased sexuality.

Mars is ranked seventh among the other planets of the solar system. Unlike Earth, Mars is half its size. If we take into account the distance from the Sun, then the “red planet” is located on the fourth step.

It applies to all terrestrial planets, as it is able to rotate around its own axis. On Mars, 1 year – 687 days, and 1 day – 27 hours 37 minutes and 5 seconds.


Mars has 2 moons – Phobos and Deimos. If this planet is observed through a telescope, then on it, as well as on the Moon, it will be possible to easily observe craters and mountains. Among other things, Mars has beautiful deserts and valleys, and the size of the volcanoes is simply amazing.

It is popularly called the “red planet”. Mars received this name because its entire surface is covered with iron oxide.

Anyone can enjoy the radiance of this beautiful planet every 15 years, since only once every 15 years, Mars is closer to the Earth than other planets. Venus alone is the only exception.

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