Saturn Sextile Uranus – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Let us first talk about the impact that Saturn has on the natal charts so that we can understand what kind of impact it will have when it is seen in a relation to some other planet, here that planet will be Uranus, the one that speaks always, in its own terms about rebellion, breaking the boundaries, obtaining the sense of freedom.

Uranus is the planet that breaks chains and it brings a new sense of life, that is now freer than ever. Or, perhaps that freedom is as never seen before. Now, to Saturn and its impact.

Saturn governs our activity or the course we were instructed to act in life, by families or wider(school or society, both in good and also in a very bad way), and it is also the way we are carried in life.

It is what has been imprinted in us, and now we are dealing through life, evolving and changing to a certain extent.

The work of this planet is very much connected to limitation and regulation, and this is the most common way a work of this planet is recognized.

Restrictions that we put on ourselves and that others put on us, it is how much we allow to be restricted, etc.

This is also the representation of our ability to obey the law, follow regulations, etc.

But Saturn brings so much more into the picture, and with it, things are not as simple as we think they are, since this planet is in charge of the form and definition of our lives.

This planet is there to remind us of our limitations, obligations, and duties. It is frequently connected to the father figure in our lives, whoever that may be, or any authority figure, you know that it has got to do with Saturn and its impact.

But, more importantly, the planet Saturn is a teacher and it gives us assignments that truly allow us to develop in any direction we want, and no one says that growth is easy, but it has its path and it is good for us.

In the natal chart of the person, precisely the placement of Saturn indicates personal boundaries, anxiety, and a feeling of obligation.

Now, we want to see what the planet Saturn gives when it is in a favorable position with Uranus.

Saturn sextile Uranus in General

When this aspect is formed, when Saturn is in a sextile position with Uranus, then persons who have it in their birth charts, are seen as very intelligent, intuitive, and extremely creative.

They can feel, they can create, and they can intuitively know where to go, and what the future brings to a certain extent.

These people are very inquisitive and broad-minded but likewise, at the same exact time, they are completely opposite, they could be at the same time reasonable and realistic.

In this sextile, Saturn and Uranus make these two opposites work together nicely, they are gathered into one, making one character work very well, even if there are numerous opposites gathered.

They are seen as reformers and people who are able to build something new in the world – and that the building process can be slow or fast, and the pace does not represent any relevance, the final result does.

Here we can also see a lot of gratitude and awareness of customs (we are talking about everything that connects us to the past and everything that we see as a traditional value) along with usefulness combined with creativity and wisdom.

Think of them as people who are respectful toward the past, but are equally interested in the future, and are able to find out how these two be met in the present, in the wisest way possible.

These people are seen as authorities of their own kind, people whose word is listened to; they are finding unexplored methods of accomplishing elder things when they are facing any form of constraints of oblivion.

People who have this sextile in their natal charts are ready to explore various cultures and religious systems to fulfill their deep inquisitiveness about the secrets of the world.

When confronted with a crisis, people demonstrate tolerance and endurance to do things their own way, if possible, and it must possible. They are able to adapt to varying occasions and guide others.

And others can depend on these people in periods of trouble to remain serene while creating the required transformations, to bring direction to a chaotic situation.

When it comes to their jobs, you can imagine how much they are capable of doing – since they are blessed with the most powerful work ethic and innovative spirit that assist them in becoming specialists.

They are amazingly well when they need to solve very complex problems that are detailed, technological, scientific, or uncommon.

Even more, we can say that these people who have this sextile are able to make things interesting, even if these things are boring since they are good at finding pragmatic resolutions to complicated difficulties that stump others.

These people show incredible perseverance and readiness to make a change that will eventually lead to accomplishments and incredible honor and praise.

In interpersonal relations, these human beings are very dedicated, and also very appreciative if they receive a certain part of liberty and independence in that relationship with a lover.

Yes, they are patient but they cannot be patient forever.

It is advisable that those who have this aspect in their natal charts, settle down, travel as much as they can and gain experience and maybe even if they feel like it experiments with different ways of life.

If they want to have a long-term relationship they can, but it will have in itself a piece of something that is extremely unique.

