Leo Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

People with the moon sign Capricorn take their profession very seriously. Apparently, her work does not leave any time to act out her feelings. These are held back and hidden.

This is why some people quickly consider those born under the sign of Capricorn to be aloof and a little cool.

However, that is not true. At the bottom of his heart, the Capricorn is a very soulful and warm person. However, he only shows that to people who have won his trust.

For him, life is not a game, but a serious matter. He is often afraid that he will not be able to cope with the demands of everyday life.

The person with the moon sign Capricorn combats his insecurity with a pursuit of success. He feels comfortable when he accumulates material good and gradually achieves his goals.

Even in a partnership, it is not always easy for him to show his feelings. To do this, he needs a lot of trust in the other. His work and professional success are often the top priority for him.

Leo Sun – Meaning and Info

Lions are children of the sun, so they always consider themselves the center of the universe and are terribly surprised to discover that someone does not want to fulfill their countless whims. Traditionally, they try to occupy the highest social position.

People of the zodiac sign Leo are noble, they try to protect the weak from childhood, but often the nobility is accompanied by rare revenge. It is better that Leo does not have as his enemy – he will never stop at anything if he decides to repay the offender.

Sunny lions have an extremely strong character that does not tolerate omissions and compromises, but it is quite easy to deceive a simple Leo – just give him a bunch of compliments, and he will turn into an obedient and windy kitten.

Leo is always eager for strength, he is creative and creative, but he prefers to achieve everything on his own. He cannot stand rivalry in anything, not even in marriage.

For all, without exception, L’viv, there are no subconscious thoughts and desires. These are people of reason, logic and mathematical calculation.

Unfortunately, sometimes Leos do not possess the whole complex of qualities a king needs animals, but that does not stop them from being ambitious.

Leo is an unknown sense of danger, they are not afraid of war, darkness or fire, and they breathe deeply only during danger. Lions should be on the lookout only for the Napoleonic complex and excessive pride.

Hypertrophic pride can lead Leo to mental depression, especially if there is no person nearby who believes in Leo’s exclusivity. Rarely true and faithful.

People of the zodiac sign Leo are incredibly effective and always make a brilliant career; they make bright leaders of power who do not tolerate prejudice or procrastination.

They willingly and willingly work for themselves, which is why L’viv has the highest percentage of successful entrepreneurs and scientists. Extraordinary politicians, businesspersons, athletes. Good diplomats, artists, decorators, directors, presidents.

Every activity chosen by Leo should be related to people and an opportunity to prove themselves. They taste good, earn a lot but crazy mottos, and very often manage to spend a lot more than they can.

People of the zodiac sign Leo in the heart are very passionate, but in the cards, they are usually not happy. However, there must be at least something that Leo could not do very well.

Lion women try to get married by calculation, trying to find a rich and tall husband who could give their Lioness the life they have dreamed of since childhood. Often these women are beautiful, but more often frigid.

He will never surrender to man, obeying the spiritual urge. Male Leftists are generous and generous lovers, but they are often notorious and therefore rude.

It is very easy to seduce them, but women quickly get tired of swallowing compliments to their imaginary mistress. Everyone prefers to listen to flattering speeches, but Leo just does not think that you can praise someone other than yourself.

The losing lion becomes a terrible tyrant, but most often, they are flexible and good husbands and extremely caring fathers.

Lions consider children as their property, the result of their creative activity and it is difficult to part with older offspring. Leo’s fathers are particularly affected after the marriage of their young but always spoiled daughters.

Both men and women Leos like to be the center of attention and that is why they prefer not to follow fashion, but to go at least half a step ahead of it. Men are very impressive, love good underwear, wear figs and coats flawlessly. To appear with such a man in any society is an honor for a woman.

Lionesses, if they can afford it, of course, surround themselves with incredible extravagant luxury, trying in every possible way to attract attention with bright defiant dresses, sharp perfumes, rustling expensive silk

If a woman does not have enough money for what she wants, she can slip into vulgarity, wearing fake diamonds and fake fur. Often the desire of Leos to look like worldly women leads to the opposite result.

From July 23 to August 3, L’viv, in addition to the Sun, hits the gloomy Saturn. Saturn lions are prone to mysticism, they are ardent in nature, strong and do not suffer any coercion.

Such people of the zodiac sign Leo are arrogant, desperate for strength and are often cruel and rabid.

The Saturn lion will never tolerate interference in his affairs – whoever encroaches on his independence and the terrible blow of the royal paw will immediately destroy property.

