Sun Sextile Saturn – Synastry, Transit, Composite

We know that in astrology, in natal charts, there are some relations between the planets, and the sextile is a significant aspect of astrology. It is the aspect that has a harmonious nature.

It is created between planets that form an angle of 60 degrees, more or less.

This planetary aspect allows those planetary object to define their temper completely and allows the unrestricted outpour of their power, encouraging collaboration between the two.

As we have said, the sextile is similar to the trine aspect in the natal. The trine is on a higher level, and the sextile is a bit “lighter”.

Inherently, the sextile is created between signs that have complementary features, for example, fire and air, or water and earth.

Sun Sextile Saturn in General

This aspect is the one that serves as a perfect way of expressing your true essencethrough leadership positions, constantly carrying significant burdens, in a sense of taking on a major amount of responsibility, and for that, it is very certain that for all of that effort you will gain praise.

And what is also one of the greatest characteristics of this aspect is this – these are the people who receive a lot of help from the fathers or father figures whoever that may be in their lives.

This is the case when people are in their youth when such a form of help is necessary and beneficial. It is important who is the father figure and what kind of impact it has on these people.

Also, they may seem like reclusive people, who do not like to draw too much attention to themselves, but this is not that they are shy, it is very likely that as kids these human beings were very shy, and very often alone with not too many friends.

This is a direct consequence of the impact that comes from the planet Saturn which is the planet of solitude.

The good news is the moment when all of that shyness and isolation has a chance of going away.

When they become older, in adultness, their surprising charisma and sense of humor push them to the center of the events, and the main characters in society. They become a hidden gem of it.

And even if they can become well-loved and even popular people, conservative matters are often very powerful and present in everyday life, and also the family is essential for these individuals, it is their sanctuary and the most important place where they look when in need.

Speaking of society, one thing never changes in the lives of those who have this sextile position in their natal chart – they choose a group of people who are very serious.

They want people who will act just like they act, and speaking of jobs, they love and work the best when they are alone.

There is no doubt that this aspect gives a powerful professional ethic accompanied by patience and determination, and all of this leads them to esteem and praise.

They are the ones you will turn to when you are in need since they know they can count on you, and that the job will be done since organizational skills and timing are their prominent traits.

Also, we have to mention one more important thing when it comes to this aspect Saturn sextiles the Sun, and that is the matter of friendship.

People who have this position in their natal charts are most certainly the best friends you can ever have in life.

They are the people you can rely on completely in life, and what is even more they are the people who will always be there and will always do what they have promised, any commitment is what they will follow no matter what.

In other parts of their lives, these are human beings who are very talented in things they choose to do; they like to conduct their plans, and when they start to do something, they will do it, despite all circumstances, good and bad.

It is also said, that these human beings with this sextile position in their natal charts, is that they are often in life, and work encountering a problem in which they have a feeling that they do not have any support.

But in the majority of cases, these people decide to follow their goals, even if they are completely alone in that process.

There is a depth in their way of thinking – their life paths are filled with finding connections that are there for the purpose, to help them get to the right place, or achieve a certain goal.

They are the people who extremely benefit from making steady routines they are able to invariably hold.

A constant agenda will enable them to remain methodical and be in a stable place to react to emerging problems and barriers.

And, we also must say that they are at their best when they detect their goal, and then dedicate and work strongly toward their dreams rather than finding easier ways to find success.

Taking the process slowly is better than standing in one place, and this is their leading mantra for sure.

Sun sextile Saturn Transit

Now, when this transit is in effect, then it affects all of us, and forms every new position in the sky, in astrological terms we can learn, grow, and use that postion for something.

So, when the Sun is in a sextile postion with the planet Saturn, then we know that this transit provides us with much more patience than ever, so use this period to wait for things that mean a lot to you, and that you want so bad.

This is important since this transition also gives us a lot more determination and a strong professional ethic, which we may lack at certain times in our lives, and usually, these are the traits that we lack to succeed in work, and in life.

This transit is also here for one more thing – all these are accompanied by a pronounced sense of responsibility and deep perspective making this an ideal time to fulfill any goal or desire you may be nurturing for a long time.

People will be, during this time much more committed to getting useful outcomes and making no errors along the way.

Use this transit to finish any problem or a task that you see as difficult, problematic, or even impossible – anything is possible, be certain of it, and just show determination.