Some with this sextile position between Saturn and Uranus have a couple of divorces and are common for remaining the same partner multiple times.

Saturn Sextile Uranus Transit

When Saturn sextile Uranus transit is active, then all of us would feel like we can achieve so much with our self-discipline and perseverance.

Even if we are not sure that we have one or the other, now, in the moments while this transit lasts, we will certainly be able to find at least a tiny portion of it and act accordingly.

Of course, something leads us along the way, and it is the need that during this transit we can be as open and as inventive as we want to be. This sextile makes all of us want to have productive modifications that guide us to meaningful accomplishment and distinction in the world.

We will be inspired to change something in our lives, precisely that will eventually lead us to recognize and maybe for some of us a great honor.

Now is the time when we are going to be recognized for our hard work.

A rational mind here is in the mix with the creative flair that permits all of us to take premeditated risks that improve the chance of beings successful.

This transit means bringing order to chaos and making people who are close to you feel very secure and protected during turmoil and that chaos. People are now able to discover usages to finds, predominantly of technological or scientific qualities.

Use this time to learn anything that has been challenging for you in the previous period, and improve your understanding of the world in general.

Prior suspense or turmoil is settling when this transit is active since it brings balance into the world.

Advice is also to commit to anything that you were uncertain that you could do before, and that you may feel that you cannot do it before. Now you can do it.

Anything that made you feel like it is your soft spot, now you can turn to become your strength, and precisely this transit will allow you to feel like a true winner.

For example, you can use this transit to remodel a home or relocate because any transformations you make currently will fly without any problem.

Unforeseen repercussions are not likely to occur, and you will be able to work with others because all people will now feel that they belong to the one world and that only together we can make things better.

Think of yourself and learn do you have the motive to connect with others for a shared goal.

These are the times when the ability to connect to others is very much desired, if not necessary, and now, this sextile is the moment when all of us could reconnect sharing the same goals.

This could be the moment when an entire society is brought together for the same cause, and you can agree that it does not occur very often.

Saturn Sextile Uranus Synastry

When this sextile is found in the synastry, then we meet a couple that when united can grow, progress, and succeed in life, but they will do it at a speed that is not normal for others.

Jointly this pair can boost but at a unique rate.

Perhaps gradually or possibly unexpectedly fast, it is certain that this sextile brings that change – a couple has the ability to alter each other and inspire one another to be better than ever before.

This is the type of relationship where two people are much better as a couple than as individuals; we believe that any relationship should have at least one of these elements, being an inspiration to one another to become a better person and more successful.

Here, we can see the mixture of the realistic now (the present time, where the couple is currently in, or one of them is firmly in now) and future visions and ideas (the Uranus lover who always looks beyond now) and all of its tanks to the ability to take risks but be cautious at the same time.

A couple with this sextile is able to have it all to be as traditional as they want and to be nonconventional as they want to be.

Simply, they apply rules in aspects they feel are necessary, and on the other side, they are making their own rules and changing them along the way, as see fit.

The thing that can cause these two to have problems in a relationship is the fact that they have completely diverse views on self-reliance, collaboration, planning, community, and how to behave in it.

In fact, this can be the reason for such conflict but more probable than not their contrasts here is a favorable learning adventure if these two are able to see it in this way.

Saturn Sextile Uranus Composite

With Composite Saturn in the sextile position with Composite Uranus, such a relationship could truly be challenging for remaining stable and living as a couple in balance.

The question that arises here is this – can stability go in hand in hand with change?

Depends on all other aspects, and in fact, can there be a balance between the two, so that this relationship is not either too boring or secure, and it is not too unstable and unreliable?

Such tensions between the two lovers can truly lead to fighting between the two lovers, and both energies are very strong in this.

It may be an issue for this couple, especially having in mind if other aspects in synastry are not good.

With Composite Saturn is in a sextile position with Composite Uranus, people are able to counteract them more efficiently, and this can enable people to remain a pair through whatever arrives, causing changes when needed and being careful when demanded.

It helps that they are able to understand each other, and as we have said push one another to become better; and as a pair, they can endure troubles, because the Saturn lover is wise and knows how to make a decision, and the Uranus lover sees what is beyond, and sets the direction of their gathered actions.

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