Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The natal chart represents the sky, the arrangement of the planets and stars at the time of your birth, at the exact time when you were born, in the country you were born, and that is why each of us is different and unique.

When you know this information, then you receive this ID card, and you can use it for so many things in life, for progress and advancement in the first place, but it also could be a way of finding out how to overcome challenges.

The natal sheet is an excellent ID card from the sky – our confirmation that we are all special in the world and that a different destiny awaits each of us.

Now, many of us know where our Sun is, but not many of us know where our Moon is located, and believe us, it speaks so much. It is an essential part of the natal chart.

Today we are looking into the world of the people who have the Sun located in Sagittarius and the Moon in the Capricorn sign.

What kind of impact this luminary combination gives, and what kind of potential it carries, find out here!

General meaning

In this luminary connection where Sun and Moon find themselves in Sagittarius and Capricorn, there is a prominent experience of one’s own power that encourages this universe to work hard and persistently in sequence to ultimately gain the assistance and attention of other people.

This is an interesting combination because there is hard work and, in a way, a pessimistic idea, but the optimistic impulse will try to overrule.

Natural sense manages this nature, and it is actually a great potential that is exercised on other people, but also on itself, consciously controlling emotions and goals.

So, we get to see people who are emotional but also have prominent goals in life and are ready to work very hard on them.

And, we must add they are very interested in working with other people, influencing them, and in some way moving them in the direction they want, as it is part of their goals.

At its essence, there is forever a profound or spiritual approach towards life, a feeling of impending future that supports it to upgrade itself, dispensing a cynical attitude towards its decisions and activities.

They love to progress and move in the direction they see as important, but along the way, they can be cynical and a bit negative at times.

Although Sagittarius is completely different from Capricorn, maybe in some way they are on different sides of the astrological specter, but we must also add that there is something that we could call compatible energy that can work well.

However, there is little chance that the Sun in Sagittarius will ever meet the person he or she needs, someone who will greet them at home when they come home tired from work, someone with whom they will share precious free time.

One reason is that they can have a pessimistic nature to them, not believing that they are worthy of love and that they are too busy to give themselves to love.

In fact, one of the biggest problems of this luminary combination is that these people always have something to do, their job. It becomes them, and the only way they can overcome this issue is that their work becomes something more, to find a purpose.

Also, and this is something that is worth mentioning – the biggest challenge between an optimistic Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Capricorn is reflected in different views on life, in fact diametrically opposed to life attitudes.

These people could become philosophers and theorists who long for new adventures, adventurers to whom you’re strict rules and the knowledge that one cannot live without work shatters dreams and imposes shackles.

Some people who have this set of luminaries are seen as withdrawn and pessimistic because of the influence of the Moon in Capricorn, but a well-aspected horoscope can easily change that.

It makes them feel very pleasant and optimistic, and the idea is to keep this good feeling as long as they could so that the path is lighter and avoids slow and painful path that is under the impact of the Moon in Capricorn.


These people who have this luminary connection between Sagittarius and Capricorn have the organizational skills and the power to have even the most complicated business projects in the palm of their hand – it is important for them to achieve success on the material level and to prove themselves. We have spoken of this earlier in this article, but it is necessary to see how much this need to succeed shapes their personalities and sets their lives on a certain course.

Also, here we have a very pronounced aspect of time – that can pass either extremely slow or extremely fast, depending on the light that comes from the Sun or the Moon, in Sagittarius and Capricorn.

In this sense, the aspect of childhood is very important, in a sense that for them, it was probably not really easy for them as kids; they never seem to be young enough, always seeming so old in comparison to others. They have a certain maturity, and it is like they already have lived many lives, being wiser than their age. They were never that windy teenager that is carefree and joyful. The Moon in Capricorn always brings that dark impact.

However, these people also age nicely, so they will look younger later in life than they really are. As you can see, this luminary connection brings numerous contrasts that in some cases can work while in others they could be a call for a disaster.