During this sextile, there will be situations when you will have to demonstrate leadership abilities, or you will be chosen to lead a certain team or to become a boss.

Even if this is a position you wanted to take on for a longer period of time, now is the time when all will align to do so.

More youthful individuals are very likely that they will seek wise advice from others, maybe even you, and now is the time when you can ask for advice from others who you see as wise and experienced. This could be particularly seen in the professional sense.

Those who are older, and longer in the company where you work, will tell you what you need to hear so you can progress more in life.

This transit is perfect for gaining trust and what is more important for you a lot of respect from people you see as “successful”, powerful, simply those who are in a place you want to be in the future.

They can be any authority figures that surround you – for example, a boss, a parent, or a teacher.

Progress and praise are also feasible during this transit, particularly in professional areas of our lives.

Essentially, this is a period for all of us, when it is expected to work very hard, harder than ever before, and inside of all of us, a voice that we are wasting our time on things such as fun and relaxation.

It will seem to all of us that precisely that is a complete waste of time, that all of us should spend on manifestations of our goals, more than anything else.

And it is very likely that you will have obstacles but the ones that are necessary for progress.

Also, this transit is a perfect moment when you can rebuild and restructure the basic elements of life.

This period comes after some problems that all of us, in our own personal way, have been struggling with for some time, and now we have a chance to rebuild everything that was ruined so far, or under a major question.

Just be determined and concrete, honest, and ready to work as hard as you can.

Sun Sextile Saturn Synastry

The love connection of the two lovers who have this sextile formed in synastry makes a good and mature relationship.

Here we meet lovers who are very dedicated and reliable, at all times, and these two have a deep need to take care of one another, and it is not something that is a problem for them, on the contrary, there is a wonderful need and joy to do so.

There is not much complaining happening when something must be done.

This relationship most definitely has some kind of a sobering attribute, there is a relaxed understanding between the two, and we believe that there is no greater quality in a relationship.

These two people can be connected together with a specific sense of responsibility, and both of them are bounded by some inner feeling that they cannot give on their love, on the first problem that arises, it is just not an option.

That specific purpose of responsibility inspires these two lovers to never give up on their love, to make it through all the negative and painful that will certainly come on their way.

It is also true to say that many will give up that path, but not this two, they are very firm in all of this and they will certainly never give up what they have, and that is a lot more than just a momentarily feeling.

What this synastry offers, when Sun and Saturn are in sextile position is a relationship that lasts.

Anything that is happening in this relationship is long-term, there is nothing that is light or short for that matter, these two are set to last, but of course, no one has said that the relationship is going to be an easy one.

If other aspects of this relationship are badly positioned, then this can be a truly problematic relationship that will exhaust these two, and none of them will give up the relationship, knowing that there is a lot of love deep inside and that it is the fight worth taking.

But, if all other aspects are very well positioned, then these two lovebirds can make wonders together, pushing each other toward interesting goals that in any other case would not be able to succeed.

It is a common case, that these two have the same job and that they share common interests.

Likewise, when we speak of this synastry, we can see a relationship where two lovers love to arrange, prepare and invest all that they have, not just in the material sense, to make the future firm.

They are aware that being in this kind of relationship is hard and takes a lot of work, but it is something that will certainly last for a long time.

Take a look at really long marriages that endured hard times, there is a major opportunity that two partners have exact this synastry.

Sun Sextile Saturn Composite

When we see in the natal charts composite Sun that is in a sextile or trine position with the composite Saturn, there is a need to be a wise and mature person, with an awareness that things cannot work well unless both lovers are very dedicated and very trustworthy in the relationship itself.

If this responsibility and maturity is seen as a virtue and not a flaw, then this type of relationship has a real chance of succeeding and two partners can enjoy one very stable relationship that will last a lifetime.

The family will be the central core of this relationship, the partnership can be even built on customs from the past times, and there can be some emphasis on enhancing the position of both people who are in love.

Have in mind one more thing, and that is the fact that the Sun partner in this relation usually conveys light and warmness to Saturn’s partner who is very and overly and constantly serious.

The Sun lover is here in charge with affections, in showing emotions with intensity and warmth. It is in charge to heat up things and to heats up the cold soul of the Saturn lover.

When he or she allows it, then these two can be certain that this is going to be an in-depth and caring devotion, and the most important quality here is that the relationship itself is evolving into something that could not be ruined by the harshest conditions.

A family that is made is the biggest achievement that comes from it.

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