Sun Sextile Mars – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Planetary aspects can be favorable and less fortunate. Together with Trine, Sextile brings harmony and attraction in natal charts and synastry.

This aspect is beyond beneficial, although some might say it’s weaker than Trine. Planets that form a 60-degree angle have a sextile between them.

Hence, those Zodiac signs with this placement are a great combination due to the yin and yang energy.

That also represents a combination of two opposites (masculine and feminine) that work well together.

Moreover, that means that these two don’t share the same modality or element.

Sextile brings good vibes and positivity, rewarding him with the category of good aspects. It’s also flirty, inspiring, and friendly.

This aspect typically happens between water and earth, fire and air Zodiac signs.

Wherever sextile appears in a natal chart, there will be fewer complications and unfavorable situations.

But it also triggers harmonious effects during sextile transits, providing relief from those that form conjunctions or opposites and cause chaos.

However, this aspect is typically not action-oriented, and it’s all about peace and relaxation.

As a result, transits that include this placement don’t bring life changes nor surprises. Sextile aspects also liberate synastry charts from drama and conflicts.

On the other hand, it’s easy to overlook sextile benefits as most astrologers focus on more challenging placements

. But if one wants to make the most of this aspect, they have to take action.

What does that mean for Sun sextile Mars?

Mars is pure action. It is the planet that represents our assertiveness, energy, and competitiveness. Your Mars sign will indicate how you take the initiative, experience sexuality, defend yourself and attack others.

Mars is the planet that dictates our urges, willpower, and what drives our actions and passions.

On the other side, the Sun is our consciousness and identity. Like the planets cruising around the Sun, we drive our energy from our Sun sign.

It is our ego and what, for the most part, dictates our decision-making. The Sun resembles the authority that censors our behavior and subconsciousness.

Besides, it is what helps us navigate the challenges and handle life.

Those born with Sun sextile Mars placement are fierce, youthful, and physically attractive. They are typically conventionally beautiful, and people love being in their company.

These natives are physically strong and have a strong will. It’s hard to break them down because they have an unyielding enthusiasm.

These individuals are usually humorous and look on the bright side of life. They enjoy cracking jokes and ensuring everyone is having fun.

These natives also love sports and exercise regularly. They want to feel healthy and are vigorous about their diet, mental health, and well-being.

Moreover, these individuals are typically fit and have a robust immune system. They love being physically active and always on the move. Competitiveness runs deep through their bloodstream and makes these individuals unstoppable.

They are team players and dislike being alone. These natives usually hate when they have too much time to think about their problems and things they have to do. They are practical and enjoy taking action.

Moreover, these individuals don’t think twice before taking the risk as they love living like there’s no tomorrow.

They might come across as fearless or cocky. Sometimes these natives intimidate other people and make them feel uncomfortable. That’s because they don’t care much about the opinion strangers have about them.

These individuals care only about what their loved ones think. Otherwise, they’re unapologetic and follow the beat of their drums.

Even though they function better in a team, these natives can also work well when alone. They are efficient and determined when they want to achieve something. Nothing can keep these individuals on track when they focus on a particular objective.

They are usually healthy and resilient. However, when these natives feel low, they tend to ignore their problems. They hate it when something unexpected disrupts their plans and love doing things on their terms.

These individuals are sturdy, and that often manifests in their behavior and how they approach things. They tend to be intense and impatient.

Most of the time, these natives want everything and now. When they get physically hurt, they heal fast and get back to what they were doing. They don’t delve into physical pain for too long and often perceive themselves as invincible.

These natives typically have a strong libido, and it might be challenging to keep up with their rhythm. They are emotionally expressive, although not romantic.

Moreover, these individuals tend to be clumsy when it comes to love affections. Even though sensitive, they don’t talk about their feelings or show weaknesses with ease.

These individuals tend to be influential in their social circles. They are attractive, charismatic, and magnetic. These natives often have a personality that oozes with determination. They are also great at presenting themselves due to their eloquence and charm.

These individuals are great storytellers. However, they tend to be too direct and liberal.

Some people might find their approach too intense. These natives are confident and never hold their opinions back. They are assertive but get along well with introverted people because they like helping others relax and be more self-assured.

These individuals are typically warm-hearted and enjoy helping others to turn their lives around.

Overall, Sun sextile Mars natives are straightforward and stand up against bullies. They wouldn’t let anyone go against their loved ones or friends.

These natives are always ready to stand up and fight. They have powerful primal instincts and can defend themselves and protect their loved ones from those who want to harm them.

Overall, those born with the Sun sextile Mars placement are intellectuals and would do everything to succeed help other people. They are open-minded and free-spirited, although prone to withholding their feelings from others.

These individuals have strong survival instincts and can stand tall despite harsh circumstances.