It is not advised for them to borrow money. It is much better for them to wait a few days before they make a decision, but also not waiting too long because that decision will lose its purpose.

The Moon in Capricorn is not the best time to start a new business since there are activities that require pronounced concentration and organized work, and only then could they pull their ideas.

In the well aspected natal chart, people with this luminary connection are armed with a very pronounced responsibility, with endurance and patience in almost anything they do.

This will help others to easily maintain the set course, only if they show a bit more persistence.

However, caution is advised in dealing with people in positions and authority cause the Sun in Sagittarius can shift the focus on some other things that they see as important.

Advice for them is to concentrate step by step on each point of their plan to achieve a safe and stable performance to the desired goal.

The month in Capricorn represents a favorable time for the completion of already initiated actions and their final “polishing.” They should carefully plan the final phase of a certain project, and only then do they start the hard and continuous work with the results that will last.

Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Moon – Man

Since a man that has this luminary combination is not inclined to phantasy or apathy, he is seen as a brave warrior, able to achieve his goals, regardless of their greatness and the fact that all others say to him that he will fail. He understands his life route more as a route to be crossed than as a series of consequences to be lived as deeply as feasible, and this is the Moon in Capricorn that speaks louder than the Sun in Sagittarius.

Therefore, he creates his now as a role of the prospect that he has yet to produce, whether it is about his profession or his improvement as a self. And, this is the Sun in Sagittarius that in a certain time of this life wakes up and brings a dash of optimism into his life.

He defines his choices according to the criteria of his time, and it rarely happens that he re-examines socially recognized values. He likes to flow to already known paths, to make it last.

However, he often expresses the desire to perfect these criteria in order to improve his own and other people’s destinies, and here we can see his influence on others.

It is an individual motivated by the ambition to contribute in an active way to collective life, and this is the best choice for this man, doing something that will touch others.

Over the years, he builds an ideal that will become the magnetic pole of his life, always remaining a solid nature, able to face the world around him and overcome the greatest difficulties in life and work tirelessly on his inner development.

This man has an unsatisfied (the Moon in Capricorn), almost childish need for emotions, but also a constant fear that someone will abuse them.

This man often realizes that he is misunderstood because he is actually hiding his own thirst for attention and tenderness. He is dignified, and he will rarely promise something if he is not able to keep it.

The Moon in Capricorn gives this man patience and persistency, but on the other side of the story, this man can be overly one-sided, almost overly disciplined, acting reserved and cold. He looks thoughtful, and he is lonelier than the prototype of your Sagittarius Sun sign.

Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Moon – Woman

For many, this lady that has Sun and Moon in Sagittarius in Capricorn looks stiffer than she really is, and in some way, this woman finds it difficult to show her deep feelings, and she is more focused on traditional style and conservative values.

Someone would say that she is a perfect wife, and in many ways, she is just that – but do not be fooled; she will not become unemployed just for the sake of being a wife and a mother. She is able to turn various worries and problems over her back without complaining to anyone in particular. She is are oriented towards success, authority, conscientiousness and needs to feel the need to be convinced of the concrete results of her efforts.

There is no sign that will explain why this woman does everything by the rules, but her life is much more; her life is actually a game in which everyone should have a good time, including her, and she is not as serious as she seems. The only question is how much this game will be inspiring to her.

Probably after a while, her pace will be too slow for people who are beside her, and she will start looking for a new adventure and for someone who will not put the reins.

In this female natal chart, also we must say that the Moon in Capricorn contributes to caution and conservatism in everyday life.

Increased concentration, followed by objective thinking, leads to excellent self-control and strong self-discipline, and this is her strong point that she should use in every aspect of her life, especially work, of course, providing that she has found her purpose in life.

Only if she succeeds in establishing spiritual harmony will she be able to subordinate her ambitions to only one goal. Her best ally, time, will help her a lot, only if she realizes that she has all her time in life.

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