From August 4 to 12, Jupiter influences Leo, making them reasonable, logical, and prone to exact mathematical sciences. Such Leos have a developed sense of responsibility, vividly feel the continuity of generations and are able to realize the most complex ideas.

People of the zodiac sign Leo are noble, but they feel the coffers of everything in the world, so they prefer to help their peers and may not notice someone below them on the social ladder.

From August 13 to 22, Martian lions are born. These are born generals and rulers. The influence of Mars makes them even stronger, stronger and more purposeful.

Such people of the zodiac sign Leo are endowed on with more powerful energy and sexual potential and firmly believe that they are able to turn literally the whole world upside down.

I cannot live without admiring viewers who can impress with their courage and breadth of nature. Martian lions cannot lose their jobs for a single second; they simply have an insatiable desire to realize all their countless abilities and ambitions.

Taurus Moon – Meaning and Info

If your lunar sign is Taurus, then you, more than others, are distinguished by enviable stability in everything: in your addictions, habits, relationships with people. You are quite conservative and have a very realistic view of the world, never build castles in the air, and your actions are extremely rational, logical and balanced.

The Moon in Taurus will endow people born during this period with increased tolerance for others, enviable endurance, patience, predictability, calmness. For you, the material is always primary. “I am extremely undemanding.

Only the best is always enough for me ”- this famous phrase by Oscar Wilde can be your motto, as you always strive to get the most out of life and from every situation, never compromising with yourself regarding the quality of things or relationships. Your life is based on material well-being, security, stability, devotion to your ideals.

Moon Taurus are the best family men, agrarians, gardeners, farmers. They are much attached to nature, the earth and any activity associated with it. They love warmth and comfort at home, so a small “family nest” is their ideal vision of a settled life, every day of which should be predictable and planned.

Taurus are networked, kind, sincere people, sensitive to the suffering and needs of others, always ready to help. They are often volunteers, medical workers, and guardians.

In order to maximize your fulfillment at work, you, like air, need harmony, a quiet environment and a friendly microclimate around.

However, for all your altruism, self-interest and self-interest will always prevail. You will never make a deal with your own conscience for other purposes, no matter how noble they may seem to others.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Although they are characterized by increased interest and attention to the opposite sex, they always strive for a long and harmonious relationship with their chosen partner. The family for them is a stronghold of stability, a safe haven where they can hide from any difficulties and problems.

Taurus is beautiful, proportionate and elegant. They have a heightened sense of beauty, so they are often the best art critics, music critics, artists, actors, designers.

Few people like them can feel the shape and color, correctly compose and combine them.

These people are extremely graceful and plastic; they have an innate sense of rhythm and excellent hearing.

If you are a Taurus, then you probably have many close friends, as you are very reliable, loyal, loyal and decent in your relationships with people.

In addition, these qualities are so rare nowadays in our society!

With all your love for power and your desire to always be “in the first place,” you are diplomatic, know how to be flexible in difficult issues and have a certain amount of worldly wisdom, which very often saves you from getting into difficult and confusing situations.

Although Taurus are persistent in achieving their goals and defending their own interests, they are rarely aggressive, therefore, as a rule, they do not pose a danger to society.

Those born under the lunar sign of Taurus can often lack individualism and originality, so you are encouraged to work on yourself.

Then creativity will be added to your impeccable sense of taste. In addition, this is really a valuable combination of qualities!

Leo has excellent health, iron nerves and incredible resistance to disease.

However, they also have their weak points. Most often, it is the heart. Powerful, healthy Lions can die instantly at work from a heart attack, heart attack or bleeding.

People with the zodiac sign Leo often suffer from circulatory disorders.

In addition, you should especially take care of your eyes and skin – the sun extends its hand towards its children and can, exaggerating, burn and blind.

Nerve breakdowns are rare, but if the indestructible Leo has led to such exhaustion, you should immediately change your lifestyle, stop working so much, and go on a good diet. Lions often abuse alcohol and are too addicted to smoking.

It should be worn in deep, saturated colors – gold, black, crimson. White should be completely excluded.

The metal of the generous Lions, of course, is gold. The stones are, of course, the most expensive: shiny diamond, ruby, Esmeralda.

We recommend cannons, chrysotile or onyx to lions who have not yet had time to take everything from life. If you have a period of temporary financial downtime, wear warm amber.


The Moon in Taurus has a very strong influence on the sensory sphere of life, which is why people born during this period are dependent on pleasures, pleasures, and sensory experiences. They are very good lovers, empathetic and considerate.

It brings them true joy to make their partner happy, to give him warmth and care.

Therefore, it is difficult to find a better family man than Moon Taurus. As a rule, they rarely marry more than one in a lifetime.

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