Libra Sun Aquarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Those who believe in astrology, and think there is something interesting in it, must know that it is very important where is the position of Sun, Moon, and of course, ascendant.

All of this speaks of the purpose of the human being, emotions, the way we express those emotions, and of course development of the personality itself.

This is not the same – to know that you have certain emotions and to know how to express them in a healthy way.

Also, if you are happy with your job, it does not mean that you have found your purpose – but by following the light that comes from Sun and Moon, you will be at least one step closer to it and become a better human being.

Knowing the purpose is one of the most important things all of us should do, and everything we can use to find is welcome.

Here we want to tackle the world of people who have positioned the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aquarius.

What does this combination mean?

General Meaning

This is the combination of the lunars where it has a lot to do with sexuality, a sense of money, and occult things, and this combination brings the inclination towards politics.

All of this is emphasized here due to impartiality and quick mind, and this Moon pushes a person to be always ahead of its time in everything.

Also, what is present here is the admiration of intellectual conversations is, and these people would love to have lovers who will have these kinds of conversations; otherwise, this relationship could not work.

People who have this lunar combination show originality, ingenuity, scientific abilities, inventiveness, and since there is Libra, all of this is turn either toward justice and the realm of beauty.

This is a good combination since it provides a cosmopolitan point of view and impartial understanding, along with great generosity in interpersonal relationships; if this person is a lawyer, he will do pro bone without any exception.

He believes that if you do good, goodwill returns to you, always, and here we can see understanding combined with the intuitive revival of anything that comes on their way.

On a negative note, Sun in Libra and Moon in Aquarius bring an emotional fall into trance and possessiveness, and there is a lot of love along the way.

This combination loves to travel and feels like he is at home wherever it goes, and people along the way are its best friends.

These people hate routine, and others see them as “emotionally unavailable” because they can be at times reluctant and rarely talks about their true and deepest feelings.

This can be so problematic for interpersonal connections, although they are able to speak of great ideas that move the world.

But, this Sun and Moon combination can have one distinctive problem – nervous tension, seen as nervous breakdowns if they are not able to channel their inner being in a proper way.

The creational force must be present at all times and directed in the right way to make good.


This combination can only survive if there is a balance and peaceful life. In every other way, emotional energy is expressed in the wrong way.

Always have in mind that the inner need of this combination is to be with people, and when it finds a lover, then it starts through friendship.

And also, they cannot be restrained. Then there is nothing more important for them than freedom.

Some say that the nature of these feelings is very cold and reserved because it isn’t exactly destined for deep attachment to just one person, and that’s usually a relationship issue.

Especially intimacy with people is limited here – these people can connect more to those who are strangers. It is not able to share any deep connections and can be distant from family members.

In fact, this combination of Sun and Moon always seeks idealistic love that surprises and can stand the test of time.

So, these people are not cold, on the contrary, they just do not want a trivial expression of emotions, or there can be a lot of tension.

The Sun in Libra and Moon in Aquarius must be expressed through creative projects to be preoccupied and channel that energy.

The conflict arises when Libra wants to be connected to teamwork, and the Moon in Aquarius gravitates toward individualistic nature wanting to live with no prejudices against anyone.

Emotional life is very rich, and both the mind and emotions react immediately, giving people who are bright and collected at almost any time.

This position gives a good combination of religious, humane, sexual, and scientific instincts that could, but it is not mandatory to be used for good. They find the best work when they work for those people who have lived a certain injustice; they will do it gladly, with their open hearts, and for free.

The curiosity of these lunars is great, and by no means their “opponents” should underestimate it. And in return, these people will never ask anyone for help or will do it very, very rarely. They adore conventional things and have weird hobbies.

In combination with this Moon and Sun, we get people who have the strong need for emotional independence, and for some, this may seem like absence, disinterest, and no emotion, but that is far, far from the truth.

Possessive partners must stay away from all those who have Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aquarius.

All of this does not exclude them from being deeply attached to just one person, and that’s usually a relationship issue.

Especially intimacy with people is limited here. It takes time, in some cases, a lot of time.

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon – Man

Who is this man that has Libra Sun and Aquarius Moon – he is the one who wants to get to know his soul, and for that, he seeks some invisible threads that connect all people on this planet and their souls.

