Part of Fortune in Scorpio

It is likely that you are not looking so much for external happiness as confirmation of the validity of your main philosophical conviction: that everything in this life is perishable or as the Buddhists say impermanent.

Nobody like you seeks the challenge and extreme experiences, in order to better understand himself. You want to find out where your limits are, and if you manage to set the bar a little higher, you feel content and happy.

On the physical level, s*x has a special importance for you, because you love to enjoy the primordial life energies, merge with another person and forget your ego for a few moments.

However, that does not mean that you forget the other side of human existence: the search for spirituality and truth. You want to discover the purpose of life, the nature of evolution and human development, and there is nothing more fascinating for you than to follow clues and reveal mysteries.

The awareness that everything is ephemeral and that death is inevitable could give you a certain serenity and the courage to see repeatedly how far you are fighting spirit and willpower can take you. In reality, you just want to make full use of your full potential and feel life to the full; then you are happy.

An example that I can put is that of the psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, sure that he felt happy investigating the depths of the soul, a Scorpio thing and following a philosophy of deep life.

Part of Fortune – Meaning and Info

La Quinta, Casa symbolizes our aspiration to express the unique qualities of our personality and manifest our creative strength.

The location of Fortune in this house indicates that you experience full satisfaction and happiness if you can develop your creativity and share your creations with the world. You feel the need to express your personality, your feelings and thoughts, through art, music or any other means, such as children, games or adventures.

You do not refuse to accept responsibilities and organize projects, but all that does not make you very funny if you cannot take advantage of the results to polish your image and enjoy a little admiration. You certainly do not want to hear from people who do not show you proper respect.

You continually move between two opposite poles: society and individuality.

On the one hand, you are focused on your own person and aspire to develop and cultivate your creative faculties to the maximum; you can even spend time in isolation, absorbed in your world of imagination, where you and no one but you are the queen.

On the other hand, you know very well that the company of other people is what serves as a mirror to see yourself. You need society to know how much individuality you really have.

You love children, because in their company you can go back to the days of innocence and carefree. You enjoy games that allow you to rediscover your competitive spirit, and you are likely to show more joy than the kids do when you win a game of Parcheesi.

In short, your immense fantasy is a valuable source of happiness for you (and others), and you should not waste that gift, but rather channel it for the good of the whole world.

You need the recognition of others to feel happy.

In addition, to achieve this you spare no effort and make sure that there is no doubt about your good repute.

The demands on your own actions are high, because you have your firm opinion on morals and ethics, and you are not willing to compromise your convictions, although you can be very tolerant of others, if, in return, they respect and recognize your individuality.

That is why you always strive to set a good example, waiting for the approval of society.

Since you demand so much of yourself, it is likely that you will develop, in the course of your life, a strong personality that has the mental greatness to support others without expecting anything in return and that rarely asks for help.

You need to feel proud of yourself and your work; you could never be happy if you feel that you have avoided a challenge or have “run away.” Nor could you enjoy undeserved gratification or remuneration.

It is important for you to have enough space to make full use of your creative potential. Simply, you need an area whatever, in relation to your profession, leisure or your family that you can shape according to your ideas and desires.

However, although you can be very focused on yourself, you are always aware of where you are, since you cannot live without the positive resonance of your environment, an essential requirement for your happiness.

The Eighth, House symbolizes values ​​in relation to other people and our ability to share those resources for the common good.

The location of Fortune in this house indicates that you experience satisfaction and happiness when you have the opportunity to receive something of value, because you know how to appreciate it deeply, a quality that is not as common as it may seem.

It is easy for you to accept gifts or an inheritance without remorse, because instead of immediately thinking about how to return the favor, you wonder how to use those resources in the most profitable way, not only for yourself, but also for the benefit of others.

In the course of your life, you will have the experience that the fundamental desires and hopes of humanity have not changed since the beginning of history; it does not matter if they are material or immaterial values.

The only problem is to determine what the true values ​​are and that they are not just temporary possessions that in the end we own ourselves.

Once you know how to make this distinction, you will not hesitate to separate yourself from what has no value, since the Eighth House symbolizes, like the corresponding sign, Scorpio, transformation.

You will feel happy when you can see for yourself that you have the ability to renounce something dear and progress in that way, that is, that you know how to live in harmony with the cycles of life.

Nobody like you seeks the challenge and extreme experiences, in order to better understand himself. You want to find out where your limits are, and if you manage to set the bar a little higher, you feel content and happy.