Sun sextile Mars – Synastry

The romantic synastric analysis is the interaction of houses between two birth charts. It shapes the relationship between two persons.

As the Sun represents our fundamental identity and consciousness, it is one of the most significant planets in relationships.

When a person’s Sun forms a sextile with their partner’s Mars, it results in a potentially thrilling relationship where both partners can’t wait to see and touch each other.

This connection makes both individuals feel alive, and everything around them seems to be more vivid. They are both passionate and determined to make it work.

When these natives come together, that’s usually an encounter of two exciting worlds that blend. From the get-go, they find each other sexually attractive.

However, these individuals also believe that the other is a complex personality they want to figure out. Everything feels like a beginning of a cheerful adventure where two kindred souls become better people.

They motivate each other to learn, explore, and develop as persons. None of these two natives is a static person, and they love being on the move.

But the Sun native is more intellectual and optimistic. On the other hand, the Mars native is physically active and passionate. Together, they create a perfect balance they always felt they need.

Moreover, the Sun native is a curious personality with unyielding mental strength. They are ambitious and always have a plan for how to achieve their goals.

The Mars native finds that utterly attractive and can’t stay away from their partner. There are no rules about who could be the one to make the first move.

Both natives are courageous and straightforward when they want something or someone. As a result, there is no holdback between them. They are both open and emotionally expressive.

These partners don’t hide their feelings or play games unless they’re in the bedroom. They make it clear that they want each other and nobody else.

Thus, the sexual attraction between them is undeniable. Both natives find each other appealing and want to explore the physical realm of the relationship. They might spend days in bed, not desiring anything else. These two often feel love is enough to keep them alive.

Mars native typically finds their partner intriguing. They love how the Sun native gets thrilled when they have a project to finish or somewhere to be.

On the other side, the Sun native is stunned by how resilient their partner is.

However, their intimacy could go through various changes. After some time, these two might become more interested in their tasks than keeping their spark alive. Or, depending on other aspects in their natal charts, they might take a long time to develop the physical bond.

That doesn’t mean they don’t find each other attractive. It could be that they are both headstrong and have a temper that prevents them from admitting how much they like each other.

This couple could even feel that things are working too well and that they should have more conflicts.

Hence, they may cause issues only for fun and explore how they react when things go in that direction.

Overall, this is a passionate relationship where balance comes at the forefront.

These two natives will likely be highly compatible and have a harmonious connection, or they’ll have to work on maintaining their passion and open communication continuously present.

Sun sextile Mars – Transit

Transits represent the movement of planets and how they affect our natal charts.

During the Sun sextile Mars transit, people feel their confidence increasing. You will likely become more optimistic and self-assured about everything you do.

The air becomes lighter, and every task seems to be easier to perform.

However, you’ll also be more agile, vital, and have physical strength. As a result, you might be more interested in fitness and a healthy diet these days.

If you do sports, this is the ideal period for competitions and incredible results.

Besides, it’s also favorable for physical work because it makes it easier to handle challenging activities.

The Sun sextile Mars transit is all about resilience and passion.

Nevertheless, it also raises the bar for the power dynamic.

As a result, even business could become crazier, making everyone more competitive and cutthroat.

Be careful because your boss might want you to work extra time or deliver better results than you do.

During this period, you’ll have enough vigor to finish the projects you left unfinished.

But it’s also a stellar time for starting new assignments and collaborations.

Undoubtedly, you will feel a spur of energy, and you’ll have to do something with it.

Make sure it’s productive, and it benefits your personal and professional life.

Moreover, you’ll be more assertive and confident in your skills. Thanks to that, other people might find you intimidating, but they will respect you. Your instincts will become sharper, and you’ll be ready to attack if someone is mistreating you.

However, ensure you’re in good relations with your loved ones and that your extra energy doesn’t cause unnecessary conflicts.

Sun sextile Mars Composite

A composite chart represents the composition of the planetary midpoints of two or more horoscopes, and astrologers typically use it to determine the compatibility of two persons.

The goal is to identify the function of a connection.

When a person’s composite Sun forms a sextile with their partner’s composite Mars, it results in a relationship that feels energizing, and it motivates both natives to take action.

These two find each other attractive as much as inspiring.

Together, they will overcome their fears and do the things they were always afraid to do. These two natives will find unyielding support in each other, encouraging them to be true to their desires.

This connection emerges confidence in both partners, and it makes them feel alive.

Moreover, they are both generous and help each other to achieve their goals. They both want to see the other succeed because they believe they should share everything and be a team.

These two natives have an undying sense of purpose and want to combine their efforts to contribute to the community. They can do many things together and have a stable home full of contentment.

Overall, this is an energetic relationship, and the couple is likely passionate about sports activities, competitions, or business. That will likely be the spark that brings them together.

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