He is the man who is seen as very intelligent, a bit moody, and extremely lucid. We know that the Moon represents our feelings, mother, wife, and wife as a whole – this Moon wants changes as it empties and fills.

It governs our desires, concerns, needs, spiritual things, and the depth of our knowledge of feelings. His desires can be dark and distant, and intimacy is an issue.

He is not an emotional person, he does not like to show them and hates possessiveness, but he has the capacity to love for a long time, with great intensity.

He loves to travel and feels home wherever he goes, and if he feels like routine is coming on his way, then he will leave everything.

Others see him as a man who cannot be tamed and is “emotionally unavailable” because he is reluctant and rarely talks about his true and deepest feelings. And if he does it, then that is someone very special.

If you want to be with him, you must be ready to speak of altruism and humane ideas and have an attitude about everything.

He can be nervous and must be able to channel his feelings and energy in the best way he can, and this means that he must do a job that completes him and where he can express his emotional and spiritual energy.

There is a lot of love here, and this man can be very social. He loves to connect and gather people.

When it comes to his work, it must be an area where he can show his originality, ingenuity, and scientific expertise, and of course, his pronounced inventiveness.

He has a cosmopolitan attitude and hates to see others suffer and be certain that as a true gentleman will help, maybe even angrily react.

If you are his chosen lover, you must respect his strong need for emotional independence and do not mistake it for lack of emotion. Do not show possessiveness and jealousy because it will be the end of any connection with this man.

And, this is the man who wants to have a lot of friends, and that he will never stop interacting with people just because he is in a relationship with someone that is serious.

In the end, this man is brave, and does not underestimate his curiosity, and does not expect him to ever ask anyone to help him. Since he likes unconventional things, he can be in an unconventional marriage or affair.

Something that others will dread and do not like or approve of. But this man does not care!

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon – Woman

If we know that the Sun in Libra is not able to make a decision, it is very commonly tense and impulsive because when she reaches a critical point, anger and frustration flow uncontrollably.

But here comes the Moon in Aquarius, giving here the much-needed calmness and balance, and of course, this is not always the case, but it tends to be put down the Libra.

In a female natal chart, this combination is being presented as the embodiment of culture and decency, both at the same time.

She is all about love as an interest, joy, and romance, and passion.

Also, this is one very sociable lady, who must move a lot to be able to convey impressions and experiences as much as she can, because she is aware that this is the only way this woman can grow, in the right way. She associates with various companies of different profiles and interests.

All are welcomed, and just like in the previous example where we spoke of a male natal chart and this Sun-Moon combination, here also we can see her divine energy and the need to be connected with people and their souls, without any difference. She loves intellectual conversations and relationships with a lot of passions.

This woman loves things that are strange, that are connected to sexuality, of course, money, and occult things, but also politics.

She is fair and has a quick mind, always ahead of her time in everything that she does, work, relationships, ideas, and goals. She simply could not be measured with anyone else in this world. She may seem emotionally distant for some, but at the same time, she is very lovely, making a beautiful wife and a mother, filed with the support for her family, being fair, and teaching kids the rules of fair play.

You cannot fool this woman, as she is very smart and intelligent, seeing the world as a whole.

When it comes to her emotional life, for some, it may seem that she is emotionally distant and cold, while in fact, she just has an idea how she wants to be loved. She wants to be loved passionately and freely and to have a lover who will understand it. She demands feelings and a deeper understanding of feelings and does not want some gestures just for the sake of them, and she wants honesty and originality.

In the end, we can say that this is the woman who likes to gather experiences and see the world as her area of expression – she is very sensitive, and her sensory perception is always lit, and always mind, and feelings react instantly, there is no waiting when this clarity of a mind is active.

It works non-stop, from 0-24, making her seem as she truly is very bright and collected.

Also, this woman must always be able to express her feelings and a possible tension through something creative, some great projects, to be preoccupied with projects, or else she can sink into the darkness and tension that will be hard to get out of.

No pressure is allowed, and the best work this woman does is through individualistic creative projects. She loves the entire world and has no prejudices at all, and all are welcomed into her world.

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