Scorpio – Meaning and Info

The Scorpio sign is described as the most powerful sign of the zodiac; its representatives have a destiny of a leader, an intense life filled with dramatic relationships and events of truly epic proportions.

Even in childhood, the owners of this sign have a high intelligence, developed beyond their years.

Many astrologers refer to this zodiac sign as the “oldest souls” sign. The wise Scorpio often knows all the answers to all questions, however, as often happens, he does not know what he needs to do for his own happiness.

Passion, desire and power hand in hand lead Scorpio along the path of life. The biggest challenge of fate for a Scorpio is the choice between the power of love and the love of power.

Being in power with their extraordinary, deep emotional processes and sensitivity often becomes a difficult test for their close environment.

Scorpios are different from all other signs of the zodiac, and this difference can manifest itself in everything, in their work, in love, in everyday life, everything that such people do and do is strikingly different from others.

Many may often live with a Scorpio for long years, but do not really know their partner. Many things related to the life of a person born during this period can forever remain a mystery.

Quite often, their eyes can betray their true feelings while words say the opposite, and worst of all, when a Scorpio tries to hide their emotions. It takes very little to overflow the cup of his patience and, most likely, he will soon burst into a storm.

If you are dealing with a Scorpio, you should always feel him; deal with him on an intuitive level. They wear a mask often, they say “No” too often, when they really mean “Yes”. Scorpios are of the opposite nature.

But once they find their true love, they can be the most loyal of all partners. It is worth noting here that playing love games with such people is extremely dangerous, their feelings like fire can burn a careless lover, and they never forget betrayal and betrayal.

Most Scorpios are winners and leaders, the only thing they need to really worry about is their relationship to the power they receive, which can either elevate or destroy.

Scorpios tend to be strong personalities with strong leadership traits. They try to fill their lives with events as much as possible, set the world around them in motion and easily involve others in their projects.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are open, sometimes harsh in communication, but at the same time sensitive, although they try to hide their feelings.

Scorpions of the first third of the sign, born from October 24 to November 2, are affected by the red planet Mars. They are not too emotional and not inclined to empathy, but this often helps them: such people become excellent doctors or military men.

Part of Fortune in Scorpio – Meaning and Info

Here man achieves the greatest happiness by participating in the process of rebirth. It has to do with sexuality on the physical plane and with spiritual quest on a higher mental and emotional level.

Sexuality, the essence of life and creative power, becomes a very important factor in the nature of this individual.

He also has an intense desire to explore the meaning of life. It is not a difficult task for a person with such a keen and discerning perception. This person is keenly aware of the growth and evolution of humanity.

The combination of all these factors allows you to plunge into the unknown, to be at the center of all beginnings and endings.

Through a Piece of Impartial Consciousness in Taurus, this person sees the ways in which people and society keep themselves on the beaten track called reliability and safety.

The energy of Scorpio always strives to discover everything new. It seeks to uproot the established order in order to improve it.

Scorpio’s energy is aimed at destroying what is no longer useful. The Pars of Fortune, located in Scorpio, attunes a person to his own subconscious and subconscious levels of society.

He takes great pride in his ability to emerge as leaders despite these usually unknown forces. In the eyes of others, it appears to be destroying what it took those years to build.

In reality, what can be destroyed has never been genuine. The Pars of Fortune in Scorpio is looking for the mysterious reality of the universe. Much will be overthrown.

Hidden secrets will be brought to the surface, and the stream of human thoughts and feelings will be churned with passion until it is purified.

The energy of the Part of Impartial Consciousness in Taurus is the energy of creation, while the energy of the Parsa of Fortune in Scorpio is the energy of destruction.

Both are needed to achieve the process we call evolution. Old structures are being demolished so that new ones can be erected in their place. The man with the Pars of Fortune in Scorpio is unique in that he can demolish, as well as design and erect new structures.


Through the Piece of Impartial Consciousness in Taurus, this person can experience the energy of relaxation and satisfaction.

This acts as a counterbalance to the intensity of the Scorpio. He knows that ultimately it is everyone’s goal.

However, he cannot accept it for himself until he feels that he deserves it.

The “pot of gold” at the end of this rainbow comes from active participation in building a world that will be reliable and calm, but not because people try to make it that way by restraining, suppressing or forbidding natural instincts, but because that they will be in greater contact with the source of all life.

This person is happiest when he can enlighten others and show them new paths that they were afraid to consider.

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