Vesta in Aries – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

The celestial bodies that make up the Universe are more than just the planets that orbit the solar system.

The asteroids also play a significant part in affecting who we are and what awaits us as we walk down our path in life.

Astrology opens the doors to the Universe and inspires how we come to understand ourselves.

It is the cosmic gift that keeps on giving.

The extraordinary function of Vesta and the dynamism of Aries is an intoxicating combination.

Those who have Vesta under Aries will be left enthralled once they understand it’s meaning and the impact that it has on them.

Meaning of Vesta in Aries

Vesta is an asteroid that is occasionally visible to the naked eye. It is named after the goddess Vesta from ancient Roman times. It represents hearth and home as well as the eternal spiritual flame.

Essentially, Vesta in our birth chart can show us what that little light inside of us is. It is what makes us unique and special. Vesta is the symbol of our souls’ mission and truth in this life.

The flame inside of us is our sacred, creative, and feminine energy. In Roman times, women had to fight for the attention of men in their male-dominated society. They had to possess a secret weapon.

Their art of seduction was showcasing what made them stand out from the rest.

Today, we may not have the same culture and traditional views as ancient times but we still possess that spark inside of us.

Whether we are male or female, we have all a duty to shine bright and show the world what we’re made of. We owe it to ourselves to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Understanding our amazing traits and qualities are just an asteroid away.

Vesta in Aries Personality

Aries Vesta are dedicated to creative self-expression. They safeguard the right to voice their opinions and believe that others should do the same. Any form of restraint or censorship is an insult to the Aries Vestas mission.

What makes Aries Vesta unique is simply being themselves. There is nothing more beautiful or attractive than their mind. The way that they view the world, their hopes, dreams, and opinions are all part of their charm.

Aries Vesta has a special drive for adventure. Their sense of action and their campaign for change is what makes them stand out. They need to see the world and take part in challenges that help them to break free from the confines of society.

They also have the drive to prove their self-worth and show the world what they’re made of. They will happily challenge themselves and take on any task that will give them the opportunity to put their talents to good use.

They have many strengths and ambitions. Their high level of success and determination is impressive. Those that notice the light of Aries Vesta are drawn to them like moths to a flame.

When people meet Aries Vesta they are left in awe. They stand out from the crowd with their individuality. They have leader-like qualities. Never will they follow someone else’s path.

They are fearless and motivated and full of passion. There is no one that embodies these traits quite like the Aries Vesta. Every time that they decide to do something, they do it.

They are the inspiration for many and lead the way in personal development. Self-fulfillment is something that they strive for and they do so with an open heart and mind. When they believe in something they cannot be led astray.

The energy that they possess never runs out. They can keep going and will do whatever to fulfill their purpose. They are in competition with no one but themselves. Aries Vesta has the gift of self-empowerment that they must harness and believe in.

The Aries Vesta is a warrior. What makes them special is their perseverance and their ability to tear down anything that stands in the way of success.

They are devoted to living out their potential. Life is full of amazing possibilities and those with the Aries Vesta placement will realize them. Their soul is on fire and it wants to be set free.

Vesta in Aries Woman

The bravery and endurance of the Aries Vesta woman is the fuel that makes her flame burn bright.

No obstacle is too big and nothing is impossible. Her admires look upon her with awe as she effortlessly battles from one challenge to the next.

They are self-centered in pursuit of their goals. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Generally speaking, women can find that they put their needs ahead of others.

The Aries Vesta woman looks out for what gives her joy which is an admirable quality.

They won’t let anybody jeopardize what they have worked so hard to build. The Aries Vesta woman stands out because she fiercely protects what is hers. She is never a pushover, nor will she allow anyone to disrespect her.

This is her beauty, her light, and her divinity. The feminine essence of Vesta is complimented by the masculine energy of Mars. Like Yin and Yang, they balance each other well.

The Aries Vesta woman embraces her femininity while championing the remarkable, masculine qualities of Aries. She is not afraid to show people that she means business. She is a woman who upholds her values and is unapologetic in doing so.

She sees the bigger picture and it has her name written all over it. Women with the Aries Vesta placement must remember who they are. The words ‘I can’t do it’ should not be part of her vocabulary.

The Aries Vesta woman wants to be her own person. She wants to be appreciated for her unique abilities and talents. If she feels as though she is not all she needs to do is open her eyes. There are many people who can see her light and accept who she is.

Not only does the Aries Vesta woman want to be seen as herself she wants to feel like herself in her body. The chalice of life that offers her pleasure should be nurtured and celebrated. Their sexual energy is powerful and imaginative.

Many who may struggle to connect with their body and sexuality see the magic that lies within the Aries Vesta. She is openly in love with her essence and dazzles everyone in the process.

Notable Aries Vesta women include Emma Watson, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Kate Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tina Turner, and Emilia Clarke.

Vesta in Aries Man

The Aries Vesta man is confident in what he can do and achieve. He is unfazed by challenges and dives straight into working for what he wants.

He is a symbol of power to those around him. People can see his amazing qualities of vigor and ambition. They want to be like him, they emulate him and they admire him.

If there is anyone that can do what they set out to do it’s the Aries Vesta man.

Once he learns to tap into this part of himself there is nothing that he can’t do. He will come to understand that the only limitations that exist are those that reside in the mind.

As a product of this infinite and promising Universe the Aries Vesta man can harness its energy to his advantage. Whether he wants spiritual or material abundance it is his for the taking. He conquers all obstacles and enjoys the thrill of chasing after his conquests.

Aries, the God of war, represents strength and power. The Aries Vesta man has endless energy stores and fights with the vitality of Aries. This is his gift.

The Aries Vesta man is animated, dynamic, forceful, and has a pizzazz that lights up any room that he walks into. He can commandeer a boardroom and win any battle.

Like the Aries Vesta woman, his ambition is hard to beat. They can achieve their goals alone, though help from others should always be welcomed they do not need support from others.

Their ability to reach their goals is of their own merit.

He hates being directed by others. Being told what to do goes against every fiber of his being. He is meant to be a leader, not a follower.

Career-wise, if the Aries Vesta man is in a position where he often has to answer to others he may not be entirely satisfied. He may dream of a life where he is his own boss and can call the shots.

That is the flame that burns deep inside, it is Aries Vesta calling out to him.

The Aries Vesta man has an intense focus that cannot be broken. Distractions are not noticed. When he has a task he puts his head down and gets to work.

Celebrities and public figures with the Aries Vesta placement are Andy Warhol, Michael Schumacher, John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Dwayne Johnson, Abraham Lincoln.

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